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Sunday, March 26, 2006

A very intelligent statement

A culture of sociopaths
by: jar_jar_bush (F/uck Bush) 03/26/06 03:01 pm
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When the BushCo/PNAC cabal facilitated the attacks in this nation on 9/11, they also facilitated the change in the culture of America. It allowed them to openly operate a culture of fear, intimidation, pre-emption, greed, theft, incompetence, overtly unconstitutional behavior, lawlessness and lies.

The censure call does not go nearly far enough to bring any accountability to this crime family who have hijacked their own party, the exectutive branch, the concept of Democracy, and Christian religion, when GW Bush accepted Jesus Christ as his personal weapon.
They have ignored and marginalized the same Constitution they swore to uphold, protect and defend.

We, as a nation, could not expect to have fared worse if we ourselves had been invaded and occupied by a foreign government, as we are faring under this Bush crime family and it's occupation.

Censure is not the solution, although it's a good start.

Blanket impeachment is the only solution to reclaim our democracy.


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