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The Joys of Art

Sunday, July 31, 2005

The sea gulls and I will be eating chickin' wangs tomorrow....Slap ya mama!!!
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Miney moe....Catch a Creole flag by the toe......Both are beautiful.....
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Ennie meenie....
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It doesn't matter...Pick one.....Everyone else has a flag so should we Creoles....
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Look closely and you will see the baby gator....
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Lush and green....Trees are WITNESS to a whole lot of HISTORY in the SOUTH.....
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Quit littering my state mother fuckers!!!! Don't mess with Texas but you shole nuff don't wanna FUCK with Louisiana!!!!
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Pets need rest too....
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Swamps and gators...Perfect for baptism...Au naturale.....
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Grackles on food patrol....
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Oh my God they killed Kenny!!! Oh my bad.....Just a dead possum....A redneck's delight...Here they come with the skillets....
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Fishing on the Sabine....The wiry stuff hanging from the trees is "Spanish moss"...
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Big ass spider.....
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But can we at least baptise them?!!!
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Brown pelicans, trees and lots of water....Sigh....Ahhhh.... Ma Louisianne.....
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You can do it!!!! Cut his fucking head off!!! I so love this Cajun!!!
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Road Trip???

I woke up late and Corey is in New Orleans this weekend (checking out the delicious Creole women)....So I stayed my ass home today.....I might venture out to the tourist bureau just to save (blog) face and picture some bugs, birds and gators for everyone.....

Yeah you rite!!!

Creole girl.....Isn't she a beauty???
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I didn't make the rules....

but I damn sure know how to play by them....Because after all everything boils down to politics....Are you so foolish enough NOT to believe that Marie Laveau (in addition to practicing voodoo) DIDN'T PLAY TO THE POLITICS OF HER TIME (She set Black women up with White men so at least the mulatto "mixed race" children would have a leg to stand upon in life....Click on some of my links)?!!! William Faulkner in one of his novels said that "The mulatto was the White man's finest creation".... Marie Laveau stood as an "antithesis" of both races..... It has been passed down and taught to me from the beginning until end of time.....So if you call me "racist" "podunk, backwards and backwater" I shole don't give a fuck....If voodoo seems a bit primative to you I don't fucking care....The mantle has been handed down to me by all my Cajun/Creole ancestors and it is imperative that I preserve their legacy and traditions....

Justice, revenge, healing. Magic....

Marie Laveau - A Powerful Voodoo Queen

New Orleans Voodoo Queen of 1815 Marie Laveau was an intelligent African American woman who combined Voodoo with Christianity. She informed the press of her rituals on the bayou, where she would dance seductively with her snake, named Zombi. These performances helped her gain notoriety.

Years and years ago I learned a song about the Voodoo Queen named Marie Laveau.

In the song Marie's funeral is held at night, by the light of the moon. As with much of Marie's life, I'm sure poetic license was taken in the writing of this song. But in this case, I'm sure Marie would have approved.

Marie Laveau, it was said was the most Powerful Voodoo Queen of her time, and of our time too. She could look into the human soul and know your secrets, she could right wrongs done to you by an unfaithful lover, or a crooked business partner, or a troublesome neighbor.

She could cure you of terrible illnesses and ask you be protected from harm and curses.

Besides doctoring the sick, it was said she visited prisons too and in one case brought poison to a man about to be hung for murder. She did this so the man would not have to face the executioner noose.

Was she a healer? A magician? A wise woman or a fraud? Whether they were grateful or fearful people from all walks of life in New Orleans knew the answer. Bitter or sweet, Marie Laveau understood things, secret things.

Some say she came by her knowledge because she had a network of spies throughout New Orleans. That she was able to control and manipulate through fear, blackmail and intimidation. An amazing feat, considering she was a black woman and her clients were white people like judges, lawyers, people of means and education.Marie did this work in the mid 1800's. Civil Rights were still several, serveral years away. In fact, they weren't even a possibility in Marie's time.

Be that as it may, these people also stood at Marie's door, shoulder to shoulder as the song says with the poor and uneducated, They were all equals at Marie's doorstep.

And they were all there for the same things.

Justice, revenge, healing.


My favorite stories concerning Marie's powers always involved the wronged lover and revenge. Marie would create an offering, a gift for the Spirits and then ask for their help.

The next day the scoundrel would come home... at dawn.

