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The Joys of Art

Sunday, March 12, 2006

From INFP to (negative) ESTJ

I think that I have pretty much given as much as I have to give as far as the blog world go but you were warned that when you step on my values I would go into the resist and insist mode (the negative ESTJ side)....I think that I am pretty much a laid back person but I refuse to let anyone counter my core values (such as prayer, God and religion and even some simple ass shit about Governor Blanco especially when your ass doesn't even live in the state of Louisiana....Did you even take into acount how she was constantly dragged before these congressional committees??? Did you even take into account how she was being dragged before these kangaroo courts??? My governor was being exploited and she might as well have been on a slave auctioning block as far as I am concerned!!!!) and if you do it too many times then expect for me to have an outer body experience on you..... I think that personality types are much better predictors of a person's character (I am a textbook case INFP to the letter) than zodiac signs because many times you really need to know that person's rising sign and as most of us don't have the time that we were born on our birth certificate then how are you going to know that....My son has his birth time (but not his race) on his birth certificate but I don't (guess they really didn't give a shit back then at least for Blacks I know that President Bush has his birth time on his....Bush is actually a Cancer but his rising sign is Leo...)Some people take into account a person's lunar sign.... When I was born it was back in the day when the race of the parents and the child were placed on that piece of paper welcoming you into the world....I have "Negro" on mine but my friend who is a Darbonne and who looks white (as most Darbonnes are high yellow mulatto) has "colored" on hers.....They weren't looking to accurately document "time of birth" but to accurately document "race"....There are a lot of closet racists out there....Many times Black women get hurt because they think that just because you can give your body to someone it doesn't mean that they couldn't despise your very being...On the contrary a person can sleep with you and despise your very being even taking into account slavery....Angels came down here (they lusted after mortal women seeing that they were fair) and slept with mortal women and they despised the very mortal women that they slept with....Even their children despised humanity and after they died and the spirits resided on earth as demons (God cursed them to roam the earth as demons) they despised mankind because they had come from mankind....Not everyone is worthy of your body, mind and soul....Women need to be much more discriminating....Remember the Biblical pasage about the man who lusted after his half-sister and that once he had slept with her he hated her....Lust leads to people being less discriminating....Again, women be much more discriminating with your bodies...Not every man is worthy of your time and attention.....If you want to watch a movie that puts all this into prespective rent or buy the movie Wide Sargasso Sea....It deals with racism, sexism, classism and colonialism


  • April 16, 2006 - 08:30pm (PDT)
    Offline IM
    If I were a woman I would call you up and ask if you wanted to break me in. :)

    Monday April 17, 2006 - 01:35am (EDT)

    This pretty much sums it up folks.....

    By Blogger Sharon, at Monday, April 17, 2006 4:37:00 AM  

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