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The Joys of Art

Monday, October 17, 2005

Son of Perdition

Sigh....What is Satan's spawn doing now??? Of course stealing, killing and destroying as always....He is lying and blaspheming as usual also....Wow....Dubieux's rating amongst African-Americans is at a low 2 percent....By now the only Blacks that are alligned with him is Condileeza Rice and Clarence Thomas....Nowbody in this world will succeed in convincing me that ole Dubieux is NOT the Son of Perdition that the Bible talks about in Revelation....The spirit of an incarnated demon from the pit of hell that is wrapped in human flesh....I never in my entire life have hated anybody as much as I hate that man....I fucking despise him.....His soul is dark and evil and you can feel it....Oh sure he plays like a retard when he is not walking his ass around smirking over death and destruction.....He is an reincarnated evil soul.....It is not his outward appearance that I hate because he walks around like a stupid ass goof ball in the first place....I despise the very dark, vile and evil soul of that man....He is truly the Son of Perdition....


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