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The Joys of Art

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Thanks Texas for giving us the Anti-Christ!!!!

Your megalomaniacal attitude sucks Texas....People are tired of your pompus and arrogant attitude....Not only did you give us George Dubieux Bush but you also gave us Tom DeLay!!!! We don't want to "Mess" with you...We just want you to drop off the face of the fucking earth!!!!

Our fearless leader...
by: cajundelyte (38/F/Bayou land. Cajun Country) 11/08/05 10:43 pm
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Thanks NOLA for giving us this picture of a not so staged photo of our Commander in Chief.....Lawd.....Money man is unraveling...."Mommy please....I want to go home...This is too much work for me being in charge....I thought all I had to do was just lie, spin and deny my way to greatness....I sure could use a hit of coke....Mommy if you have some AJAX it would do also....I just have a thing for white powdery substances.... (Jim) Beam me up Condi....There's NO life down here....




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