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The Joys of Art

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Get Up/Stand up--Bob Marley

People are beginning to wonder what is so significant about the year of 2006....They wonder why are there so many people in an uproar about the year of 2006.... 2006 is a defining moment for this nation and even the entire world....NOBODY CAN OPT OUT!!!! 2005 was your last chance to opt out so if you didn't throw yourself down a flight of stairs or drink some poisoned kool-aid then FORGET ABOUT IT!!!!

TIME TO START PLAYING HARDBALL FOLKS!!! These people are just warming up!!!! And yes when you start to speak out against them they will start to investigate you or even kill you (if you know too much).....I have been investigated....They will use black magic (that is how they communicate with evil so that plans and times for execution of these plans can be revealed to them)...They will use covert and non-covert organizations to spy on you....Symbolism means a whole lot to these people and so do certain numbers such as 11, 22, and 33.....And May 1st is a significant day for them.....Even back when I lived in San Antonio I knew Bush was spying on folks....Trust me Bush is NOT only spying on potential enemies he is spying on EVERYONE IN THE UNITED STATES....They would turn my webcam on (and the computer was OFF!!!) to listen as my camera has a built in mike (but it also has a light and when sound is being recorded or video is being filmed then the light would come on)....They do strange stuff like come into your house and click on favorite links and highlight passages (when the web page is loaded) so that you see them...It's their way of leaving their "calling card"....One lady said that they left a bunch of black dots in her home....They opened a pack of chicken noodle soup and poured some out on my tv tray (the one that I am always taking pictures of things on it as it is always set up) and left the rest of the pack in the kitchen....Every post that I posted the other day was deleted and I even went so far as to put one of the posts permalink in my sidebar...It too was erased....We have no freedoms in this country....And Saturday I swear that I got a visit from the Devil himself....PLENTY OF YOU ARE BEING WATCHED AND YET YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW IT OR MOST LIKELY WILL DENY IT....But to do so is to your own detriment....They want you scared...They want you fearful...They want you in denial...I have seen some of the many faces of the devil and he doesn't frighten me in the least bit....Governor Blanco if you make threats and are not willing to carry these things out you will ONLY bring weakness to the State of louisiana and also Kat Landry (and the agenda fronting her) will EAT YOU UP!!!! Because at this point Kat Landry is a bit dismayed at her efforts to recall you and she doesn't seem to know what her next move will be.... It is evident in her efforts that she has not been about the good of Louisiana as a whole but rather to solely recall you Governor....Governor Blanco I sent her 55 of my video CDs and several of my letters to Congress and the President...Do you think she even popped at least one of my CDs in the computer and watched it??? Most organizations are not solely built around one issue because when that issue dies or if that issue loses its spark then the reason for the organization even existing dies.....Kat Landry is trying to formulate her next move...Don't add fuel to her fire!!!!! THESE PEOPLE ARE DEFINITELY KEEPING SCORE AND YOU'D BETTER BE READY TO GO TO BAT WHEN YOUR TURN COMES....That last sentence goes for each and everyone of us....2006 is here and YOU CAN'T OPT OUT!!!!


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