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The Joys of Art

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch

No not the Oval Office I mean Dubieux's ranch in Crawford, Texas.....(Crickets chirping, owls hooting, and coyotes howling in the background....The sounds of "Home on the Range" softly playing in the background)

Laura Bush: "George it is 2 a.m. and well past your bedtime....Please come to bed right now...."

Dubieux: Not now Laura darling....I am still playing with my new toy given to me by Congress and who'da thought it would be portable? Woohoo!!!! This is better than all the 'nukular' toys that the government has!!!"

Laura Bush: (sigh)

Dubieux scans a Proposal to kill all funds supporting Louisiana's coastal restoration and improvement of the levee system....:::scans:::: "beep" Passed--approved by Congress..... "Sorry Governor Blanco but Looseyana's disappearing wetlands and the levee system don't have anything to do with Texas beef ( for my fajitas), oil and fighting this illegal battle (cough, cough "errr... legal war") of mine...If you want to save the Looseyana coast you're gonna to have to do it on your own.....Yeehaw...."

Laura Bush: "George put that lasso down and who in the world are you talking to??"

Dubieux: (evil smirk appearing on his face) re-scans a Proposal to kill all funds supporting Louisiana's Coastal restoration and improvement of the levee system....::::Scans:::: "beep" Passed--approved by Congress....Total Balance: -159 Billion due to U.S. Government by the state of Louisiana.... "Now you owe me Governor Blanco...." (evil smirk)

Whoa!!! "Congress did you just see that?!!! Did you see what he just did?!!! He scanned the proposal twice!!! Now this makes it look as though the state of Louisiana owes the government money!! Congress wake up!!! You have a madman in the White House!! Please take the important toys AWAY from him!!!"


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