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The Joys of Art

Wednesday, May 31, 2006



The country is at steak!!!!

The country is at steak!!!!



My Thoughts on Congressman William Jefferson

He looks corrupt....In fact, why does the mofo LOOK so much like "Mista" from the Color Purple?!!!! Lawd!!!! Shaking My Damn

God is Trying to Tell You Something--The Color Purple

On a lighter note: I love the pink shirt that you wore today Governor Blanco....Pink is my favorite color.....It's in her pictures and NO I ain't stalking her!!!!!! You look so pretty Governor.....

Speaking out

Keep on speaking out my fellow friends...We don't fear these people....Even God reviles them and they will in due time get their just reward.....Everybody's saying the same things.....Look at Stephen Hanchett's blog....Look at Young Brother's blog.....Look that this web page.....

Our own United States government is guilty of treason!!!!!! I mean come on people and wake up!!!! How hard is to see that your own U.S. Government encourages, expects and all but demands absolute surrender of its own citizens lives to corporations while at the same time it encourages and welcomes small business ownership and entrepreneurship by illegal aliens!!!!!

Our own government is a "turncoat"!!!!!!

Take Care

So we'll send them back off to Germany with a Louisiana Care package, huh Governor?? Sounds good to me...Germany could always use a bit of Louisiana Cajun Fire....Don't worry Governor, I'm breaking them off properly...Todd I ain't forgot about your potholders with your "buttery biscuits" self...I wouldn't want those biscuits to be overdone....:o)~~~~

God Bless the Child

"Smoke. Drink. Never think." --Billie Holliday

God Bless the Child--Billie Holliday

"Mama may have and Papa may have, but God bless the child that's got his own....that's got his own...."---Billie Holliday

Cotton Picker Blues

Cotton Picker blues--Clifton Chenier

Sigh.....What are we going to do with the Baby Boomer generation?? They always feel the need to be in competition with Generation X....It is a good thing that I was not highly aggitated tonight or it prolly would have taken on a dramatic flair....So my uncle and aunt are from down from Germany and I have to listen to my own mother try and shoot down every phucking thing that I have to say--to include my bass boat, my nails and all this is nothing of her damn concern anyway...So why is she all up in my shidt and all up in the conversation in the first place??? I mean if you are a woman who has been totally dependent upon a man for all of your life, then why do you feel the need to shoot down my shidt...I don't get it!!!

This woman is afraid to drive 150 miles down the road to Houston but yet she feels the need to try and shoot me down concerning shit that I happen to be quite knowledgeable upon....She couldn't even tell me how to insert a damn tampon because she has never even used one but yet she feels the need to make me look stupid about shidt that she doesn't even have ANY knowledge of and it wasn't her conversation anyway!!!! Now here she is trying to make me look totally dumb in front of my own relatives....You baby boomers are going to pay for your misdeeds....Try training up your children the right way and NOT provoking them unto wrath....I have totally stood by while my own mother put all her three sons before me and I didn't say shit to that extinct at all....Hey, but who was it that suffered from the migranes and the trichotillomania due to her alcoholism?!!! But this isn't the only time that she has done this...I have come to the point that I don't like being around her when she is around company....Somehow I feel this all boils down to a powerplay between her and my daddy (truly it has always been, if I care to be truthful) and I through no fault of my own happen to be caught in the middle.....

But hell, the buck has finally stopped!!!! Like I say I have given up pleasing my parents as I don't get anywhere...They won't ever let me forget that I was their only bastard offspring....So phuck it!!!!! Sigh....I might as face the horrible truth that my own mother hates to see me happy and successful....As far as I'm concerned I never really had a mother who really understood my needs.....So why knows why she is in one of her competition moods-could be something that went on at Church, could be an argument that went on with daddy (A powerplay--and lawd knows he can be controlling in his own right), could have been a debateful argument that went on with my Aunt and Uncle (my mother feels the need to ALWAYS BE RIGHT)....I don't live under those generation curses anymore as I have totally renounced them....So phuck it!!!!!

So what do you do??? You put on the Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood to soothe your soul.....

Does it work???

Does it work???

MP3 File

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

So Blah!!!!

From now on I speak for myself and only for myself....I won't even claim to speak for anyone else not in the least bit....There is a new movement going on and everyone who has balls needs to rise to the occasion....Baby Boomers I wouldn't hold a thing against you if you as a whole would admit that you let Generation X down--and you did....


Things to ponder

Meanwhile, America Sees 9/11 TRUTH
by: truthifyouwantit 05/30/06 04:12 pm
Msg: 1 of 2
2 recommendations

Confronting evidence

9/11 revisited
BYU physicist Steven E Jones
Revisited Montage
http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1951610169657809939&q=9%2F11+revisited&p l=true

David Ray Griffin
9/11 comission report:
omissions and distortions
American Empire
other speeches

9/11 eyewitness

Loose Change 2nd Edition

911 Road to tyranny
special emergency release

a fake osama tape?

Central colums ommitted from comission report?

NORAD standing DOWN??


Catherder debunked

Debunking Popular Mechanics straw men (p.s. Micheal
chertoffs nephew wrote it)

Morgan Reynolds - Former Chief Economist for the
Department of Labor (Bush II)

I can explain (Individuality)

"I can explain, why I caused you pain....Let me tell why-yyyyyyyy I made you cry..." This song is dedicated to all those who ever got mad at the shidt I posted on my blog.....

Truly yours,


I Can Explain--Rachelle Ferrell

I Can Explain (Rachelle Ferrell)

Verse 1

I come to you with a heavy heart
Don't know quite where to start…'cept that
No one has ever loved me like you do
Like you do…

Verse 2

You treat me like you just don't care
But we both know darling, that's not fair!
But no one has ever loved me, not like you do…


I can explain
Why I caused you pain
Let me tell why
I made you cry
Cause you hurt me
Like no one else before you
But no one has ever loved me like you do

Verse 3

Now you wanted me all to yourself
But I just found out you've got somebody else!
And oh, but no one has ever loved me like you do


I can explain
Why I caused you pain
Let me tell why
I made you cry
Cause you hurt me
Like no one else before you
But no one has ever loved me like you do

Ms. Prettie

NYC Prettie is a very beautiful Black female ( my friend online) friend of mine who is not about to take shidt from any man online or offline....That's muh gurl!!!! There are too many men out there who are all about disrespecting us beautiful Black women regardless of their color or race....We ain't having it!!!!! And trust me, she is pretty!!!! Exotic?!!! Yes she is!!! She is originally from Guyana....

"Are you wealthy? Invest your money for your own damn old age and don't come into my IM telling me about it. I don't care and don't want to know. Also, don't tell me that we would look good together..I look good enough by myself " --NYC Prettie

Monday, May 29, 2006

Material vs Intellectual

Some people throw all their efforts into acquiring material wealth.....I throw all my efforts into acquiring a wealth of intelligence (ie wisdom, knowledge and understanding)....You couldn't get me to trade my pirogue and two bedroom Cajun style home on a swampy Louisiana bayou for nothing-- not even your nine bedroom, five bathroom mansion on the Florida or even Carolina coasts....Material wealth doesn't phase me---only culture and individuality does....