I could see that person, walking up the steps to their house. I can see them walking slowly, as if they were carrying a heavy weight. I can see them slowly opening the door and I can see the look on their face. I'm sure it was the same look people have when they go to a funeral and force themselves to look down into that open casket.

And I wonder, when the wronged lover saw that person walk through the door did they wonder what Marie did to get their loved one to look that way? Did they feel pity? Were they scared? Did they think, as they saw that horrible look, that combination of fear and perhaps madnessss, did they wonder, is the memory of that look the true price they paid for Marie's help?

Revenge is always the most expensive of tasks you can ask the Spirits to do for you. I don't mean expensive as in gifts or money.

In voodoo, there's this little catch 22 when you take revenge out on another person. In this religion everyone is protected by a Saint or a Spirit whether you practice or not.

If I ask for revenge against you and your Saint is a natural enemy of my Saint or isn't as powerful as your Saint I can suffer horribly for my actions.

Therefore, going to a person like Marie could be a dangerous proposition for everyone involved.

Marie cast a long shadow in her time, yet no one knows exactly the circumstances of her birth or how she died.

I've read that she died a mindless vegetable in a darkened room in her house. Considering she had over a dozen children, I find it odd that know one knows for sure what her last days were like.

However, there are stories about her after her death. Stories began circulating around New Orleans that Marie had returned from the dead. Just as beautiful but not as powerful as before. This was explained away by saying that she had a daughter who looked exactly like her and carried the same name as Marie. She also practiced Voodoo, though it's said not as effectively.

There are also stories that Marie was nothing more then a charlatan, a hustler and that she and another Voodoo practitioner would laugh and drink and joke about the great joke they were playing on the entire population of New Orleans.

Had this story been even remotely true, I doubt if Marie would have lived to old age in a darkened room anywhere in the South.I think she would have come to a quick and nasty end a lot sooner then later.

I guess the only people who really knew what Marie could do were the ones who came to her house, their heads bowed in shame and hurt. What was it like, I wonder, to sit across from her with gifts for the Spirits and give another human being permission to know the most intimate details of your very soul.

And in the end, give them power over your destiny.

Marie did have power, maybe it was simply the power of suggestion and psychology. Maybe it was the power of healing and magic.

I guess there's no way to know for sure, is there?

Unless of course...

What gift would you give the Spirits to know what it would have been like to have been Marie or that troubled person who came to her house late at night for help? There are ways, secret ways to ask the spirits for help, you could ask about Marie.

Just remember, no one really knows where she began or how she ended.

Remember that when something leans over your shoulder and whispers those answers into your ear.

by Anita Maria Moscoso

I wouldn't call a furloined lover walking through the door exactly revenge....Maybe because people claim it something "other than that" down here.....I'd call it "red gravy" like we do down here....If a woman's after you and cooks you a meal containing red gravy then you'd better watch out....I'd never "red gravy" a man.....You are most likely stuck with his ass forever after that....You could in effect be doing your own self in....You'd better make sure that he is definitely the one that you want....Look at Kenya (well we could if she didn't delete her blog)For the uninformed "red gravy" or "red gravying" a person is when a woman (who believes in voodoo) wants your ass and what she does is she cooks you a meal with red sauce in it but she also places dried menstrual blood in it from her menses(period)......This is supposed to make you fall madly in love with her and never leave her....

Voodoo Queen

Marie Laveau was born in 1801 to an unmarried "free woman of color." She grew up in religious training around the famous St. Louis Cathedral in the French Quarter. Such Christian learning did not limit Marie to being Christian; one of the themes repeatedly emphasized here is that voodoo was not in opposition to any traditional Christian spirituality, but an addition to it. There are plenty of examples, for instance, of official or folklore saints being incorporated into voodoo. Marie formed a strong partnership with a controversial priest, Pere Antoine. Ward says that Marie guaranteed to Antoine the support from her followers and a church full of them, and in return he would perform sacraments of baptism and marriage for interracial couples who otherwise could claim no legitimacy. (Louisiana also had the "placage system" where White Creole men would take up with women of color and have lives with them in this "Placage system"---my insert) Ward concludes that after Pere Antoine's death, the church joined in with the proslavery religious orthodoxy of the times, and that her daughter (also Marie Laveau) made voodoo an alternative for those Pere Antoine could no longer welcome. She took her herbal and voodoo arts to new spheres in her occupation as hairdresser to upper-class white women. She also helped slaves escape. She was famous for her dancing, luridly described by eager reporters, which might involve different states of nudity, on the part of all races, with the movements being called by Marie herself. Marie would have such dances in her own back yard in her New Orleans house on Friday nights, followed by a voodoo benediction and blessing for everyone; when you left, said one attendee, "you surely had the belief." Marie would see individual clients during the week for the same sorts of problems now brought to counselors or advice columnists.

