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Monday, September 19, 2005

Man of the Year--Lt. General Honore

When the Levee Breaks--Kansas JoeMcCoy/Memphis Minnie

Sending Lt. General Honore down to Louisiana was the best thing that President Bush ever did in over 5 years as President even to include his years as governor of Texas....He couldn't have sent a better man down to Louisiana....One of our very own...

I like this:

"These were mostly poor people who didn't have much other than their homes," Honore said. "We didn't pull anybody off those rooftops that said, 'Damn, I left my Lexus!' "

Of the poor, he said: "When it's hot, they're hotter. When it's cold, they're colder. When the wind blows, they go over farther. And when a plague hits, they die faster."

Honore can identify with Louisiana's underprivileged. He was one of them once.

I like this also....

Honore, who turned 58 Thursday, and his wife, Beverly, have four children. Oldest son Michael, 29, is an Army sergeant who recently was serving in Baghdad, Iraq. Their youngest child, Stephen, is 15.

His oldest daughter, Stephanie, lives in Florida, where she recently gave birth to Honore's first grandson. His other daughter, Kimberly, lives in Kenner. She evacuated to Stephanie's home in St. Petersburg when Hurricane Katrina hit. But, like many evacuees, she left behind her pets.

She e-mailed her father daily to rescue her cat, Gumbo, and hamster, Hammie. After 10 days in the city, Honore finally accomplished the search-and-rescue mission.

"I've got 80 helicopters in the air and we're trying to evacuate 20,000 people from the Convention Center, and she's e-mailing me every day about her cat," Honore said.

A man of duty, the general followed orders. He made the trek to Jefferson Parish.

"The good news is they were OK," Honore said. "The cat was living large in that place."

I wonder if the cat tried to eat the hamster??


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