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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Score one for President Hugo Chavez....

Press Release - CITGO President and CEO Visits Hurricane Relief Site, Meets with Elected Officials

The following press release was issued Wednesday, Aug. 31:

Lake Charles, La. --- A day after CITGO Petroleum Corporation announced its pledge of one million dollars towards Hurricane Katrina relief efforts in Louisiana, the company’s President and CEO, Félix Rodríguez, traveled to Lake Charles. He met with local officials and visited the city’s Civic Center, which has been turned into a full-service shelter for storm refugees. While there, he presented the local chapter of the American Red Cross, in charge of operations at the shelter, with a separate $ 25,000 donation to assist the organization in its efforts at the center.

After presenting the check, Rodríguez toured the facility. More storm victims are expected to arrive, joining the approximately 2,200 victims currently housed at the Civic Center. Members of the local community have donated food and blankets. A group of volunteers from the nearby CITGO Lake Charles Manufacturing Complex (LCMC), known as Team CITGO, are also providing assistance.

Rodríguez stressed that LCMC is operating normally.

Prior to visiting the Civic Center, Rodríguez met with local and state officials, including Lake Charles Mayor Randy Roach, Louisiana Senators Willie Mount and Jerry Theunissen, and State Reps. Ronnie Johns, Chuck Kleckley, Elcie Guillory and Dan Morrish. Rodríguez stressed that CITGO stands prepared to offer additional assistance. He also presented the officials with a letter from Venezuelan Energy Minister Rafael Ramírez indicating that Venezuela is prepared to offer additional assistance in the form of fuel supplies to help offset shortages.

Ramirez, who also serves as president of the Venezuelan national oil company, PDVSA, stressed that the support for storm victims ultimately comes from Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

[Also, please click on picture to view a photo of Félix Rodríguez in front of the Lake Charles Civic Center, with Mayor Roach standing to his right and Team CITGO in the background.]

Thank you President Chavez you sent us aid before our own government did...


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