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The Joys of Art

Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Rise in anti-social behavior

"Psychologically, there is subconscious communication from the psyche of the leader to the follower, and I suggest W was the enabler of the sadistic practices at Abu Ghraib. And I would suggest that his sadism is most evident in the tightly drawn smile, the glee of seeing others in pain from the time he blew up frogs as a young child."

I always said that while Dubieux was president you would see the rise in antisocial behavior....Guess I was not wrong....Antisocial behavior from leaders triggers antisocial behaviors from the followers....Perfect examples is the capture of two serial killers (Green River Serial killer and the BTK) who murdered for decades and were recently caught....Serial killers can lay dormant for years even decades until something triggers them to start killing again.....


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