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The Joys of Art

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Keepin' it real......

You gotta admit AOL does a better job at keeping it real than Yahoo does....This is not my AOL profile but it is a classic example....

You may call me Mistress Gorgeous One
Location Atlanta,GA I'm 23 & Black! I AM NOT LATINA...aight? Get it right B4 U IM me 2! If my attitude is 2 strong 4 U, then bounce now... the rest is worse! I don't luv U HOES, so don't trip
Gender Female
Marital Status I'm Single

Hobbies & Interests Chillin, blazin, drinkin on the weekends
I like chatting 2 Latin, Greek, & Italian MEN. No Mexicans! I don't date BLACK men...and what?! Its just my preference...lol get over it. And Black men...do not waste my time askin me why I date who I date either! You are not that "1 Brotha" who can "bring me back"... Once you've had the rice and beans,you never go back to collard greens! It is what it is, accept it and move on!!!

Occupation College Graduate...now Assistant Investment Broker

Personal Quote GOD created man 1st because...U always need a rough draft before U revise it & make it even better, which is why women were made after men!
"Nothin like a Rican to keep the bed squeakin"
Don't ask 4 a description cause im not describing myself 2 U losers


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