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The Joys of Art

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Somebody's Watching me revisited

Battles are lost and won in the spirit realm.....President Bush is trying to bring us under bondage to FEAR and CONDEMNATION....This week there was again a lot of spiritual activity....Around the time that it was revealed that the Bush administration was secretly spying on American citizens....One night as I was sitting in the living room mostly on the computer I could sense spirits watching me....Dark shadowy forces watching me....My son saw something dark with yellow eyes in his room amonsgt seeing the dark shadowy forces also....He came down stairs to warm him a t.v. dinner (nothing of the Cajun variety) and he said "I must be losing my mind because I keep seeing things"....I told him that he wasn't losing his mind that there are spirits (good and bad) that are sent to watch, monitor and be messengers...Angels were originally created to be messengers and scribes, guides and protectors....So the fallen ones still report--only back to Satan....Bush did say that he had a right to monitor folks didn't he??? The natural foreshadows the spiritual....God would send out scouts and spies to get a report on a certain piece of land....The same thing goes for the spiritual....God sends out his angels to monitor and proclaim messages....Trust me the fallen angels haven't lost their skills at all, only they are now the Devil's monitors.....Satan couldn't be known as the accuser of the brethern if he didn't have his demonic spirits spying on us after all Satan is not omnipresent or even omnipotent like God ("Have you considered my servant Job"---God)


  • hmmm, and my daughter said something about ghosts in her room, too.

    By Blogger Summer, at Friday, December 30, 2005 7:42:00 AM  

  • Right before I left San Antonio a spirit came into my apartment and told me as plain as day (it was day time--a little after 3 pm to be exact) that it was planning on taking over the neighborhood)....No it didn't speak outright but it spoke to my spirit....I told it that it wouldn't take over while I was around....I later found out that it was a spirit of (gang) violence as about two months later I went to the store and there was blood covering the floor...A guy (presumably in a gang) got injured and he stumbled in there...The store clerk asked him if he wanted the police or paramedics to be called and he told the clerk "No"....I asked why would he not want help...That is when the store clerk informed me "Didn't you know?" that this used to be gang territory and they were lately trying to reclaim their turf....I found out that they had even had set up policemen in the apartment complex as surveillence....I didn't stay in San Antonio but for about 2 more months as I was in a serious financial bind so I came back home to Louisiana....I even met some of the gang members before hand (around the time of the store incident) as one of the guys (he was definitely what a lot of White folks would call a "wigger"...He saw me on my balcony and I had a crop top and some jeans on so he tried to come over to try and hit on me...He was with a bunch of Mexicans and they were looking for a Mexican guy with a gun...They took off to find the guy with the gun leaving me and the other guy alone with him trying to paw on me "You shole looking good baby"....He got into telling me that his grandfather's second wife was Black as he siddled up to me putting his arm around me)....They were very apprehensive about me as I saw him and them more than once....

    By Blogger Sharon, at Friday, December 30, 2005 11:59:00 AM  

  • I know exactly what you mean...and it just makes me wonder cause they say that children can see these things better than adults, though I still try not to let it scare her, you know...telling her that either I don't see it or that it's friendly.

    Eh, I figure if I don't feel anything bad in the room then it must be ok. Though of course that's not always the case.

    By Blogger Summer, at Friday, December 30, 2005 12:39:00 PM  

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