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The Joys of Art

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

My "god" is speaking to me--G.W. Bush

I see Bush has been talking to his "god" again....Everytime Bush talks to his "god" or goes on vacation this nation goes further down hill....And this country is letting him have his way.... Too many years of drinking, doing drugs and dabbling into the occult has lead to Dubieux's destructive mind....Bush very well has an addictive personality....This guy is so "full steam ahead" personality that even if the bridge has been destroyed and he'd still decide to head off the cliff...Like Hillary Clinton said about him "What me worry???" Typical addictive personality folks....In otherwords they believe it is someone else's problem....Addicts are always in denial...Now do we honestly think that Bush's occult activities (Skull and Bones Society) stopped when he was a college boy at Yale....LOL...Please!!!! Bush takes everything to the extremes....He destroyed three or four of his own businesses thanks to this mentality....Now he is destroying the country and no one seems to care unless they are privy to his wrath because they won't "enable" his ass so he turns on them (ie Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco) ....Bush doesn't know it but he is exactly fulfilling his destiny....Even his astrological charts says that he is a mental case....Oh wow folks!!! How does it feel to have a sociopath in the White House?!!! Lol even Bush's natal (astrological) charts says that he was born a mental case....Barbara and George Sr. prolly sacrificed him to the Devil is my guess...White folks do crazy shit like that for fame, riches and glory....Even the previous Pope claimed that he thought Bush to be demonic.....Thank God he died before he could witness this Devil's fury.....

I remember good and well and heard it on television when I lived in Texas as Dubieux stated loud and clear on the news that "he had talked to his 'god' and his 'god' told him that Karla Faye needed to be executed"....It didn't matter who tried to talk him out of it he and his "god" had already worked it out--Karla Faye tucker must be put to death....But yet he spared Henry Lee Lucas from the death chamber.....If you knew the history behind Lucas you'd gasp....Dubieux is Hitler re-incarnate....

All good (bad) things come to an end Dubieux....If your destiny plays out your's is 2007....


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