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The Joys of Art

Monday, March 06, 2006

Shake it off

Sharon's Delights | Sweet Cajun Fire's Cajun Hideaway | Shake it Off--Mariah Carey

Governor Blanco President Bush (with the blessing of Congress) is trying to play you and the state of Louisiana...Senator Vitter I haven't forgotten about you...You're still getting a letter....Everyone should be coming together and not diving ourselves....Just look at how Bush is still trying to screw us over yet again--once more concerning the levees!!! Governor Blanco the president of the United States is trying to force your hand....Now he is phucking with Chavez yet again....Daniel 11 chapter says that a vile contemptible ruler would divide the land for gain and would also try and mess with daylight savings time.....His name is George W. bush....Governor Blanco you need to make threats and carry them out!!!!! You have to play hardball with these people!!! Why not?!!! They are not giving us any slack!!!! Get mean with these people!!!!


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