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The Joys of Art

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

More than I bargained for

Going in Circles---Luther Vandross

Boy did I get more than I bargained for when God told me to start researching Angels.....At first I read about the good angels....Then it took a turn for the worse....At first I didn't think that I was making much headway....I was never one to believe in aliens but I'll tell you this...I whole heartedly believe in the fallen angels and their mischief....I am kinda sorry that I started looking at our nation's leaders pictures....But I have been faithful to God...I remember reading some stuff that sent a cold shiver up my body and even turning to my dog and saying "Don't you even think about it!!" Vile and ungodly creatures exists amongst us and if I give them valid existence then folks they are truly amongst us....There is a generation of vipers (Satan's seed) who exist amongst us....I believe that even Jesus Christ during his time on earth saw these vile beings for who they were....God you always rewards the faithful and you have shown me these ungodly being lot....You said that a terrible, terrible man would come and would have everybody running, crying and screaming for their lives.....When you first showed me this in a dream it was around the time (Reagan-Bush era) that then President G.H.W. Bush declared the beginning of a NEW WORLD ORDER....Why that man wasn't run out of town on a rail or even assignated is a mystery in itself to me.....


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