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The Joys of Art

Friday, March 17, 2006

This is Depressing!!!

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They overcharged me almost 700 bucks....I was in such disbelief when I got the statement....Thoughts ran through my head: 1. How in the world am I going to pay this over 800 dollar bill? 2. I could have sworn that I had unlimited internet access ( I actually don't think that I could live without a computer or the internet). 3. Maybe the guy that first activated my account didn't understand my internet usage and that I needed unlimited internet usage. 4. How in the hell am I going to maintain the rest of the two year contract?!!! 5. This will screw with my credit!!! I even check the bill out online much to my dismay..... 6. Then I looked at my cell phone and shaking my fist in anger I screamed "How could you betray me?!!!" Remember the Ides of March folks.... Remember the Ides of March....They should call themselves "Cingular--raising people's blood pressure"....

I am glad that it was only a nightmare...But trust me I spent all last night trying to get their butts on the phone.....


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