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The Joys of Art

Sunday, March 12, 2006


Kissin5049: Is cass in here???
Addisonstreet: is that what they call the nannie now?
Addisonstreet: Kissinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Kissin5049: Is that addy???
Addisonstreet: what up tho
Kissin5049: ady*******************************
Addisonstreet: Kissin i got a new pic on my profile
Addisonstreet: betta recognize
Kissin5049: addy even*************************
RaindropTears23: addi..y? do u call ur nanny that?
Kissin5049: lawd addy...is you still hairy??
Addisonstreet: LOL Nico
RaindropTears23: sour patches are candy
Addisonstreet: kissin check the pic
Addisonstreet: i know nico
Addisonstreet: and judge for yourself
RaindropTears23: well..u didnt act like u knew
RaindropTears23: so i told u
Addisonstreet: i was joking
Addisonstreet: i bet your patch tastes sour
RaindropTears23: hardy fawking har har
Ha ha ha righ: 21.f.supafreak
Kissin5049: LOL...nice bod...but I swear you ar follicular gifted....You never lose hair
Addisonstreet: LOL Kissin
Br00klynIrishGuy: 26 m nyc pics on profile, super sweet
Addisonstreet: i was just in souf merca
Addisonstreet: tanned up
Kissin5049: how's it hanging though???
Addisonstreet: all good
Kissin5049: snicker
Addisonstreet: people were askin bout you
RaindropTears23: wait til u see his BVD's
Addisonstreet: they way they were asking i thought you were dead
RaindropTears23: QQn
Ha ha ha righ: ps there's picsin my profile
Addisonstreet: LOL Nico
RaindropTears23: lol
Addisonstreet: i still got a speshul pic for you
Kissin5049: No..actually I was asking your your dick was
RaindropTears23: FRUIT OF A LOOM
RaindropTears23: lol
Addisonstreet: you were?
Kissin5049: lol..let me quit
Addisonstreet: you miss me honey? LOL
Kissin5049: before3 cass or markus tos me
Addisonstreet: cass gonna tos you for chattin with me?
Kissin5049: oh lawd I am either hearing Jesus or fairy sounds....
Addisonstreet: Nico?
Kissin5049: something went "swing"
Addisonstreet: cass must be watchin sopranos
Addisonstreet: she blocked her ims
Kissin5049: How is cass???
Addisonstreet: she aight
Addisonstreet: she murred now
Addisonstreet: in cali
Kissin5049: really??
Kissin5049: to what a hummer or a BMW??
Addisonstreet: LOL
RaindropTears23: what aduh?
RaindropTears23: lol
Kissin5049: Tell Cass nothing beats culture...Everything else just rusts and corrodes....
Addisonstreet: uh huh
Addisonstreet: Looks like another black man whacked a hot white chick
Addisonstreet: smh
Kissin5049: or gets flabby
Addisonstreet: LOL kissin
Addisonstreet: i ain't flabbin


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