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The Joys of Art

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Weird and long day

Revolution--Kirk Franklin

Worked almost 14 hours today....Something descended from the sky and it was moving (ie it came down really fast)....It was real but it was not real...So I really didn't expect to see anything on the ground when I again looked out the window....It was you know one of those "things"....Seconds after this "thing" (a large grayish opaque winged sort of thing) descended this man walks into my building and gives me some snacks.....Some tea("Alabama sweet tea" he says...He said that he put enough sugar in it to damn near kill a person and that he consumes a 5 lb bag of sugar in two days), hostess twinkies and some sliced cake....I didn't even know him but we always get food from people but it is usually people that we have had contact with for a while.....Friday I was trying not to fall asleep at work as I only get about 4 hours of sleep at night when someone brought us some boudin and cracklin'....That was enough to wake all my co-workers up....My co-workers practically inhaled that cracklin' and boudin....I wasn't going to allow myself to be greedy as others hadn't gotten any but that boudin was delicious....But anyway back to the man....I guess it was a nice gesture....But the Bible says that we should be careful when entertaining strangers as we could possibly entertain angels (good or bad) unaware....I did manage to notice that the man's left hand was quite normal shaped but his right hand was disfigured had a definite hoof shape to it....And this my friends is a very true story.....It is a busy night for the watchers (and so was last night as I don't have any of my ten posts that I posted last night)....and I mean this in more ways than one....


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