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The Joys of Art

Friday, September 30, 2005

I'm coming home

Governor Blanco don't worry we are coming home....I'm back at work..I'll be working straight through until October 31st....They gave us a two dollar raise to draw us back....Power is still out all over the parish but they are providing us with food, shelter, showers and campers (in the future)....We have generators, the internet and of course lots of gas....The plantation (refinery) is still shut down as it took hit from the storm....They fill our cars up with gas so we are good to go....This is kinda like a month long field exercise....Everyone is just chilling and trying to get stuff back online....People are hanging out after work and playing staying up late paying a game of "bones", cards or just hanging out talking to one another....The espirit de corps is awesome with everyone looking out for one another....The whole area looks like ghost towns....I have pictures but I can't get them online yet as I am not back at the home base at the moment...Glad to see Tom Delay was indicted....I pray that Michael Brown gets felony charges upon him soon....Let's peep Brown's Bio....Oh looks like he left a few important details out!!! Not everyone is able to pad a resume and get away with it...I didn't take resume padding 101....Resume padding 101--"How to get the REAL Jobs..." I should have though...Hell I say put his resume online and I'll just copy and paste it into my current resume and then I'll go ahead and apply for a position with FEMA....

Sorry Governor for "looting" your gif off your state homepage....I thought it was public domain....I'll be happy to make restitution in the form of community service...

"I'm coming home to be with my dear ole Governor....That's where I belong...."


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