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The Joys of Art

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Leave well enough alone!!!

The government is always doing something to try and cure something but yet it backfires almost everytime because they don't do their homework...They introduced these damn love bugs from South America to Texas and Louisiana with the hopes of eating mosquitoes and all these damn bugs do is fly into your cars or swarm themselves around you crawling over everything....They don't eat mosquitoes but the acid in them eats the paint off your cars when they are crushed by the hundreds against the front of your vehicle....I bet when they first went down to South America to look for something to eat mosquitoes they didn't even see not one of these bugs eating mosquitoes....The (federal) government still doesn't have a damn concept of what an "ecosystem" is....Here's a hint you damn braindead individuals!!!What you do to something in one area ALWAYS affects something in a different area....Even the birds won't touch these jokers (bugs)unless they are looking for a stomach ache......But yet the government just threw them on the states of Texas and Louisiana...These jokers have long since invaded Florida....Try working on some levee systems and coastal erosion instead and leave the hard math to folks like me!!! Well on second thought given the (federal) government's habit of screwing up things....I might want to take time and reconsider my request...


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