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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Don't call me...I'll call you....

This country has definitely taken the mark and to the fools who think that this country is NOT the country spoken about in prophecy then guess again....I want God to fulfill his WORD--good or bad it doesn't matter to me what come about because his word has already established....Only arrogant folks think that if they act arrogant enough they can twart God and prophecy...In fact it's what Satan and his kingdom thinks but they will surely fail and all the while I will be giving God the glory....Oh that is in the Bible also....Some repented and gave God the glory and some saw and experienced the signs and blasphemed God (for example Global warming is a myth).....People are free-will agents and I won't feel sorry for your butts when God's wrath is kindled but just a little...Oh yeah I know some of you are reading this and are rolling your eyes and mocking God but yet---WHY ARE YOU NOT LIVING OVERCOMING LIVES?!! Why is it that you complain about the simplest things when the Bible quite frankly tells you the solutions to these problems?!!! One of the things I am very much talking about how some people complain about not having companions when God specifically tells you where you (yeah you) need to be (as far as body, mind, and soul) before he even sends you a compatiable mate!!! Then they get impatient and go out and get one on their own and just like everyone that screwed up in the Bible concerning their choice of mates they get bitter and gripe and complain about it!!!! I look at my ex-hubby and that fact that he isn't going to change but that he just wants to rob me physically and emotionally of myself and I say to myself (and you can carve this in stone) that if he was the man person on earth I wouldn't mate with him again nor would I hang around him....I would actually have the will power to abstain from sex than have someone rob me of parts of myself..... When we bond ourselves (sexually) with someone those "ties" become "soul ties"....When you have sex with another person you are also bonding yourselves spiritually to that person and if they are fragmented then parts of you become fragmented also.... So check your fragmented selves before you try and check someone else's spirituality!!!!

Those who control the past controls the future; those who control the present control the past.

Re: Why is America Gov putting America N
by: cajundelyte (38/F/Bayou land. Cajun Country) 04/06/06 07:08 pm
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I don't know...But not even the draft could get me back into military service...I'd never go back in!!! For freaking what?!!! Don't call me unless the enemy is knocking at my front door!!!!

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  • He girl, that's some real talk. I find myself falling into chastity to avoid those types of problems. Lust is not the same as love and until we can give up our sexual desires, it would be difficult for one to be on the path to true fullfillment. I totally agree that there is an answer to everything in the Bible. I think many people are just afraid of the truth not just in the book but within themselves. Keep that spiritual side of you Sharon. God has blessed you with that 3rd eye...

    By Blogger Maganda, at Saturday, April 08, 2006 2:45:00 AM  

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