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The Joys of Art

Saturday, April 01, 2006

I'm disappointed in you Senator Landrieu!!!!

Bouncin' Back--Mystikal

You aren't tired of crying yet??? Where is the support for Senator Russ Feingold??? Is it there???? Am I missing something here??? Is it all about re-election for you??? THEN KEEP ON CRYING THEN SENATOR!!!! I'm covered!!!! Are you dear Senator???? Governor Blanco Senator Landrieu needs much prayer....We need to come together in agreement on this one also Governor Blanco....I don't seem to get her lately Governor Blanco it seems themore she cries and hurts, the more she seems to draw near to Bush's corner!!!! What has she gotten out of this?!!! NOTHING BUT PAIN!!!! Somehow I sense Senator David Vitter in all of this....Oh his going off on you on the Senator floor wasn't enough??!!! Listen to your constituents Senator Landrieu!!!! I take up for you even when they call you "begging for money Senator land dry" Governor Blanco, Senator Landrieu is bringing tears to my eyes!!!!



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