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The Joys of Art

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Watching you

Thank God for two eyes so that I can keep one eye on Senator Landrieu and the other on Senator Vitter....But it would be rather cool to have one (ALL SEEING EYE) likes dem cyclops!!!! And NO I am not peeping in anyone's (ie Vitter or Landrieu) windows and this song is not a subtle hint towards that....INFPs have the uncanny ability to interject themselves into the fine arts....The reason we are good story tellers is that we have the unique ability to interject ourselves into our own stories.....We also associate things with things that others naturally wouldn't but we do it to a logical conclusion...

I think my son's teacher said it best...My son is introverted also but he is not a INFP (at least not from what I gather)....His class assignment was to take scrambled parts of a story and put them in order and make the story logical...She told me that my son did what she did NOT expect any of the students to do in that he took the parts of the story and using them backwards made a story with a very logical conclusion.....Never underestimate the logic of an introvert....

Watching You--Slave (Old Skool Music)


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