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The Joys of Art

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

How many breaks and vacations does Congress need?!!

"Fulfilling her commitment to employ all options available to ensure that the Senate took action on immediate Hurricane Katrina relief and recovery needs before breaking for a one-week Columbus Day recess, Sen. Landrieu spoke on the Senate floor for much of the day yesterday, delaying a vote on the Defense Appropriations bill."

It's called "Columbus Day" Congress NOT "Columbus Week"!!! Those jokers get paid to do nothing for four years--SIX FIGURE INCOMES AT THAT....I can truly see why the Bible says that the LOVE of money is the root of all evil....MONEY HAS CORRUPTED A LOT OF SOULS THROUGHOUT HISTORY.....When you see what people will do for money it is very sickening and disgusting....Many people will sell their very ownsouls for temporary gain....

I've got a personal campaign going on to save Coastal Louisiana....Listen up Congress....Prepare to hear fom me a lot in the future!!!


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