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The Joys of Art

Sunday, September 04, 2005

The robber barons

Unlike tomatoes, oil produces no seeds. It's a finite resource, much of which was produced by a special set of climate conditions more than 80 million years ago.

Excessive consumption has contributed greatly to the potentially catastrophic problem of global warming. It's also meant we've used up about half of the Earth's most versatile and effective form of energy.

Perhaps it's reassuring to know we're only halfway through the supply. But the first half is the easy-to-reach stuff; the oil that can be pumped almost effortlessly from the ground. Getting the rest out of the Earth's crust is much more complicated and expensive.

Yeah...One that requires sinking more of Louisiana's coast....Now do you see why coastal erosion doesn't mean shit to Bush?!!! Oil greedy robber baron!!!


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