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Sunday, April 02, 2006

On Demons and the Republican Party (revisited)

Senator Bill Frist is a demon!!!! Cat killer!!! See I told you there is something sinister about the man (man??)!!!!

While he was a medical school student, Bill Frist (now a Republican U.S. Senator from Tennessee) performed medical experiments on shelter cats while researching the use of drugs on the mitral valve. By his own account, Frist improperly obtained these cats from Boston animal shelters, falsely telling shelter staff he was adopting the cats as pets. In his 1989 book Transplant, Frist admitted that he killed these cats during medical experiments at Harvard Medical School, as part of his studies.

In his book, Frist explained that he succumbed to the pressure to succeed in a highly competitive medical school. Frist stated that he "treat[ed] them as pets for a few days" before he "cart[ed] them off to the lab to die." He went on to say, "And I was totally schizoid about the entire matter. By day, I was little Billy Frist, the boy who lived on Bowling Avenue in Nashville and had decided to become a doctor because of his gentle father and a dog named Scratchy. By night, I was Dr. William Harrison Frist, future cardiothoracic surgeon, who was not going to let a few sentiments about cute, furry little creatures stand in the way of his career. In short, I was going a little crazy." He went on to describe why he conducted animal experiments: "It can even be beautiful and thrilling work, as I discovered that day in the lab when I first saw the wonderful workings of a dog's heart . . . I spent days and nights on end in the lab, taking the hearts out of cats, dissecting each heart, suspending a strip of tiny muscle that attaches the mitral valve to the inner wall of the cat heart and recording the effects of various medicines I added to the bath surrounding the muscle." "I lost my supply of cats. I only had six weeks to complete my project before I resumed my clinical rotations. Desperate, obsessed with my work, I visited the various animal shelters in the Boston suburbs, collecting cats . . . it was a heinous and dishonest thing to do."

On another note, things are NOT looking so good for Congresswoman Katherine Harris....Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! Those ungrateful Bush Boys....This is the thanks that you get for rigging the Florida election!!!!

By BRENDAN FARRINGTON, Associated Press Writer
Sun Apr 2, 2:05 PM ET

By BRENDAN FARRINGTON, Associated Press Writer
Sun Apr 2, 2:05 PM ET

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - Katherine Harris' U.S. Senate campaign lost what was left of its core team when a top adviser, campaign manager and communications director resigned this weekend.

Harris, a Republican congresswoman challenging incumbent Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson (news, bio, voting record), said Saturday she would introduce new members of her campaign early in the week.

"We are stronger as a campaign today than we were yesterday," Harris said in a press release.

Harris said her campaign has lined up people who believe in her candidacy, are committed, and support the "values of mainstream Florida citizens."

Former campaign manager Jim Dornan, who resigned in November, said, "She had the best people in the country. She can't get any better than that.

"This is a campaign that is spiraling downward by the minute," he said, adding she should drop out of the race.

Among those resigning over the weekend were Ed Rollins, a political adviser to President Reagan; campaign manager Jamie Miller; press secretary Morgan Dobbs; and other key staff.

Phone messages left for Rollins and Dobbs were not immediately returned, while contact information was not found for Miller. Harris didn't immediately return a call Saturday for additional comment.

Her campaign has struggled since announcing plans to challenge Nelson last summer.

For months, GOP leaders in Washington tried recruiting someone else into the race, and Harris' fundraising was slow from the start. Turnover has also been a problem. She recently lost a pollster, a national financial director, treasurer and media consultant.

Advisers urged her to get out of the race. She refused and announced last month that she would spend $10 million of her own money to compete with Nelson, whom she has trailed significantly in several polls.


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