In fact, how are mofos (folks) just disappearing from cruise ships, jumping or even falling the hell off of them??? People have complicated their damn lives so freaking much in seach of the almighty "all seeing eye" (dollar, dollar bill ya'll) that their lives have turned uneventful and tragic and relaxation and enjoyment is simply out of the question!!!!!

I adhere to the "KISS" principle--"Keep It Simple Sharon"....A pirogue, crawfish and some Cajun/Zydeco--what else do I REALLY NEED??!!

Zydeco Boogie--Zachary Richard


It Never Rains in Southern California--Tony Toni Tone

It poured down in Louisiana last night and the lightning was something spectacular....I used to love rainy days and nights in North Carolina as they were the most delicious days and nights ever.....


It has been a bit too dry over here in Lousiana and I welcome the rain...It beats stuff getting too dry and catching afire....

I wish It would Rain Down--Phil Collins

It feels like rain.....In any event, Happy Memorial Day....

Rain(It feels like Rain)--Aaron Neville

"Memory is a selection of images.... Some elusive, others printed indelibly on the brain."--Eve's Bayou

A Child with the Blues

A Child with the Blues--Erykah Badu (Eve's Bayou Soundtrack)

Senator Mary L. Landrieu you're giving me the "blues"!!! You can't wait to kick off your Memorial Week so you're down in Washington, D.C. just voting any ole kinda way ain'tcha??? Just look at her Governor Blanco!!! Shaking My Damn Head!!!! Now is that how your constituents asked you to vote on current legislation?!!! A quick vote in FAVOR of AMNESTY For Illegal Immigrants so that you can run back home and fire up the grill, huh??? Tsk....Tsk.... Grrrrrrrr!!!!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

It's Terror Time Again!!!

It's Terror Time Again--Scoobie Doo (on Zombie Island)

Congress you all crack me up!!!! There is always something going on with you Congress and now you want the nation to cater to your "culture of FEAR".....Zoinks!!!! SMDH!!! Congress are we at the point where we're supposed to be so frightened that when we flee in fear our legs appear as though they are moving backwards?!!!!
"Yes, It's terror time again....They've got you running through the night....It's terror time again, and you might just die of fright.....It's a terrifying time!!!" Snicker....Lawd!!!! Sigh....Happy Memorial Day Weekend Congress....Sigh....They just don't make U. S. Congressional delegates like Congressman Leo Ryan anymore....I think his death was a planned assassignation just like Senator Paul Wellstone's and Mel Carnahan's deaths.....Our U.S. government is no phucking good....It's evil, vile, diabolical, contemptible and Illuminati demonic run to the core......Satan himself is in charge of our government but the Lake of Fire awaits him and his minions.....

Side Note: My boyfriend (is that what we still are nowdays??) says that he is coming over today and fix my toilet...We'll see....I'll call Gerald later on after I get a couple of hours of sleep (Shhhh!!! Don't tell God that I didn't go to bed last night...LOL...Like He doesn't already know!!) and let him know that my Uncle and Aunt from Germany will be coming down today....He'll definitely come over then....

Memorial Day Weekend

The Senate lies....They ain't even in D.C....They took the entire week off to observe Memorial Day....This is Memorial Week for them....Yet ANOTHER BREAK FOR CONGRESS AND O.E.D.C. (Ole Evil Demon Child) GETS TO PULL OUT HIS "SELF-CHECK OUT MACHINE"....
Let's take a
peek on the Devil's spawn: (Meanwhile in the Oval Office--doors a shut)
"Woohoo!!! Thanks Congress!!!! Thanks for going on yet ANOTHER break and leaving me to my own devices!!! Laura where's my self-check
out machine?!!! With that sweet little beauty, everything I so much as think about becomes passed and approved into law..... She's better than all the 'nukular' toys in the entire world!!! That's why I named 'her' 'Laura' after my wife Laura!!! And with all the time that I spend with 'her' I can just see Laura becoming a bit jealous.... (Dubya chuckling to himself) Speaking of my wife Laura, she didn't answer me!!!!! Laaaaurrrraaaaa!!??!!"--George W. Bush

Meanwhile in Cajun country, I'll be spending my time BBQing, sitting under the stars keeping light by the outdoor fireplace, searching the stars in the heavens with my son and his telescope and remembering the true fallen heroes....

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Signs of the Times

Veterans don't want to dwell on stolen PC
5/27/2006, 2:46 p.m. CT
The Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) Ã?‚Â? Veterans visiting the nation's capital for Memorial Day weekend said Saturday they were more interested in honoring the sacrifice of U.S. service members than fretting about the theft of personal information from a government computer.

"Me, I'll recover if my Social Security number's gone, but at least I have my health," said John Norton, 37, who served in a Navy construction battalion from 1988-96.

Norton, of Grand Rapids, Mich., said he's not overly concerned whether his data may have been on a laptop stolen from a Veterans Affairs Department employee's home on May 3.

The VA on Monday revealed that the computer contained the names, birth dates and Social Security numbers of 26.5 million veterans who were discharged since 1975. In some cases, spouses' information and data of veterans discharged before 1975 who submitted claims to the agency may have been included.

Norton said there's nothing he can do about it, adding that he thinks it's just one example of how the federal government is failing veterans.

"It's one of many things," Norton said as he looked toward the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. "Like the ongoing cutting of VA benefits. You don't see politicians' benefits cut."

People running veterans information tents on the Mall said fewer veterans than they expected had approached them with questions and concerns about the theft.

Nancy Verespy, international executive director of Veterans of the Vietnam War Inc. and The Veterans Coalition, said her top concern was that any money needed to fix the fallout from the theft doesn't come from the VA budget.

VA Secretary James Nicholson has pledged a thorough investigation and ordered employees to attend classes on privacy and cyber security. The department also set up a Web site and toll-free number to answer veterans' questions.

Sam Elizalde, 60, a veteran of Vietnam and Desert Storm, said that while he's upset about the incident and wants someone held accountable, he would rather "put a lid on it" than obsess over it.

"They should not punish him," Elizalde said of whoever is ultimately found responsible. "Just get him out of the VA system."


EDITOR'S NOTE Ã?‚Â? Toll-free number for information on the data theft: 1-800-FED-INFO (1-800-333-4636). The call center will operate from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. EDT Monday-Saturday.


On the Net:

Official government Web site: http://www.firstgov.gov

Sigh, the "I don't care attitudes" are absolutely astounding.....Somehow the book of Jude comes to mind....Oh but wait, we threw out the Bible a long time ago....People simply think this country is composed of two types of people and that is the religious fanatics and the atheistststs....But at least the somewhat religious folks have an upper hand on the atheistststs....BECAUSE I NOTICE WHEN I POST COMMENTS ABOUT THE RISE IN SPIRITUAL (demonic) ACTIVITY I GET ZERO COMMENTS....IT'S NOT THAT PEOPLE ARE AT A LOSS TO DISAGREE (trust me a lot of them don't quite grasp me)....IT IS BECAUSE THEY TRULY HOPE(!!!) THAT I AM NOT CORRECT ABOUT WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT BUT WHEN I CITE EXAMPLES OF THE FACT THAT MY SON AND OTHERS SEE THE "THINGS" THAT ARE GOING ON, THEN IT BECOMES HARD TO DISPROVE ME....And we've been talking about some scary stuff lately....Let me assure you that things are NOT happening along the 33 parallel by mere coincidence....It is enough that the religious apostate will have a hard time overcoming what is about to come into fruition but the apathetic and the unbelievers won't even stand a chance.....You can not fight the spiritual with physical weapons.... Ways to defeat the NWO would include: individuality, creativity, culture and lots and lots of prayer meditating on the Word of Truth....These things don't come from me I got them online.....
Confirmation of the Word of truth:
"There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution."Aldous Huxley's lecture to The California Medical School in San Francisco in 1961

Friday, May 26, 2006


Capitol police reopen Rayburn building

Somebody's got a gun!! I'm so scared!!
by: cajundelyte (38/F/Bayou land. Cajun Country) 05/26/06 07:01 pm
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Senator Russ Feingold please hold me!!! (With your sexy self....:o) I'll be your sweet brown sugar anytime Russ....Louisiana Cajun gumbo style complection with a body, body like heaven....I ain't no Nagin "chocolate"....

