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The Joys of Art

Monday, March 20, 2006

Truth and Knowledge

Truth, wisdom and knowledge always come full circle for they will always be more precious than either silver or gold....I just happened to like the song Zydeco Dance by Jackie Neal ever since I heard it on Creole Radio so I went to my pre-pay internet download (which downloads at a snails pace or practically "ques" every song that I try and download) and downloaded it...It downloaded pretty fast by their standards....So I then decided to some research on Jackie Neal to see whether she was from Louisiana as I had never heard of her.....When I came to this the wikipedia site I instantly realized that her picture has been on my little brother's webpage for some time....Since both he and I lived in Baton Rouge (He lived there longer than I did...I didn't live there but a little over a year as I was in Law School there before joining the military in 1993 but I visited B.R. a lot when I was pursuing my B.S.....) and he is very much interested in the music business and is pretty much a people person (but like all my brothers he does have his introverted side)....I am guessing that he might have known her or have heard her sing....She was murdered by her boyfriend when she was trying to end a very bad relationship with him--someone who was truly a wolf in sheep's clothing all along.....Louisiana has always possessed "something" that the world has forever been trying to take away (and even "wash it away") from us.....I can't quite put my finger on it but I somehow have a feeling that I know what it is because that same "something" indeed flows through my veins.....The sorrows of life will always be the joys of art.

R.I.P. Jackie Neal

Here's another link to a streaming website (Blues, Jazz, Old Skool funk).....It has also been added to my sidebar....You gotta have Real Audio to listen to the streaming site....


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