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The Joys of Art

Tuesday, January 31, 2006


They have been looking for me for 2 days and they wanted the police to even kick my door down to see if I was home....No not Attorney General Alberto "V05 hair" Gonzales, Judge Samuel "Sammy" "Adams" Alito, BeelzeBush, and the Synagogue of Satan.....I was talking about my doctor who ran some blood work on me yesterday and a blood sugar result came back as 36...36!! Now that is one heckuva crititcal value!!! Perhaps "Brownie" was working the evening shift in the lab yesterday.... They notified the police and ask them to kick inmy door to see if I had passed out...Don't laugh but I have seen the police (MPs) go and get someone as her lab work most likely indicated acute blast crisis.... So I spent all day in the doctors office because just as I came home as I was told to high tail it to the emergency room tonight....Well talk about tech error....My results were nowhere that low of a value.....I would have hated to break my fast....I would have had to break my fast with a value that darn low....We are talking about diabetic coma level....But everything is well....The results of the lab work were within normal range....


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