Sweet Brown Sugar--Rosie Ledet

Bayou Blues

Oh so now his "chocolate" azz wants to "come together" Governor Blanco!!!! Mayor Nagin you crack me up!!!! That damn "Big Easy" attitude of yours gives us the "Bayou Blues" down here in Southwest Louisiana....You've even got Sadie talking bad about you Mayor Ray Nagin and my dog has been known to talk (bark) a lot of bad shidt about folks!!! She's been doggin' you out!!!

Bayou Blues--Rosie Ledet

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Faith vs Fear

School District to Monitor Student Blogs

Looking Out For Me--Kirk Franklin

Don't teachers have enough to do???by: cajundelyte (38/F/Bayou land. Cajun Country)
05/25/06 12:11 amMsg: 390 of 390
Don't they receive a lousy salary at that??? People heap extra burdens upon themselves because they lack FAITH....The opposite of FAITH is FEAR....Bush won't stop until he has this entire nation in BONDAGE both spiritual and physical....Jesus said that His yoke was easy and His burden was light but as you can see "the harvest is indeed plentiful but the laborers are few.." People would rather take up Bush's cross rather than Jesus's....

On a side note: Most people think that the primary spirit controlling President Bush is greed or a lust for power....Now as you know a person can be inhabited by more than one demonic spirit but there is usually a primary one in charge of all the others....The primary spirit controlling President George W. Bush is a spirit of FEAR.....All demonic spirits have faces because they once "had" faces....

My thoughts on Dan Brown (and the Return of the Naphilim)

Coming soon.....I stand corrected everyone..This Friday starts my seven days off....Dan Brown is an Illuminati puppet--a mind drone...I'm sitting over here in tears...Can't American's see what is going on??? God always confirms his word....

(Soul) Food for Thought

Erin Aubry Kaplan: Is black-brown unity even possible?
Alliance can only come from looking honestly at differences.
May 24, 2006

Caramel---City High

(To all the men who come online thinking I can be bought....I ain't for SALE boo....I've been at this online game longer than you!!!! Don't try to SAVE me!!!! I might be the one saving you!!!)

THE IMMIGRANT-rights movement, in addition to raising anxiety among blacks, has also renewed hopes for a black-Latino alliance. This is a lovely idea. It is also doomed to fail.

The mission of the moment — the subject of panels and forums flowering all over town — is how to bring together two ethnic groups that, after all, share so much: neighborhoods, public schools, economic struggles, experiences of racial bias. Coalitionists argue that black-brown unity is not blind idealism but visible reality. We don't have to create it so much as point it out. Once we all recognize how much we have in common, the theory goes, we'll be on more equal footing and better able to augment each other's political strengths. There will be a formidable front of people of color better able to effect changes that benefit us all.

The problem with this ideal is not just that it is simplistic. It also overlooks the same critical gray areas ignored by people such as homeless activist Ted Hayes, who persists in his campaign to get blacks to join the Minuteman Project, which monitors the U.S.-Mexican border. In the matter of black-brown alliances, the devil — and deliverance — has always been in the details.

The unity is seductive on the surface, but how deep does it go? Blacks and Latinos have different experiences and ideas — not only about what America is but about what it means. And these differences have been suppressed, not examined or celebrated, by the cult of multiculturalism that dominates race relations and fuels the renewed call for black-brown unity.

It gets even more complicated. Though blacks and Latinos live peaceably side by side in South L.A. and elsewhere, for example, blacks are alarmed by the steady erosion of the last of the city's black neighborhoods. Latino immigrants are not intentionally pushing us out; they are simply living where it's feasible. And many of us have left our neighborhoods voluntarily, fleeing the urban rat race for the (supposedly) greener pastures of the outlying 'burbs or even the "new" old South. Still, it feels as if we are being pushed out, and we react — not well, for the most part. But there you have it.

Many blacks also feel as if they've been pushed out of jobs that then go to Latino immigrants. But what's too often overlooked is that the immigrants didn't do the pushing, the employers did.

For many employers, illegal immigration is a double winner. They get to hire cheap labor, and they don't have to hire blacks, whom they were loath to hire in the first place. It's true that there aren't many black parking valets or hotel maids anymore. But thanks to racist American labor practices, they never had a foothold in the better-paying trades — carpentry, plumbing and electrical work — that Latinos now dominate.

Blacks and Latinos took to the streets in the 1992 riots, which were sparked by a sense of injustice and a lack of ownership in South L.A. But when the smoke cleared and there was a need for community rebuilding, it was Latinos who benefited more from the construction boom. Blacks made some attempts to ensure equal participation, with little success. The bitterness of that experience lingers.

In the documentary "The New L.A.," a narrator describes how, until the mid-1980s or so, most of the janitors working in Century City and downtown were African American. As immigration peaked, many of those janitors were fired and replaced by Latinos willing to work for half the pay and fewer benefits. The narrator only mentions this as a prelude to a discussion of the Justice for Janitors movement, the triumphant union organizing campaign that inaugurated Latino civic involvement.

Everyone wants justice for janitors, of course, including me. But I was left asking: What happened to all those black janitors? What about that justice? It's a question that has few takers.

None of this negates the real things black and brown folks have in common, or the need for unity. (In fact, it makes that need much clearer.) But before coming together, we have to look unflinchingly at the forces keeping us apart.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Stand and Deliver (revisited)

White House Says It's Ready for Hurricanes

Stay out of the way "monkey"!! Mama's
by: cajundelyte (38/F/Bayou land. Cajun Country) 05/23/06 10:08 pm
Msg: 1197 of 1197

going to be taking better care of her children than you ever would or even could!!!! Stand and deliver mama!!!! "Aint no fear in me!!! You hearing me?!!"


p.s. This post is my 1200th post.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Dark Chocolate Thoughts

Jolie Blonde--Zachary Richard

People might ask why are you trying so hard for New Orleans?!!! First of all let me just say that all my relatives are from Cajun country with them hailing from Lafayette, Rayne, Plaisance, Washington, Port Barre and Opelousas....I do NOT have ANY relatives in New Orleans whatsoever nor have I ever lived there....In fact I live on the complete opposite end of the state....But I for one do take that comment very personally what Nagin said about a damn "chocolate city" because New Orleans is very much a "part" of Louisiana....Oooohhh look Governor Blanco some interesting stuff coming out of New Orleans outside of malted milk balls....

