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The Joys of Art

Monday, November 07, 2005

Hide the AJAX

Louisiana don't you worry....Dubieux is going down hill really fast....What few brain cells that he has left are becoming unraveled....Dear Governor I (gah-rhon-tee) you that back in the day Dubieux tried anything and everything that he could put up his nose or swallow down his throat....Hell a can of Ajax wouldn't be safe in the Bush household with all the addicts in his family.....Hmmmmm... A white powdery substance with a tinge of blue color....YEP HE'D DO IT AND NOT TO MENTION ALL OF THE OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS WHO ARE ALWAYS IN TROUBLE WITH DRUGS!!! I am for certain that Bush has even tried to snort Ajax Dear Governor....Cindy Sheehan is right about Dubieux.... His brain cells are fried....The President is very mental!!!!

Can You see him now?? Dubieux staring at the kitchen sink cabinets thinking "Ajax. Now I wonder what that would do to me?" My response to his question is: "With any luck maybe it kill you Mr. President....."


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