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The Joys of Art

Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Very Merry Month of May

"Oh Lord Jesus!!! Why dem (White) folks in Washington, D.C. wanna treat us so bad down here in Louisiana Governor Blanco!!??"

May means different things to different people....Mother's day is in May....The Mexicans are going to boycott on the first of May.....May first is a very important day for the occult, demonic organizations called the Illuminati, the Moriah Conquering Wind, the Olympians or what ever name floats their diabolical boats now days....It is mostly White folks (in power)--the "Blue bloods", the corporate elite, the "establishment", the shifty folks that worship the devil thanks to their pride, (arrogance) and lust and also their desire to play "God" (exceptions to the rule: Condi Rice and Clarence Thomas)...These people only respect money and power....Satan declared to Eve, "Ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil," ...Some of them do not take the devil seriously and plenty of them get their power from the devil...But hey he can always make (bad) use of their pride, (arrogance)greed and lust and the negative (emotional energy) loosh that they create (when they go about causing pain, fear, death and destruction in the lives of individuals, states, countries, kingdoms and nations)....After, it is all these things that caused his and many other angels their downfall...President Bush has created enough negative emotional energy to feed the devil for a long time. God can't do anything (use) with fear but he can do something with anger....Anger is a great motivator...Fear is a great paralyzer....The opposite of faith is fear....You can be faithful and angry at the same time but you can't be fearful and faithful at the same time....God said that he'd rather us be cold or hot and not lukewarm....I know he can use me because I am crazy enough to do more than half the things that I say I could....

Jesus himself said that Satan is the God of this world...Jesus even called a whole group of people a "generation of vipers" and even told them that they do the works of their father Satan...."Satan was a liar, murderer and a thief from the beginning and the truth abode not in him..." Jesus said that also....My pastor always used to say "The devil has everything to offer but nothing to give..." In the end there will be a revolution (revelation) and Jesus and his angels will come and tap dance on Satan and his minions', Satan's chilren(not a typo) heads....It will be an exciting time....I am looking forward to that day....And quite frankly I can't see why anyone would want to do the Devil's work especially for temporary gain...."People go to hell by choice...." My pastor said that also...One of the first things I do when I wake up in the morning is to see where the Devil is...If he is behind me then I am doing well...If he is in front of me then I've got problems...My pastor always said "Don't let the Devil ride because soon he'll want to drive".... I don't want him in front of me leading me....And by the way you freques I know when you are around as I can sense you right now...But I also sense HIM and He is a much more powerful force....

May will also be an important month for me also...I am going on a 40 day fast which will culminate in the month of June....I need to hear from God concerning this nation....I have trouble running my own life muchless someone else's....God did ordain leaders but someone needs to tell Congress and President George W. "I'm the decider" Bush that "Good leaders should also be good followers..." Can you believe my pastor said that also?!! "Not by might nor by power but by my Spirit said the Lord..."
p.s. If you know anything about this picture then you would know that the Black lady is NOT speaking to the Governor.....She is actually speaking to a FEMA representative....I just added my two cents...(snicker)

The Bourgeois Blues---Leadbelly

Forgive them Father--Lauryn Hill


  • Sharon, glad to see your spirit is ever-strengthening. Your tone has taken on the vibe of a weathered and battletorn spiritual warrior, and I laugh at that because I feel it too. The attacks can be relentless, but our munitions are eternal, and God has won the victory. This reality is such a far cry from the rapture-theorists idea of stepping outside of interaction and waiting like a princess in her tower for Christ to save her. There is no growth outside of struggle. So keep struggling, my sister! Your endurance will be rewarded. God bless

    By Blogger Young Brother, at Sunday, April 30, 2006 12:04:00 PM  

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