First of all no one knows what is truly in your heart Mayor Nagin so that leaves us pretty much in limbo as to where you were coming from with your comments...I know that you lived through more of the 60's than I did and saw all the civil rights stuff and the goings on but let me tell you this!!! Your actions as a Black male really turned me the phuck off...You conjure up all the fears in my mind of the typical Black male (THINK OJ BABY) who will walk over whoever he needs to in order to get whatever he wants to and trust me darling that is no phucking compliment...This is my opinion so if anybody disagrees with me I will just cuss your ass out!!! So don't write me trying to tell me shidt!!!! This is my blog and my feelings and if you don't like my opinions on the subject then click the phucking x and drive on Tyrone!!!! This is how I feel and I have a made up mind on this....My stress level Mayor Nagin is very high and if I were to write you a letter right now it would take total control of everything in my being to keep from cussing your ass out!!!! That is why after locating "Brownie" (my little "mousse" head) I refuse to write him at the moment because I would go off!!!! But he'll be getting a letter pretty soon enough.... My patience is very thin with you politicing motherphuckers at the moment!!!! You all are starting to disgust me!!!!! See Mayor Nagin, I can cuss just as much as you do...In fact I spent almost eight years active duty Army....They only teach you TWO things in the Army and that is how to kill and how to cuss....Trust me, before leaving the military I had them both down to a science!!!!

Look at how Nagin's ass treats Governor Blanco....Second of all I just want to say that although I will fight for New Orleans' culture, life and vitality I am certainly glad that I do not live in New Orleans because it seems as though too many of you folks from New Orleans are "chocolate city" minded...Mayor Nagin you actually made me glad that I DON'T HAVE FAMILY IN NEW ORLEANS!!!! I thank God for my Cajun culture each and every single day.....As you might have seen on my video when we evacuated we stayed at some White friends of ours home....Now if each motherphucker in New Orleans would have reached out to another motherphucker in New Orleans then no motherphuckers in New Orleans would have been left behind to drown!!!!! THINK ABOUT IT NEXT TIME!!!!!! Ya'll too busy trying to be "chocolate" and "vanilla" down there!!!! Governor Blanco, do you think that they even listen to Zachary Richard's music in Mayor Ray Nagin's "Chocolate city"??? Let us Cajuns show you how we do it around here Mayor Nagin.....Now I am going to take some time off this blog and clear my thoughts and enjoy MY little slice of heaven with that being some Zydeco/Cajun music, some boiled blue crabs and some pictures of my "shawty"(snicker).....I'm outtie!!!!!

p.s. I am going to be doing a "shift" change and getting back into my picture taking and culture promoting....I'll be hanging out at da "Cajun Hideaway"....God has been calling me to do this but I've been so busy with other tasks that I haven't even stopped to listen to Him and thus allowing you politicians work my last nerve!!!! But I'll tell you this....No one makes my heart more heavier than Governor Blanco and Senator Landrieu....Outside of my "shawty" the majority of you politicians jsut make me angry!!!!! Grrrrrrr!!!!

Monday, May 22, 2006


Watcha doing??? I hadn't heard from you in a minute....Just checking on ya.....:o) I got something for you and it is not a CD.....

Knowledge of Good and Evil

Apple Tree--Erykah Badu

"Don't feed me yours, 'cause your food does not endure" --Erykah Badu

Sorely Vexed

Why don't you see more Black folks in 4-H??!! How many people CAN'T tell that my spirit has been sore vexed lately?!!! It shows in my blog posts....Well this is straight up open rebellion aginst the "status quo" baby!!!! I knew New Orleans was not open to change....I knew Nagin was going to win the re-election....I personally think that the Blacks who reside in New Orleans are NOT open to change but only time will tell....Nagin (just like his hero President Bush) played the "fear card" on the African-Americans in New Orleans....Mayor Ray Nagin has as much wisdom, knowledge and understanding as a "Vlasic" pickle!!!!! There's never a "dill" moment when he's around!!!!

No Guns No Murder (Mayor Ray Nagin)--Blazing Reggae

People do not like change....They fear change and would rather continue in the same circumstances than to step out on faith...."The just shall live by faith"....I know what it is like to lose a home (foreclosure)....I know what it is like to lose a car(repossession) but I also know what it like to stand up and move on by faith and not just sit and wallow in misery and pitiful circumstances....Most of my Black heroes are dead and they were slaves....Slave narratives were written by people with a "rebellious" spirit....You will find few if any written slave narratives BY slaves who were scared to leave the plantation and who even discouraged others to do so....An exmple is Celia, a slave (by Melton A. McLaurin) she never left the plantation..She didn't even write a slave narrative it was written on her behalf about a century after she was hanged....Now the black male slave who most likely killed "ole massa" got his black ass outta dodge and I am sure that his descendents are living free and large to this very day.....

I can't for the life of me understand why when your race or ethnic group comprises the majority of the city's population you have trouble making it in that city!!! I tell the same thing to my ex husband and he is Tex-Mex and from San Antonio...The black folks in New Orleans have no excuse the outstanding rate of crime and drugs in that city....Go tell your lame ass excuses to someone else.....You want to see "scary" try being a single (divorcced) Black female with a son living in the City of San Antonio that has a population of almost 2 million and only about an 8 to 9 percent Black population....Now that's scary!!!! Hispanics make up about 56 percent of the population of San Antonio, Whites make up about 41 percent and Blacks are less than 10 percent.....They saw me as being "alien" to their city.....Hell, I was called "black dog" in San Antonio!!!! So you New Orleans motherphuckers can go and cry that sad song to Mayor Ray Nagin, but I ain't the one!!!!!!

You black folks have NO excuse as to why you can't survive in a major city that is at least 70 percent black.....Go and tell that shidt to someone else!!! I ain't hearing it!!!! Trials come only to make you strong, make you more creative and to force you to discover (legal) alternatives.....If you don't get that by now then you'll never get it....You might as well just get in the back of the line and wait for FEMA to rescue you, and while you are at it start singing that ol' Negro Spiritual Hymn "FEMA rowed the boat ashore...Hallelujah....FEMA rowed the boat ashore...Hallelujah...."

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Thanks New Orleans

Thanks for letting the entire damn nation down last night....New Orleans has proven yet again that it thinks that it is it's own separate state.....You all are in BIG trouble....Then some idiot last night who claims to be from New Orleans had the nerve to tell me that New Orleans is NOT a coastal city...If New Orleans is NOT a coastal city then what the phuck is it?!!!! You are right Governor Blanco New Orleans does have a LOUSY EDUCATION SYSTEM....They are probably over there teaching students that New Orleans is in the desert!!!! LMAO.....Lawd!!!!! Anyone that thinks that New Orleans is NOT a coastal city needs to be run out of town and out of Louisiana period!!!! What a damn dummy!!!!! Here you damn dummy let me to the "hard math" for your dum ass!!!!!



Keep it Alive and Well

America's Wetland

Let's keep it alive.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

You baby boomers crack me up!!!!

My mother came in my apartment(she has a key) to tell me that my daddy bought a Chevrolet energy efficent car and that she wanted me to come outside and see it...But this shift working motherphucker was sleeping at the time and refused to go outside....

