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The Joys of Art

Tuesday, March 14, 2006



Is it me or does anyone else see what I am seeing....We are seriously being indoctrinated.....Just take a look at the upcoming movie "The Hills have Eyes" right there they tell you "The Lucky Ones Die First".....Even our children are being indoctrinated when they watch cartoon shows.....Just look at the commercials on television....They are displaying triangles with a snake inside them calling a certain product the "Order of the Serpentine".....Then another commercial depicts a man with an obvious (Egyptian??) headress on his head sitting by a fire telling another person about a winged monster-man (Mothman??? Mothman prophecies??? Upcoming invasion??? I shole dreamed of an upcoming invasion.....) I stated on a blog post about a year ago that Hollywood was becoming too facsinated with the horror genre....Is this a mere "coinky dink"??? I think not.....Now scientists are experimenting with proteins(enzymes) that cause fireflies and squids to glow....Does anyone realize that this enzyme is named Luciferase???? Look at all the sightings of glowing sea monsters lately....Crabs with blond hair???? Is this a mere coincidence???? Not in your wildest dreams.....Something deeper lurks below the surface....In the meantime our government marches on in its quaint quest to colonize (or re-colonize???? Hmmmm...) Mars.....


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