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The Joys of Art

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Stay out of the kitchen!!!

Mama's Cooking--Marcia Ball

People from Texas need to stay out of the kitchen trying to cook Cajun food...You just make a mess or damn near threaten to burn stuff down!!!! This is the second year in a row where you have over cooked my crawfish!!!! Boiled crawfish tails are NOT supposed to be crispy!!!! Sigh....Why did my family decide at the last minute to take the crawfish boil to Texas?!!! Sigh....

While Rita raged contract workers were hired from Texas to cook us food....Governor Blanco they gave us pinto beans instead of redbeans and rice....Like we can't tell the difference!!! You had some disgusted Cajuns down here!!!! The next night they damn near burned the kitchen down!!!! I bet those jokers were in there trying to make a roux....If'n you don't know how to make a roux stay your self outta the kitchen!!!! Cooking oil, flour and water could be considered catalysts for a WMD if you don't know how to properly put them together!!!! Stay out of the kitchen Texans when it comes to Cajun cooking and stick to what you do best--bar be que!!!!!


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