You baby boomers crack me up....Now my parents have two gas guzzling vehicles and what do they do to conserve fuel?!!! NOT SELL THE OTHER TWO VEHICLES (OR ONE FOR THAT MATTER BECAUSE HAVING A TRUCK TO HAUL OR PULL THINGS IS A GOOD DECISION).....THEY BUY A THIRD VEHICLE TO OFFSET THE TWO GAS GUZZLERS.....But yet this is the motherphucking generation who can't even program their own phucking remote controls....No matter how many phucking times I show them how to use my damn fax machine they still manage to phuck shidt up!!!!! She came over the other day with something for me to burn and I was working nights last week...I still haven't managed to burn that cd....She'll get it when I get a chance to do it...I am not going to burn myself out on the "selfish" generation.....If we leave it up to President George W. "Corporate Slut" Bush, we'll stay living in the past....His ass can't even program his own phucking remote control!!!!

This is straight up "latch key" kid rebellion baby!!! And if you don't like it then tough!!!! I am through with impressing baby boomers...Phuck your 60 hour work week ethic!!!! You've led this country straight to HELL and God is going to deal with you baby boomers!!!! God is raising up a mighty generation so move the hell out of His way baby boomers!!!! You all are through and guess what?!!! You will NOT go out as the finest generation we've ever seen.....So take that social security check and blow!!!!!!

Bureaucracy at it's finest


Senators get an earful on FEMA, SBA
Horror tales feature ineptitude, delays

Saturday, May 20, 2006
By Bruce Alpert
Washington bureau

WASHINGTON -- A Senate Democratic task force Friday heard from two New Orleans business owners who described their long ordeal trying to get FEMA and the Small Business Administration to respond to what one senator described as routine, uncomplicated requests.

Errolyn Villarrubia Letellier, co-owner of the Rockery Ace Hardware Store in Lakeview, told the Senate Democratic Policy Committee about her frustrating seven-month effort to get even a partial Small Business Administration disaster loan.

Arnold Baker, president of Baker Ready Mix and Building Materials in New Orleans, told the panel he had been trying for nearly eight months to get the Federal Emergency Management Agency to reimburse him for stockpiles of limestone and other materials intended for a runway project at Louis Armstrong International Airport that had been commandeered by the military and FEMA for use after Hurricane Katrina.

Stuck in a hole

Baker says his business has detailed inventory reports of the material left at the airport, which the company values at between $500,000 and $600,000. Baker said that he's happy if the material was put to good use, but the failure to win reimbursement has forced him to eat almost totally into his credit line and made the company's recovery from Katrina much more difficult.

He repeated a complaint made by many homeowners, business operations and public officials that constant turnover of personnel at FEMA forced them to start over multiple times in their efforts for reimbursement or help.

"Every official or representative who has been assigned to us has asked for back-up information, thanked us for it, and said that he or she will get back to us," Baker said. "When we try to call to follow up, someone new contacts us and says he or she has been assigned to the case, and the process starts all over again."

Sen. Byron Dorgan, D-N.D., who presided over the hearing along with Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., said it's unfair to put people through so many obstacles for a routine request for reimbursement. He said he and Landrieu would try to get FEMA to work out a settlement with Baker.

Bizarro World

Letellier followed Baker's testimony with an account of her effort, beginning in October, to get an SBA loan so she and her husband could reopen their heavily damaged hardware store.

She recalled that in December, 2005, two months after filing the loan application, she heard from an SBA official suggesting a faster response if the couple lowered the loan request to $150,000, "less than half of what we needed." They reluctantly followed the advice, she said.

It would be another three months before their loan closing would be scheduled. It was March 5, the day Letellier said her father-in-law collapsed while cutting the grass. He would die later in the hospital, about an hour before the closing was scheduled.

"We knew that if we missed the closing it would take weeks to reschedule, so we left the hospital and went directly to the SBA closing appointment," she said. Surprisingly, Letellier said, the agent seemed blasé about their ordeal, and then refused to accept a copy of their flood insurance policy with their packet of documents, even though they had been told it was required.

Later, she said, they were told their failure to provide the flood insurance had delayed the processing of their loan. As of May 8, she said, the SBA has only provided one third of the $150,000 request.

Store reopens

"My first question to you is: Should it take the government seven months to process a loan for a fraction of what we need to get back in business?" Letellier asked the Democratic senators. "Should taxpayers who have never asked anything of the government be made to run a gauntlet of bureaucracy simply to receive a helping hand? It's a helping hand that will provide a much-needed service to a devastated community trying to rebuild."

The news wasn't all bad. Letellier said her husband couldn't attend Friday's hearing because they had finally managed to reopen their hardware store two weeks ago.

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Maudlin \Maud"lin\, a. [From Maudlin, a contr. of Magdalen, OE. Maudeleyne, who is drawn by painters with eyes swelled and red with weeping.]

I Cry to Myself--Chante Moore

1. Tearful; easily moved to tears; exciting to tears; excessively sentimental; weak and silly. ``Maudlin eyes.'' --Dryden. ``Maudlin eloquence.'' --Roscommon. ``A maudlin poetess.'' --Pope. ``Maudlin crowd.'' --Southey.

2. Drunk, or somewhat drunk; fuddled; given to drunkenness.

Maudlin Clarence in his malmsey butt. --Byron.

Source: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

Friday, May 19, 2006

Zee handwriting is on zee wall

McCain Finds Unfriendly Audience in NYC

What does Mr. "Fence-Straddler" expect?
by: cajundelyte (38/F/Bayou land. Cajun Country) 05/19/06 10:29 pm
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Senator John McCain do the nation a favor and take your old decrepit, flip-flopping AZZ back to Arizona and RETIRE!!!!!!!

Cajuns Don't eat Tofu!!!!

In fact we don't even know how to pronounce "tofu".....I brought a box to work last night and gave it away.....What was I going to do with it?!!!! One co-worker pronounced it "tufo".....Lawd!!!!!! Bwahahahahahahahahaha!!!! Hmmmmm....On a serious note, I wonder if they liked it.....I've never even tried it....

Let's give them something to talk about

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Bush is listening to everyone!!! Don't let him fool anyone!!!! President Bush I am here for your listening pleasure.....

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Well written article

I Felt More and More that I was Living in a Time of Great Potential Change
Excerpts of a letter from a youth in Texas after hearing Sunsara Taylor speak.

Please write your comments and views on this thought provoking letter by clicking here. If you are not on Myspace-please send comments to youth_students@worldcantwait.org

I felt more and more that I was living in a time of great potential change. Seeing the immigration protests, and hearing about youth victories in France, inspired me in particular, I do believe that, despite the general defeated atmosphere this country is mired in, and despite all the impoverished and despairing developments in the world, that there is also such raw potential at this time for something absolutely unprecedented to occur. And I want to be a part of it.

I think that one of the greatest challenges facing this movement, and something that is so crucial to its development and maturation into a force that can really have an impact, is whether or not we can inspire and motivate individuals and communities for whom politics is an abstraction, something that is witnessed, on the television and in the newspapers, but never actually experienced or lived out in our day to day lives.

We have grown used to being the spectators. I'd say we are taught to be spectators in almost every aspect of our lives. And it is easy to be a spectator for a lot of these people, because the majority of them are relatively privileged, and therefore not readily equipped to associate the events occurring in their world with their everyday lives, or they are people whose energies have been focused, as pointed out by a man in our discussion, on just day to day survival, on getting by in a world that is increasingly competitive, and in a way that inherently alienates the individual from themselves, the choices they make and the consequences that follow, and from each other and an overall reaching sense of community.

