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The Joys of Art

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

judgment day

Here's a possible take on religion...I have read many NDEs (Near Death Experiences) and all most all of them (with exception the of the ones that went to hell) said that eternal life was based according to their own personal religious experiences....If a person is was Christian they met with Christ when the temporary were dead....Buddhists met with their own religious God(s) and leaders when they experienced NDEs....Satanist went to hell--of course....Reading about NDEs gave me a more broader (clearer) meaning to the Bible text of "working out your own soul salvation with fear and trembling..." As for the poster to my site I can only take you to a certain degree....I don't generally rate semi-anonymous posters who have ought with me as being credible ...I see them as being cowards who just can't handle an alternative point of view....It is obvious that you created you blog just to reply to my post...You could have sent me an e-mail just as well....But replying to my weblog the way you did would stand out to other viewers is why you did it that way....I actually think it was someone on Yahoo who read my messageboard post and the fact that I posted "I support Governor Kathleen Blanco (and Mary Landrieu) and please don't reply to my post because I am going to burn a CD and head off to bed so I won't be reading any posts...." I do support Governor Blanco and if you think Bush was right in what he did hurrying to New Orleans at a "snail's pace" under the (false) pre-tense of FEMA and the "Department of Homeland Security" then good for you....Come up with YOUR OWN weblog glorifying all of Bush's fuckups....Trust me you are not the only Black person to be mad at me.... I had someone come and stalk me TWICE on my job when I lived in San Antonio back in 2001...

He was also a Black (man) who had ought with my AOL web page saying that my son was bi-racial and I dated inter-racially....This guy actually came to my job twice looking for me....The one thing I firmly believe is that what ever religion you choose I believe that you have to TRULY follow the doctrines of it....You can't be a half-hearted Christian, Buddhist, or Muslim.....Look at all the people that are going contrary to their OWN religious beliefs and they think that they are right!!!!! I definitely believe they will be judged according to their works....God (Christ) said don't take his name in vain...Meaning don't call yourself "Christ-like" and be something totally different...Same thing for other religions: Don't take the RELIGIOUS doctrines in vain....If you are a Muslim don't become a fanatic....If you are a Hindu don't go contrary to religious doctrine...How do we know if they are practing their religious doctrine??? "And you shall know them by their fruits...." That is how you discern them....Yeah the Bible says don't "judge" but it definitely says to "discern spirits".....The Bible also says that you can pray for judgment....Remember the parable of the "unjust judge"?? W's fruit is ROTTEN!!!!! In a nutshell: "You can't mix apples with oranges..." Try mixing certain fruits with other fruits or certain meats with one another and see if one doesn't take from the other....It always happens....When you do this the Bible says that you have a form of "godliness" ie 'lukewarmness' but deny the power thereof... Remember God hated lukewarmness the most...He spewed it out of his mouth because it was the most 'counterfeit'--the most hard to tell....Satan is a counterfeiter "ie angel of light" "and He comes as deceiver of man" (again the word Christian is left out)...All biblical....(notice it doesn't say "Christianity") thereof"....Love is the power....Love is the key...."The greatest of these is Charity....." Do a trace on the word "charity" and you will see that it translates to the word "love".... Dubya loves greed (profit) and the Bible says that "The love of money (profit) is the root of all evil....Notice the emphasis is on what you love.....And all this is actually Biblical.....Now the question for everyone to answer is: "Has George W. Bush REALLY been acting "Christ-like?" If not, wouldn't that make him "anti-Christ"??? Well he confesses to be a Christian (lol Check the script he never confessed to be a Christian but rather saved even when the question was presented to him....Saved for what??? And by whom???....Now is the time to do a little research on the "Skull and Cross bones".....They believe in being "reborn also") Even non-Christians call Bush the "anti-Christ" and they aren't even Christian!!! Read the Bible the anti-Christ has always had an "all eyes on me" mentality.....Why wouldn't non-Christians call this "so-called" risen leader" the anti-Christ and they aren't even Christian? And according to HIS religion he is.....Sowwy but Saddam doesn't fulfill prophecy as being the "anti-Christ" but yet he sure called Bush that....Why do you think Dubya keeps inserting the phrase "My God said (or tells,and told me)?!!! Isn't his God part of the TRINITY that includes the SON and the HOLY GHOST?!!! He is listening to somebody but it ain't Christ..... Duh!!! That makes him "anti-Christian".....or "anti-Christ"....

Shut up Dubya you are so "ANTI-CHRIST" that it stinks to high heaven....You cause a "stench in God's nostrils" ....That is a Bible quote also.... At least my opinions, unlike Dubya's, policies haven't killed anyone....And who cares George how drunk you got New Orleans back in the day??!! Why did you even bother to tell us this??!! Notice when stuff started getting serious what did God say to do??? He said to write!!!!" Look it up in Revelations.....During Dubya's reign take everything seriously because it has a potential to harm you.....


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