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The Joys of Art

Monday, March 13, 2006


I have a love hate relationship with AOL...I have met some successful men on AOL international lawyers and surgeons....In fact the first man that I was jonesing for was an ER doctor in the military...We had a thang going on.....This is not him....This a pediatric neurologist friend of mine....He has taken me out to dinner before...Flew down from PA to TX just to see me....He is a friend....

Packermg [1:02 AM]: hi sharon
Kissin5049 [1:03 AM]: Hey xxxx what's up?!!!
Packermg [1:03 AM]: how ru?
Packermg [1:03 AM]: enjoyed your mardi gras pics
Kissin5049 [1:03 AM]: Fine....Just chilling in Louisiana
Kissin5049 [1:03 AM]: You did?!!! Cool
Packermg [1:04 AM]: very nice-i was on a cruise /meeting in jan
Packermg [1:04 AM]: remembered your pics

Kissin5049 [1:04 AM]: Did you see my cruise pics....Corey was a ham....


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