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Monday, October 24, 2005

Someone who is on point

Ah...I am glad that someone else see what I am seeing also....Bush is taking us down the road to perdition and no one even gives a shit....But I don't worry about the Son of Perdition that much I worry about what god is doing in Revelation because he is doing the most destruction (and he goes on in Revelation as to tell you why he is doing it)....Those plagues, hurricanes, earthquakes and other stuff are no shit...I think the part about one-third of the ships being destroyed has been fulfilled....Bird flu worries me as I wonder if it is a plague...Yes the Beast does some stuff such as cause a flood because he was mad at a woman and cause fire to fall down from the sky, blaspheme and act as if he is God, cause people to worship him and take his mark and prepare for his Armageddon but all doing that time God is raining down plague after plague....And those plagues are some serious stuff....that blood red moon was no joke and it was very unusual....If you didn't get to see it then you lost out....

Thanks God for sending calamity to Florida to get George out of Louisiana....We needed the Devil to depart for at least a season....Don't even get your eye on this state demon....Governor Blanco DO NOT TRUST GEORGE W. BUSH...THE MAN IS A LIAR AND THE TRUTH IS NOT IN HIM....He will just lay WASTE TO THIS STATE....Do not let him decieve you and cause the downfall of Louisiana....It is time for this state to come together in one accord....See what happens when a house is divided against itself....The enemy (Dubieux and his path of destruction) was able to come in and lay waste....This confusion has been brewing ever since Dubieux took office first term...He has been causing confusion even in the state of Louisiana and that is why there was so much caos between Blanco and Nagin, Blanco and Jindahl, Landrieu and Blanco....George Dubieux Bush even tried to get (governor) Mike Foster to run against Landrieu....Foster knew how to deal with the Devil not saying that Blanco doesn't but Dubieux doesn't like to be wrong....Foster simply told him that "all this country boy wants to do is ride his horse and tend to his farm"....Blanco upset the Beast when she asked him to "Come and view the eroding coast for yourself"....The Devil only comes to "steal, kill and destroy" Dear Governor....Even Foster hinted to Bush concerning the Louisiana eroding coast but he didn't speak it he simply sent Bush a children's book concerning the eroding coast....People the Devil is in the details...I watch everything Bush does and I try it (test it to see if it is Godly or not)....His actions DO NOT LINE UP WITH THE WORD OF GOD!!!!!!The Bible says that God is not the author of confusion...Satan is and everywhere George W. Bush goes confusion abounds....Such as New Orleans.....Time to come together Louisiana in the Spirit of Love....Divided equals conquered!!! Governor Blanco you are learning and no one ever said that the task would be easy....Remember this: DO NOT GIVE PLACE TO THE DEVIL (The father of perdition or the son of perdition).....If you give George W. Bush a foothold he WILL TAKE A STRONGHOLD OVER THE STATE OF LOUISIANA AND CALAMITY WILL BEFALL THIS STATE!!!!


  • I agree! F*ck Bush...

    By Blogger Maganda, at Sunday, October 30, 2005 11:48:00 PM  

  • Thanks Irene.....I eat, sleep and breathe coastal erosion, Louisiana's wetlands and Louisiana's substandard levee system...I am going on a 7-day cruise to Montego Bay Jamaica, Cozumel (Nooooooooo!!!!! It's all torn up!!!) and the Cayman Islands....One of my shore excursions will be to tour Jamaica's largest wetland area, the Black River Morass....LOL....You'd think I'd rather be on a catamaran drinking rum punch, right??? Grrrrr at Governor Blanco for inviting Dubieux to Louisiana in November to shore up business.... I do not trust Bush in any way, shape, form or fashion....The guy is a manipulator....Dear Governor please have "tripple six" gone by the time I get back from my cruise....Sigh....Louisiana needs much prayer....I haven't found myself to be this religious (to be quoting scripture but hell everything is lining up according to the Bible so why not quote scripture) since the 80's when I was very devout....But I know evil when I see it.....And trust me something wicked this way comes....The ill winds are blowing....

    By Blogger Sharon, at Tuesday, November 01, 2005 12:32:00 AM  

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