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The Joys of Art

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Shadow government

I hope the point was NOT to convince me of no shadow government....I am convinced that there is a shadow government....I know for a fact that people were watching my home the weekend that Katrina hit New Orleans and I know for a fact that my conversations have been listened to...I live in a town of less than 4 thousand people....Strangers stick out like a sore thumb....Their behavior was QUITE OBVIOUS....That is the reason that I don't have my web cam hooked up to my computer anymore....Funny how it would mysteriously turn itself on and the damn computer was turned OFF at least on eof those times!!! It did this twice to my knowledge....Now who was it that called me four fucking times last night with a very creepy ass voice I still have no fucking clue who that was.....But when I told that person that he was being recorded he got pretty nervous and hung up.....You were being recorded......
All calls that come into the refinery are recorded...Duh!!! They have their own phone network system dum ass!!!! When I told him that he was being recorded he told me "uh...uh..I don't care..." But he then hung up....He was about to ask me a question until I told him that he was being recorded....This person should really try out for horror movies because he has the creepy, scary, sociopathic phone voice on "lockdown"....It was enough to make your blood run cold....Folks I don't need to make these things up...They are real...I am not lying....

The full effect was there because I just so happened to be doing some more research last night about the illuminati and the Moriah Conquering Wind....To have someone call you saying "Sharon....I see you...I'm watching you...Goodbye...." in the most creepiest voice in the world is kinda unnerving....But hell I'm half-crazy....that fool is gonna get capped trying to fuck with me....I am going to use half that FEMA check to buy bad ass gun with a lazer sight on it.....Cajuns do not fuck around....Try us and you will see....The reason that I don't have a gun right now is because I left the last gun I owned in police custody after I got charged with pointing it at someone (The felony charges were dropped)....But hell this is just good enough excuse to get another one.....I don't see this as a joke...This person sounded serious and knew just what he wanted to say....Remember over 50 percent of this parish is still out of the parish due to Rita....I know of no one who is lame-brained enough to call me after 3 something in the early morning to alarm me with four unnerving phone calls.....


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