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The Joys of Art

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I hate demons!!!!

Sigh..I bet people are wondering why I am talking about (familiar spirits) demons so damn much....Familiar spirits??? That means that they have been around a long time....It is because I can see what lies past that cheap costume of human flesh that many of our leaders inhabit....Vile and ungodly souls....Ugly and detestable beings.....I'll be glad then God destroys each and every one of their vulgar souls or whatever they think they might be (ie the illuminati)....I call them serpents and dragons because that is what the Bible describes them as (ie a generation of vipers).....After all that is what they look like....I know they are not about peace and love...They are about hate and destruction.....I don't subscribe to the alien theory because most alien theories are without God, without angels (even the fallen ones), without the spiritual, and without faith and free will....."An alien abducted me and he told me that he was going to probe me whether I liked it or not..." is their reasoning....This succeeds in making people feel hopeless and helpless to an alien with an anti matter particle gun or even an alien invasion or some disgusting probing without their consent.....There has been more sightings of miracles, healings and angels throughout the ages than there have been of UFOs, aliens and alien abductions.....The Bible says that you shall know them by their fruit.....If an alien is probing you or abducting you against your will then that alien is demonic and is in no way good....And I don't care what you call the alien....You can call it an alien or a demon for all I care the works are demonic and the alien (demon) will burn in hell before it is all over with.....People didn't understand a lot of things back in the day and even now because even the smartest of us are limited in our understanding...."God said that we know in part and prophecy in part"....I know what I have been seeing and I can tell you this: Whether you believe in aliens, demons or not there are things outside of you that are working against you and they are definitely NOT looking out for your best interests.....

With that said I still think that the aliens are just ungodly spirits....


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