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The Joys of Art

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Interview


I had an interview--no it was not my dream job---that job would be Ministry of (Louisiana) Tourism...:o) But my potential boss (ie the interviewer) called me an "over qualified" and a "perfectionist"....I guess I am but I never thought myself to be that way (overqualified for the job "yes")....He also said that my son sounds a lot like me (perfectionist)....I guess during my over two hour interview with him I said a little too much....I don't dispair because unlike San Antonio I am NOT moving from Louisiana....A category 29 hurricane can be barreling down the coast "I shall NOT be moved"!!!! The only thing worse than a category 5 hurricane is a category 5 hurricane of illegal Mexicans!!!! And for that matter why does my ex-husband keep calling me every other damn day?!!! No he is not illegal he is Tex-Mex....Some people just insist in imposing themselves in your life!!! They are actually emotional energy (loosh) vampires!!!! Now "he hemed and he hawed" about the money that he was going to send me but never did....Hell!! All he actually wanted was a damn conversation!!!! Like I said before my ex-husband and I have really nothing much in common besides the fact that somewhere during his life he got "hooked on Black bodies" (ie "some black woman put it on him real good").....Now remember what I said about men....They can phuck you and also despise you at the same time....Does he hate me? Nah...But thanks to white society Hispanics have been given a "pass card" and he is one of the many Hispanics who think that they have "arrived"....My ex is pretty arrogant and he has always been (a quality that I couldn't stand from the day that I met him)...The ladies (White ladies) that work at the truck stop in my town can't stand him!!!! I am not being mean!!! If he is lonely then GET A GIRLFRIEND!!! There are two things that I won't go back to and that is Texas and my ex-husband!!!!

Pride and lust had always been the downfall of both angels and men....I was trying to get information on the blond Pleiadian Nordics and redheaded Nordics when I came to a site where--well you know what---now it all makes freaking sense!!!! A clear example of pride and lust...And you wonder why these kinda fools get abducted, raped and probed by "aliens" !!!! THEY FREAKING DESERVE IT!!!!! You all deserved to be tormented by aliens(demons) and demons!!!!! This "I'm above every woman" attitude gets their asses in trouble every time....Eve was beguiled by evil (seduced)....Desire is a form of lust....I don't want to be above every woman, I just want--as a Black woman--to be counted amongst women!!!! Governor Blanco and Senator Landrieu thank God each and every day for your less than blue blood "Cajun/Creole Blood" (don't ever think that there isn't a connection betwen the Illuminati "NWO and PNAC" and Mexico and the Illuminati and Texas)....Thank God every day for the "crawfish mud" in your blood....When the aliens (demons as mentioned also in THE BOOK OF Revelation) whisks these prideful and lustful freaks off we'll have a good laugh--the three of us....BUT IT IS NOT LIKE THEY DIDN'T ASK FOR IT!!!!! Maybe it is just me but I see something wrong with having sex with your "gods" or "higher powers" or even "enlightened beings".....


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