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The Joys of Art

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Three Hundred Fiddy One

I love it when I strike at rich....One time I hid my boyfriend's money from him after an argument and I found it six months later...He had tried to take it back and so I hid it from him....I couldn't remember where I had put it....Today I found three hundred fifty one dollars that I had stashed to be put on my pre-paid credit card to be used on my last Novemember cruise...I stashed this money last October or November and I had totally forgotten about it.....Trust me I had more than enough money to be used on the cruise....Three hundred fifty one dollars....Woohoo!!!!! God always knows how to take care of you...But this money wasn't money that came out of my account...It came out of my ex-husband's bank account so I guess that is my I didn't miss it that much after I withdrew it from the ATM....

I think I am going to like my new job....I have set hours and I will always know when I am working....This job will allow me to balance work and play instead of being overworked....I learned that the most loyal worker quit my other job this week...That came as a shock....My former manager's camp is crumbling and his best workers are leaving....He'd better watch his back because he might be leaving next whether he likes it or not....Watch the company that you keep....Not everyone that smiles in your face is loyal to you behind your back....I don't see how some people sleep safely at night because if they knew the things things that their so-called "loyal friends" are doing to them in secret they would fret their careers....

I am kinda disapointed in that Anne Rice is going to make a movie about her "Mayfair Witches" series and she didn't even call me!!!! Grrrrrr!!!!! I could create the screen play with ease....I have already hashed out the details in my head....When I was in MLT school located in San Antonio one of my platoon members told one of the Sergeants at the Academy of Health Sciences that since she belonged to a sorority and she knew how to "step" if she could step to some zydeco he would be impressed....He was stationed at Fort Polk....I started laughing because I'd like to see any fraternity or sorority step to some Zydeco....But yet now I have to laugh at myself because I believe that some zydeco songs could be choreographed such as Rosa Lee by Clifton Chenier....I don't know if I would add to the lenght of the song as it is a very short song.....It can be choreographed....I have already worked out the major details in this "fertile playground" of mine....

Rosa Lee--Clifton Chenier


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