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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Reprobate Minds

Congress and the President loves to drag azz when it comes to Louisiana but when it comes to bombing the hell out of Iraq, creating chaos here in the U.S. through illegal immigration and in the Middle East and generating all the "negative" loosh that they can for the New World Order and PNAC to build on they will cut to the chase in a heartbeat....We should start a campaign to send most of those jokers to Mars....Oh but wait that is exactly why PNAC, our government and the NWO want to go to Mars....Even Dubya can do the math on this one.....

Since the "shifty folks" believe that the earth was inhabited from the moon by way of mars so it would make sense to reverse the process.....Back to the moon and then off to Mars....Try solving problems on earth first you "shifty" freaks!!!! Charity starts at home and then spreads abroad or off into the wild blue yonder even....You freaks have your priorities all wrong and I won't feel sorry for you when you reap the consequences....In fact the Bible says that I don't have to feel sorry for you at all---just pray for you...."Only with my eyes shall I behold the reward of the wicked"--Psalms 91.....So tell me that I can't ask to see your reward in hell!!! It's scriptural!!!! And besides many of you are NOT human anyway!!!! You're vile and unrighteous beings and you are Satan's seed so that makes you a breed and a whole race apart from me.....We all know why Princess Di was murdered....So screw your blue blood!!!! Don't worry in due time you'll soon be with your daddy---the Devil--you and also the rest of those freaks who think having sex with reptilians or any other "enlightened" beings is alright!!!!! The forbidden fruit was carnal knowledge!!!! It definitely was NO apple!!!


  • Draconian Solutions to Instigated Violence


    Tuesday, July 27, 1999

    ORDO AB CHAO? What does this mean: "Ordo ab Chao?" Order out of chaos.
    One of the quotes from the power seekers. This leads to people control.
    The following seems to be what is just ahead, possibly beginning by
    around August 11, 1999 if Blue Beam is actuated then after the eclipse on
    July 28th.

    If you want power, first you have to neutralize the possible opposition.
    The people are armed. They must be disarmed. Otherwise they have the
    means to remove a dictator / controller from power. How is this done?
    By using the time-honored principles of Hegelian thesis,

    1. Social : Create fear by acts of terror. Teach hate in the schools and
    churches. Hate is the great unifier. Turn the schools into boot camps.
    Teach the kids turn in dissenters and to kill without compunction.
    Delineate the enemy--those with guns. Stage several terrorist attacks
    on utilities, telecommunications, and infrastucture. Show that
    privately owned guns cause crime. Stress the supremacy of the State
    over the welfare of the individual. Blame a scapegoat. Point to the
    militias. Persuade that removal of weapons equals safety. Show that a
    concerned government can remove the fear by removing guns. Get the
    people to support outlawing privately owned guns. Destroy patriots by
    convincing the people that they are terrorists and to justify the use
    of the army against them.

    2. Economic. Create shortages: Attack the sources of money. Stock market
    collapse. Heavy taxation. Loss of jobs. Banks close and people can't
    get to their savings. Reduce food production and distribution. NAFTA
    and GATT are being used today to bankrupt producers in the US.
    Government directed terrorism: Destroy roads and freeways by creating
    earthquakes and floods using scalar devices such as HAARP. Power
    outages-- alleged to be caused by the bad terrorist militia blowing up
    dams and power plants. Encourage lawlessness, looting and rioting.

    3. Political: Offer solutions. Cause increasing fear and panic in the
    populace. Augment fear with ELF [beta] waves and mind control. Fake an
    invasion by Aliens. Foreign troops suddenly appear. Bomb cities. Drop
    plague organisms and viruses from the air. Poison the water supplies.
    Cut off the sources of water.

    Institute Martial Law to create order but actually to make things
    initially worse. Kill large numbers of people and make it look natural,
    especially the unfit, the elderly and the stupid. [Smaller numbers are
    more manageable.] Encourage racial conflicts and riots.

    Arm and direct with cell phones or 2 way radios the previously rehearsed
    street gangs to loot, rob, rape and kill, and to disarm the people along the
    way. Over run the hospitals with thousands of sick and wounded. Frame
    any objectors with crimes to show them up as evil. Announce that there
    are places some distance away where food and shelter are to be given to
    the people.

    Move the people in trains and buses to work camps and
    re-education centers. Convince them that the government overseers are
    all wise and all powerful. Throw in a "Messiah" that comes from the
    sky--heaven. [project Blue Beam.]. Give them minimal food and water
    while teaching a new religion, with simple slogans to believe in and
    show that the old religions were false. Show them that freedom has
    failed, that it was the cause of the Chaos. Punish deviationists--those
    who break the rules are to be quickly and publicly shot, their bodies
    hung on hooks in the town square for all to see. Have a general cleanup
    and kill off the street gangs when they are no longer useful. Bury the
    dead in bulldozed mass graves.

    If the above brief outline is followed, the majority of the people will
    beg for a strong man--a dictator that promises to save them, especially
    if he has a "Messiah" working with him contrasting the new good with
    the old evil. It will then be easy to establish a totalitarian slave
    state. People will be grateful to be the slaves and serfs of their
    saviors--the Fascist government. They will happily work very hard for a
    mere scrabble subsistence level of living.

    ORDO AB CHAO ??? God forbid, but this is what the Globalists have
    planned for us.

    Dr Byron Weeks

    By Blogger Sharon, at Friday, March 31, 2006 12:42:00 AM  

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