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The Joys of Art

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Fear No Evil

I was feeling free from the "shifty" folks watching and carrying on their vile activities....Actually I was more worried where God's Spirit had gone....Wow I haven't sensed their presence in two weeks but of course that didn't last....I can feel when I am in danger....God presence can be felt....His Holy Spirit, his protection you can feel it...His Spirit feels as though He is gripping you and hugging, holding you and guiding you (His Spirit actually has a Shekinah "female" feel to it...This is more than guardian angels (yes I believe that they are around also) although they exist but you wouldn't feel their presence in and upon you as you would God's Spirit......President Bush blasphemes God's Holy Spirit and calls it "shock and awe")....King David of the Bible felt it and asked God not to take his Holy Spirit from him....When people say that God's Spirit (annointing) comes upon you and you feel drunk it is true....If that presence is very strong then you feel as though you can't stand up (such as what happened when Solomon dedicated his temple unto the Lord) and I am not talking about just in church on Sunday....His Spirit ebbs and flows and feels that way like you are in an ocean with waves washing over you.....Does this presence just come upon you in church so that you can "get happy" and flip over pews...Not even!!! You can sense that presence and it gets stronger when you are in danger....Such as I feel it now....I just came from the store and I know the vile entities are watching again ( I so can't wait until Jesus tap dances on their heads)....Now I am going to the store at almost 11:30 at night and when I get out of my car and go inside my house I turn around to shut the door there is a huge dog right outside behind me as I turned to shut the door....I didn't even hear that dog behind me....I don't know if it is my neighbor's pitbull because it was dark and the dog never made a sound....It has been rumoured that the shadow government has infiltrated every aspect of our lives and where ever there is a gathering of more than two people then there is at least one infiltrator....Makes sense since Jesus said that "where ever two or three are gathered in my name there shall I be in the midst"....Satan wants to make sure he "represents" also (This was confirmed by Michael Moore and other sources)....I always thought this kinda stuff was the White man's burden but lots of people believe that in the last days many and many will be witness to this kind of activity....Let's pray that you are ready when it is your turn....There are too many things happening right now for folks to remain ignorant....Even if you listen to Randi Rhodes I mean really listen to her you can catch exactly what is going on by her "buzzwords" even if you fail to take notice to the "shifty" folks "buzzwords".....Some may laugh and find this funny but my friend who is a pedriatric urologist takes what I am saying very seriously and he hasn't even read my weblog.....


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