Somehow it has to be brought home to them that this is their world we're talking about, and that no amount of silence or patience will keep away the future that is steadily approaching them. Somehow an atmosphere has to be created that brings home the immediacy and the urgency of the situation, an atmosphere in which the old diffusing safety valves no longer can keep them from taking charge of the situation and empowering themselves and each other to act.

But there's another side to it.

Everywhere I go, I hear the issues being brought up and discussed. I'm often surrounded by young people, and I'm shocked at how often the conversation turns to the Bush administration. There's a common language developing among the youth in this country. And even with the more conservative of youth, I hear a common tone between them and their more progressive-minded peers when it comes to the government in general, and to authority in general, actually. Whether they're bitching about the police cracking down on pot or the economy or corporate control or the army committing atrocities overseas, there's a common tone, and it's one of disgust and defiance.

But here's the thing: even when there does seem to be an atmosphere of outrage, there is always a reluctance on their part to actually do something. And I think that, while consumerism and a culture of passive spectacle-watching are a big part of it, a great part of it has to do with the nature of political movements in general over the years.

I think there has developed a strong lack of spontaneity, of immediacy, of even joyful activity in political movements over the past few decades. I know what a lot of people think of when they hear the word "protest." They think of a bunch of people gathering signs and marching from point A to point B, with the permission and under the careful guidance of some authority, usually the local police force, at which point they are all subjected to speech after speech, filled with the same fiery rhetoric they've heard a thousand times over, before being told to disperse peacefully once more. Are they any more empowered, after these rallies, to take that collective energy and spirit and apply it to their day to day lives?

I certainly am for mass demonstrations. Any movement with the stated intention of World Can't Wait is going to need, obviously, the participation of millions of individuals from all walks of life, and often in nationally co-ordinated actions that will really lend to the atmosphere we need. But I think that the old forms of demonstrations have grown meaningless for a lot of people, and the general activist spirit has stagnated significantly.

But I think that if we round up a bunch of people and ask them all to be spectators once more, this time watching a bunch of organizers and endorsing intellectuals speak at their rallies, then they will never be evoked or empowered or equipped to bring about substantial societal change. And the taking on of not just a president and his administration, but of their entire program, is a huge shift. You're asking people to do something that is truly terrifying, and something the majority of them have probably never imagined themselves capable of doing.

I really think that new possibilities for what a movement of people could look like have to be considered. I think that if all the energy of the organization is focused on intermittent mass demonstrations then it just won't draw as many people out of their doorsteps as is needed. Or, worse, it may draw people out in mass numbers we could never have imagined, only to have those people find themselves participating in the same politics they've seen before.

If we're really talking about creating this intended environment, I really think that we have to push ourselves to continually exploring new tactics, new ways in which people can contribute, both collectively and as individuals. How many artists and musicians are out there, for example, with amazing resources and local connections who could really give something of value? Are there, alongside solemn or defiant demonstrations, street parties that could be had? Not just acts against this administration, but acts for our communities, acts that create community in a deep and long-lasting yet immediately felt way? What could we do that called for, not just the creativity and organizing skills of a few individuals, but for what everyone has to contribute? Librarians, grandmothers, prisoners, nurses, students, businessmen and women, the homeless?
It's a borrowed phrase, but what could we do to make resistance irresistible?

The actions and demonstrations that so impacted this country during the 60s and 70s were varied and diverse. Some were legal, others were not. Some were planned and organized. Others were more spontaneous and unregulated. There seemed to be room for rage and joy, solemnity and laughter. The whole breadth of human experience and expression

Just Call My Name

Alyson Williams---Just Call My Name


Things You May Not Know (or believe) About Me

I did 50... Others did 100....Mine reads like a novel....(snicker)

1. I am an InFP...We are perfectionists and we constantly revise (our weblogs)--to include songs and downloads to songs as I have almost 300 of them on mine

2. I am 38 years old (really)...I have a brother (same mother and father) who is 23 years younger than me

3. I dye my hair....I was born with gray hair.....This is true....Really!!!

4. I stayed a virgin until age 21 even after I received my first college degree...My second college degree from George Washington University only cost me a hundred and fifty bucks....No lie!!!! My diploma in computer networking (2002) cost almost twice as much as my B.S. degree did in 1989

5. I lost my virginity to a married man (Bummer Dude!!) There is a story to this so don't jump to conclusions....

6. I am divorced

7. I have only been married once

8. I had my son at age 27

9. I joined the military (Active Duty Army) at age 26

10. I stayed in the Army almost 8 years (if you count the DEP then it was 8 yrs)...I got out 18 months early due to a hardship discharge....Can you believe that I WROTE MYSELF OUT OF THE MILITARY?!!

11. I am from Louisiana (proud Cajun)

12. I love the color pink

13. My dog sleeps with me (not sexually)

14. I take a cruise every year( I took 2 in 2005)

15. I have mostly dated White men (My current boyfriend is Black)

16. I love my Cajun/Creole culture--Yeah you rite!!!

17. My ex-husband is Tex-Mex

18. I own a bass boat named "Sweet Cajun Fire"

19. I am a democrat (moderate leaning)

20. My diet mostly consists of seafood (mostly boiled)...The most I have ever weighed is 145 pounds with me being nine months pregnant....The most I have ever weighed not being pregnant is 110 pounds.....I am not anorexic I'm just skinny....At age 38, I am comfortable with my weight and if you don't like skinny women then take that shidt somewhere else snooky!!!!

21. I love both Cajun and Zydeco music (swamp pop also)...I love accordians and fiddles....

22. I love Gumbo (even in the summer)....Especially rad gumbo

23. I am the oldest of four children (we have late babies on my mother's side of the family)

24. I am have NO sisters (Can't you tell as I am always adopting "mothers" and "sisters"!!!)

25. My favorite color lipstick is "Cherry Jubilee"

26. My zodiac sign is: Leo

27. My favorite OPI shade of nail polish is "I'm Really Not a Waitress"

28. I have a secret crush on Senator Russ Feingold (Dat's my shawty!!!)...LOL..I am just kidding but he really is handsome and personable

29. I don't particularly care for President George W. Bush (that's putting it mildly) and I don't like you either Senator David Vitter.... I don't like Sinister (Senator) Bill Frist either---the cat killer!!!!

30. My first purse was one that I made while I was in kindergarten from a popcorn box and some string after a high school football homecoming

31. The teacher took it and set it on her desk and I told my friends watch this--So while she was away I walked up to her desk and took my purse back. They all still remember that and laugh at it to this very day

32. At age 7 I had an irrational fear of Mr. Potato head....There is something freaky about damn russet potato who has eyes, ears, nose, a moustache, who wears eye glasses and even smokes a pipe!!!!! He was scary and he still is!!!!! I don't care what ya'll say!!!! I stand corrected!!! I found out today that the little mofo is actually an "Irish" potato!!! But hell, he traumatized me so badly that I still to this very day would be scared to pick his little spud azz out in a "police lineup"!!!! (snicker)

33. In third grade I felt that I had to defend my playmates' "rights" during recess and I told the teacher on recess duty that we were going to sue her....What did she say?? "Little girl you don't even know what that means!!!"

