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The Joys of Art

Monday, September 05, 2005

Open Letter to Governor Kathleen Blanco

Dear Governor Blanco,

If you want to attract automotive industries here, you might want to consider also the Lake Charles area at the moment.....Lake Charles would have to go through an expansion but that is ok.....Life is NOT without "growing pains"....New Orleans WILL be rebuilt...Unfortunately this will take time....We have TOO much culture and heritage in our great state of Louisiana for it to be allowed to be just "washed away"....I have lived in Texas for 10 years and I have recently moved back to Louisiana in 2003....I am not about to go anywhere....I love this state....I have 2.5 college degrees I know damn good and well I can contribute something to this state.....I plan to be here forever....

Sincerely yours,



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