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The Joys of Art

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Cease and desist

You pathetic ass Negroes need to quit with the looting and the shooting....You ignorant asses are giving us a bad name....People like you need to disperse out of this state and never come back.....Law enforcement needs to start shooting to kill....Trust me you won't have to explain the killing of savage criminals to me....Hell start shooting NOW!!! These folks are holding up progress....They don't even care about their own Black people....I mean look at them....They find the strenght to cart away televisions and cases of beer and chips but their own grandmothers are drowning in flood waters....We all know that you are looting medical supplies to be used in the drug trade....Pathetic unevolved motherfuckers....People are suffering and you freaks are hampering rescues and progress....Start arresting and transporting these beasts out of state to jails in other states.....They don't ever need to bring their asses back to Louisiana again....America needs penal colonies!!!

Fucking animals!!!


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