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The Joys of Art

Saturday, April 08, 2006

I don't Think So "Brownie"!!!

MAXWELL lyrics

This Woman's Work--Maxwell

You need to stay out of the state of Louisiana if you know what is good for you!!!!! You have been help enough Michael "Brownie" Brown!!!! And if any of these fools think that they are going to sell Louisiana's soul out to you and President Bush then they have a phucking nother thing coming!!!!YOU ARE NOT WANTED IN THE STATE OF LOUISIANA SO STAY THE PHUCK OUT OF OUR AFFAIRS!!!! OH NOW YOU TRYING TO VINDICATE YOUR DAMN SELF?!!! WELL HOW ABOUT THIS?!!! SEE NOW I GOTTA GET IGNANT (not a typo) WITH YOU!!! (SCAN AND UPLOAD TO WEBLOG BABY!!!!)

Consider Michael "Brownie" Brown's words below:

"I never knew there were so many of 'them'...."


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