34. My teachers by fifth grade had labeled me as retarded and even told my parents so....(Ouch that one hurt but I didn't find out that they had told my parents that until my father told me. I was over 21 and had my first college degree.)

35. I made horrible grades in grade school

36. I suffered from migranes in grade school due to the fact that I had an alcoholic parent and I had to worry all the time

37. I made decent grades in junior high school

38. I had to write a report for talking in 6th grade science class and since it was the 2nd report in a week that I had to write for cutting up so I decided to cut corners by not doing the research. I started off well but filled in the rest of the body with stuff I heard on television that night. I didn't think the teacher would read it. My friends still clown me for putting "Eeks!!! I saw a mouse" in my report. Not only did the teacher read it, she also read it to the class

39. I made excellent grades in high school

40. I kept my virginity all throughout my highschool days (see number 4)...Since I already mentioned this I must say that I have very long fingers.... (Don't even go there!!) I went back and read what I had written and how somebody is going to take it out of context but I'm gonna leave it, so have fun.....

41. My math teacher in high school kept me after school for using the word "suck"...It was a relatively new term at the time and I heard some kids using it so I blurted it out in class.... I truly didn't know what it meant and still really don't now....I can only figure that it pertains to President Bush...Anyway there was a long period of silence in the class as everyone was filled with shock and disbelief...Then the class started laughing hysterically....

42. I was in Band, French club, science club and Beta Club in high school

43. I really wanted to be a Ragin' Cajun and go to USL (now ULL) but my father pushed me into going locally...I did stay on campus all four years though....

44. I sometimes do naughty things such as the time I sneaked into the male athletes dorm with my friend. We got caught leaving...Honestly we just watched movies with a couple of friends....

45. The person that I consider that I hurt the most in life was neither my mother nor my father(because I feel that they have placed impossible demands on me throughout my life) was the Dean of Student Services who I worked for and who found out about my little "daring adventure" and was very hurt that I did that to her (I also worked in the dorm). Tearfully she told me that she loved me like she loved her own son and that I had almost put her in a bind being that I could have gotten expelled. Even though I apologized, it tore me up because I also considered her my "mama". I indeed became depressed about it and stayed inmy dorm room for almost a week, but she knew--because she sent word by one of my friends saying that she was not angry at me at all and that all was forgiven.....Awwwwww!!!! That's so maudlin!!!!! Sometimes you hurt the ones you love and it broke my heart to see her cry. A week?!!! Yes about 5.5 days....We were between summer and fall semesters and I had a dorm fridge even though I didn't eat that much until my friend came and got me....(Awww....I'm even in tears just thinking about that particular summer....Wonder what my parents woulda done if I had gotten expelled?!!)

46. I have been cross-stitching for over 19 yars. The year I graduated college I crossed-stitched her a religious design and she loved it so much that she spent three of her lunch days looking for the perfect frame and matts for it. I know because she took her secretary along all three days and it was her secretary who told me this. She moved to Arkansas and I haven't seen her in years.... You're still my "mama" Jo Eddie Dowers!!!! (Did my mama care that I called another woman "mama"?? Nah!! She liked Dean Dowers)

47. Do you all want to hear about the time I got in trouble in Cameron Parish?!!!! This was after the dorm incident!!!! Bwahahahahahahaha!!!! Now this was a very serious matter!!!! Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (da game warden!!) thought we were poaching!!! It wasn't poaching that was going on!!!! I just felt like "doing it" in a "natural habitat"!!! "But on a federal wildlife Reserve, Sharon ?!!" Bwahahahahahahahahaha!!! Yeah that incident had me "sweating" in more ways than one!!!!

48. My girlfriends laugh at this but I once stayed in a hotel for three days and stayed naked for the entire three days....You do the math!!! Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!!

49. I've settled down a lot by age 38. I have gone through many trials and tribulations before that.....So I have decided to be "good" now....No more doing "naughty things"....That is why I stay away from two places and they are Washington, D.C. and Wisconsin...I'd hate to have to pull a Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and backhand some Capitol Hill police officers if they got in the way of me looking for my "boo" Senator Russ Feingold. "Where you at shawwwtaaay?!!" Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!! Oh let me quit before I get issued restraining orders....(snicker)
My Boo--Ghost Town DJs

50.I don't plan to ever leave Louisiana to live anywhere else again....After hurricane Rita I woke up crying because I had a dream that my family was going to leave Louisiana for Georgia and South Carolina....I woke up actually crying and saying "Well who is going to stay and fight for Louisiana?!!" "Me"!!! That's who!!! It's my desire and God's will for me to stay in Louisiana--to help heal, help mend, help restore.....It's about YOU Louisiana.....

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Treat me Right

Treat Me Right--Tony Delafose

MP3 File

De-mystifying Sharon's Lingo

1 Peter 1: 18&19: (but I'm including more verses because I like what the scriptures have to say).... I can prove that this scripture has long been on my mind for I said so when I said "The freques worship power and might and they curse the incarnal and incorruptible things...." Who are the "freques"??? They are ungodly beings in the physical and spiritual realm....Yes you can sense the presence of "vile" entities (and even godly ones) they give off a "frequency" as all things do.... But evil vibrates much lower than good does("They definitely don't jive with my vibe....") "And Sharon that is why many people want to know what are you talking about some times??!!"

You know when they are around such as when I lived in San Antonio one came into my apartment to tell me that "it was planing on taking over"....It was a "spirit" of violence--particularly gang violence....Did I speak to this entity?? Yes in it's tongue and it wasn't English or even Spanish for that matter!!! That's biblical also (Though I speak in tongues of men and angels and have not charity I am nothing but sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal....) When I say that "Evil" has a face it does....Many faces--because they once had a "face"...So when Legion said "we are many" Jesus knew....I am sure he saw the many demonic faces just peering out from behind human flesh.....So all you people in "guberment" (like Bush says it) you can't fool me...I can literally see the "faces behind the faces" and many of you are vile and ugly!!!!

Some vile entities just come around to watch and report back to Satan...."The Television Sharon what does that mean???" Television channels are VHF and UHF these are frequencies....I suppose most people most can sense when there is a television on in the house even if the sound is turned down and they are not in the same room....We used to play games like that....You had to be blindfolded and leave the room and when you came back into the room you had to guess if you thought the television was on or not....I know I could tell because you could sense the (television) frequency....

Now lately when I get around people the "anointing" is much more powerful and that doesn't mean that the people are evil....God annointed Jesus and Jesus said that when he ascended back into heaven he would send the Holy Spirit and greater works would we do than he did....God sent the Holy Spirit and He annointed Jesus to do his ministry on earth....Sometimes that annointing is so powerful (many times when I am writing) that it almost makes me feel that I am not able to stand up.....Governor Blanco it came on very strong when I was around you....But with you, that's a given!!! God annointed Jesus to minister to people and he knew when some of that annointing left...."Who touched me??" I grew up on a solid diet of the Bible (and learning about spiritual warfare)....Now days Chrisitianity has become so comercialized that they don't even talk about spiritual warfare of revival anymore...They are too busy trying to raise perfect Christian children in 120 steps--basically doing it in their own power--that is why they easily fall prey to "guilt and condemnation" (Not by might nor by power but by my Spirit said the Lord of Hosts)....Christianity has taken on a disturbing political tone (Thank you John Hagee!!! Thank you Pat Robertson!!!)...That is just part of the NWO and PNACs plans to try and render us hopeless and helpless in the "last days" as they try and place their one-world government in to order.....

