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The Joys of Art

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Signs of the Times

The moon was a freaky red color (Rev 6:12) two days ago...It was huge and round and hung low in the horizon....Wow...I had never seen anything like that before--only the moon being large and orange....Reminds me of a passage in Revelation....I do believe George Bush is trying to take us to Armageddon that damn demon....The earth is crying out due to our destruction of it and it seems as though no one cares....A damn hurricane reached category 5 in 8 hours as it speeds towards the caribbean and down here in my town the fog is soooo thick that I have only seen it that thick once and that was back in the 80's....Instead of getting hybrids people are buying larger and larger vehicles and they don't even need that damn large of a vehicle...I mean how many people around here have a need for a fucking Nissan Titan?!!! Geesh!!!! The earth is speaking back....But yet no one gives a fuck....I keep saying it folks....There is an order to this universe but no one is listening.....Now it is time for reciprocity....You will reap what you sow....You can label it as God, mother nature or whatever you want to call it....I believe in it all....The system is out of order and it will not be allowed to remain that way for long....My version (ie what I am hearing): God is not pleased with a lot of the doings that are going on....Plus we are responsible for putting a man of sin into office....The first time he usurped power...The second time we gave him power....Bush gained power through the media, Karl Rove (the little horn), and the war with Iraq....

These deeds are not going to go without notice....People rail about the financial offerings that are pouring into New Orleans....This was to come to pass....It is written.....What else is God saying??? It is time for the baby boomers to start to turn over power to the future generations....God always has a remnant that is waiting to take charge and make straight his paths....Your time is come baby boomers....Because you did not come into the fullness of your time but instead have become prideful, lascivious, arrogant and boastful you will cause other generations to repeat the lessons that you have failed to learn....God gives each generation challenges and each generation is to see that they come into the fullness of their time....You are only placed here on earth to lay the foundation for future generations....It is written....Generation X you will not come into the fullness of your time....Your blessings were held up by generations before you....In essence you WERE "X" ed out....You were not taught, shown, and instructed but instead came of age during the time when pride and arrogance begin to rule the land and you will fail to come into the fullness of your time....The ill winds are blowing.....I will destroy those who destroy the earth....What else is God saying??? He is preparing His remnant for a mighty work.....The future generations will do a mighty work for they are the remnant of my people....These things might sound creepy but they will come to pass....I filed 59 Congressionals yesterday....I am sick and tired of Dubieux going to and forth like a roaring lion....This man has the possibility to take us to the brink of destruction....


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