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The Joys of Art

Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Devil is always in the Details

Ole Tripple Six was at it long before I even knew it....

Landrieu is no shrinking violet, although her opponents have long tried to dismiss her drive. This is a woman with serious political genes: the oldest child (of nine) of Moon Landrieu, a former mayor of New Orleans, Mary won a seat in the state legislature at 23, the youngest representative in the state's history. Some of her fellow reps reminded her of that by constantly calling her "Little Mary." She proved them rather juvenile when she went on to win a job as state treasurer and then U.S. Senator. In that race, she held her own against Republican Woody Jenkins, who, like her past opponents, underestimated her. When asked in a debate if he had anything positive he could say about her, Jenkins replied, "She's nice looking." Landrieu probably feels she looks even nicer in the U.S. Capitol.

Republicans think they can get her out of there. She's considered one of the most vulnerable Democratic incumbents this year, and her political bent doesn't help; she's halfway between moderate and liberal in a moderate to conservative state. But Republicans have not found a top-caliber candidate to take on Landrieu. When word leaked out last week that President Bush was asking Foster to run, GOP hopes spiked, even though Foster's always said he had no higher ambition than being governor. And at 72, he has little interest in spending time away from his home state, where he loves to go duck hunting and ride his motorcycle.


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