There is a such thing as "territorial spirits" and they do specifically inhabit certain regions, towns, cities, so some up you should quit letting people open up access (portals, stargates) to allow them access to your cities....That legalizing drugs stuff in Mexico is bad business.....They used drugs heavily in the 60s and 70s for mind control....Trust me folks drugs fragment a persons' consciousness....And when you leave your soul vulnerable like that then you are an easily candidate for mind control and (demon) possession....I know some of you think that I have done drugs but I have never so much as smoked a joint....I always sensed the dangers of drugs and their deep ties to society in that they grip and hold entire communities, towns, cities, nations and even countries under their control.....I'll pass on that!!!! When that dotor overdosed me on Marcaine that was enough for me to see that drugs fragment a person's consciousness....I was hallucinating....It's like your mind turns on you and trust me it leaves your BODY AND SOUL "wimpering" as I literally was!!!! Some people think that I should also count that as one of my near-death experiences....Three bottles of Marcaine!!! I definitely was on dangerous ground!!!!

"So you think that these vile entities (spirits, demons) are interested in us sexually....Yes!!! And they have always been since the beginning of man!!!! There is too much evidence Biblical and source recounts that evil entities desire of man in the physical realm....I once had a law school professor who while giving me my test as I had to take it late (car troubles)...."You said law school?!!!" Yeah law school...."So why didn't you finish law school?!!!" Wasn't ready to enter at the time (pushed by father to go in at that time) and besides I don't think InFPs make good lawyers....Well anyway this man was also a Methodist minister ( I didn't even know that but I knew that that day because he had on the white collar and the other clothing that "men of the cloth" wear.)....

He got to telling me how he had just finished performing an EXORCISM!!!! That's right I said Exorcism!!! I am not making this stuff up!!! He said the young woman had been playing with Ouija board and she opened (a portal????)access for a vile entity to come in and possess her....He said that blood spots would appear on her bed sheets and that this vile entity was also trying to "rape" her....So yes.....Evil entities do want possession of our bodies in every single way......"So Sharon what do you make of all these tons of movies that are coming out dealing with 'demon possession' and 'hauntings'??" They are designed just to scare folks....Yes many are based on true stories but they don't usually delve into why this person came under demonic possession...Evil spirits don't just come in and jump in your bodies either you give them access or you are made vulnerable to access through family and family curses....People you will be surprised at some people's family history--devil worship, cults, Celtic druidism, Illuminatus, Skull and Bones...And don't ever think the Bush family got the way it is just be being drunks.....So since most horror flicks never dig into reasons why this person came under demonic possession all it does is just serve to promote "fear" and the Bible says that "fear" is not of God....Fear is a spirit (with a face) and it does not come from God....In order to be free from demon possession and oppression you have to totally "renounce" them.....

I have had too much contact with good and evil entities to even fear the Devil....Satan could walk into my house right now and I wouldn't fear him...I'd turn my head around and say to him "I should known that you were following me!!!" "following me" being the operative phrase....Now if I wake up and he is in front of me opening the door as I head off to work then we've got problems.....I plan to always keep him BEHIND me....

Cajun Humor

Treat Me Right--Tony Delafose

(Never mind the color of my player folks..I'm still experimenting....Gotta run...Gotta go to work tonight...Look for me later online.....)

After all the things that this nation is facing thanks to putting ungodly people in positions of power it is great to stop and laugh every once in a while....Laughter doeth good like a medicine....Two scriptures have been on my mind and the first one is: (before I say what the first one let me first say this I will NOT apologize for my comments concerning Baby Boomers for they are true....The Bible clearly states that you should NOT PROVOKE your children unto WRATH but rather bring them up in the fear and admonition of the Lord....You Baby Boomers brought us up to fear and admire corporations....You all are in error of God's word and I for one will NOT play the corporations' games any more!!!! If you don't like it then TOUGH!!!!) AND LOW AND BEHOLD THAT WAS MY FIRST SCRIPTURE!!!! Start training your children up right and then they won't have anything negative to take to God in prayer!!!! President Bush you are a very vile, contemptible and ineffective leader and I will not cease to go to God in continuous prayer over where you are leading this nation!!!!! I don't think that your own daughters respect you!!!! When was the last time that you saw them?!!!! The Bush family has some serious "generation curses" heaped upon their family!!!!!
This next scripture has been on my mind also for weeks until I saw it on a wall at work tonight....Who would have ever thought of putting this in a frame on a wall because most working people don't even adhere to this principle...The scripture comes from 1 Peter 1: 18&19: (but I'm including more verses because I like what the scriptures have to say)

17And if ye call on the Father, who without respect of persons judgeth according to every man's work, pass the time of your sojourning here in fear:

18Forasmuch as ye know that ye were not redeemed with corruptible things, as silver and gold, from your vain conversation received by tradition from your fathers;

19But with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot:

20Who verily was foreordained before the foundation of the world, but was manifest in these last times for you,

21Who by him do believe in God, that raised him up from the dead, and gave him glory; that your faith and hope might be in God.

22Seeing ye have purified your souls in obeying the truth through the Spirit unto unfeigned love of the brethren, see that ye love one another with a pure heart fervently:

23Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth for ever.

24For all flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of grass. The grass withereth, and the flower thereof falleth away:

25But the word of the Lord endureth for ever. And this is the word which by the gospel is preached unto you.

We had so much fun this morning after me working a 12 hour shift I was waiting for my relief to some as he was going to be 20 minutes late....I then had to take my co-worker home and that is an 30 minute drive to her house and then 30 minutes back to my town as we don't even live in the same city....I live two cities on the other side of where she lives....But it's all good....Freely have you received--freely give....Yes President Bush that is also in the Bible....But before I even pick my co-worker up who worked nights with me, I was having fun cracking jokes with another c0-worker who had just come in to work on days....

We were LAMENTING on how people just entering the workforce at a certain corporation were getting screwed out of benefits and pay....She told me her son was going to strike on behalf of his fellow co-workers.... The workers are all striking with many striking on behalf of their fellow-co workers....

So then our Cajun humour kicked in and we started cracking jokes about how when the government tries to come and take us away how our Cajun ingenuity will kick in and we are are going back to living in homes right in the swamps with about 30 to 50 gators each surrounding our homes and pirogues...I was like "yeah that is where the 'Cajun injector' comes in handy....The last thing you want to be doing is standing in a pawn shop line to buy a gun when the shidt truly hits the fan....We gotta hook one another up!!! We'll get some Cajun injectors and some of that marinade stuff and when they even try to come up against us they are going to shoot them up full of the marinade and then toss them to the gators....They thought they saw some shidt in Florida!!!"

So my fellow co-worker who is working days today and her last name definitely means "One onery Louisiana gator" made this tossing motion and said "Yeah!!! Here goes your food!!!"

Lawd we were rolling!!!!

OH WE GOT PLANS MOFOS!!! WE GOT PLANS!!!!!! People from Louisiana can be the nicest people in the world until crossed and then you will definitely see how "Ragin' Cajun" we can get!!!! Y'ALL BETTA TREAT US RIGHT!!!