Reconstruction collapsed in 1877, and tolerance for alternative beliefs took a downturn. Police took up attacks on voodoo practitioners, and in 1897 the city passed regulations that prohibited "trance artists, 'voodoos,' and similar tricksters from operating in the city." Eventually, reading palms for payment, influencing evil or good luck, bringing together enemies, settling lovers' quarrels, and other familiarly voodoo services could lead to arrest. Practitioners moved across the river to the Algiers neighborhood, and Spiritual Churches continued the practice in small groups. The beliefs continue; Ward has visited contemporary ceremonies, and of course the flowers and candles keep coming to the Laveau tomb. (No one knows when the daughter Marie died, or where her remains are.) It has sometimes made Ward's research difficult. A librarian at the New Orleans Public Library sighed, "If it has Marie Laveau's name on it, it just disappears." Ward has also dug into baptismal and marriage records, land deeds, and notary files to try to sort reality from legend. Especially illuminating are oral histories given by ex-slaves to the WPA during the depression. Ward's book gives a new aspect to women's history within New Orleans, as well as showing the history of the city's vivid Creole culture. It is a quirky history, with more than its share of supposition about its two main characters, but anyone who expected "just the facts" about the voodoo queens hasn't even started to understand how voodoo works.

The queen of voodoo - Marie Laveau of New Orleans
Essence, May, 1992 by Khephra Burns

Voodoo. It inspired a slave revolt in Haiti that sent tremors throughout the Black world. It is called Santeria or Condomble or Macumba or Obeah in Cuba and Brazil, Suriname and Jamaica. In Haiti and New Orleans it is voodoo or hoodoo. This half-remembered religion of our African ancestors mixed with Christianity and was camouflaged in Catholicism.

"Devil worship," as it was branded, was just the figment of a racist imagination. (The word voodoo derives from an Ewe word, vo, meaning "holy" or "sacred.") But threats to white domination have always been seen as the work of the devil. And when what seems like supernatural power is wielded by a Black woman, all the Delilahs, Hecates, Proserpinas and Furies between here and West Hell come out to dance all over the worst fears of the West. Judging from the rantings and ravings of nineteenth-century journalists, no woman was ever more feared and revered than Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans.

For nearly half a century, she was easily the most talked-about person in New Orleans. Slaves procured charms from her to control their masters. White folks sought her advice in love and her blessings in political matters. Crowds parted to let her pass and whispers followed her. Legend has it she could make people spin around until they dropped from exhaustion, or crawl around on all fours and bark like dogs; and that once, when New Orleans police came to her door, a word from her had them beating one another with their nightsticks.

Still other stories are based more solidly in fact: The patriarch of one old New Orleans family bought her a house when, by means of her powerful "gris-gris" (magic) and considerable influence, she succeeded in having his son acquitted of charges that he had "wronged" a young woman. She then cast a spell to make the same young man repent, fall in love and marry the women. If someone Marie Laveau wanted acquitted went to the gallows, the governor would pardon him before the trapdoor was sprung. Once at a double hanging, when no pardon was forthcoming, the blue sky clouded over with thunder and lightning and both of the ropes broke. (This really happened.)

Continue article

Honorary members

There is no difference between the average redneck and the average Mexican....That is why they are able to assimilate over to redneck culture...Yeah I know some folks are gonna be pissed off....But who cares....John Howard Grifin pissed off a lot of people by telling it like it was in his book "Black like me"....I think the thing that disappointed me the most in his book about cultures and races other than White was the fact that Latin Americans that he interviewed held views about Blacks that American Whites did...That is because they were introduced to these views by Whites....I have never seen a redneck Asian, Chinese or Arab before but immediately after crossing the Rio Grande Latinos hold true to beliefs that Whites have about Blacks.....That we are dirty, lazy, hypersexed and so go and get some dirty Nigger pussy.....Because we all wanna be fucked.....I have been called Black dog rednecks and Mexicans....They have told my white boyfriends that Mexicans and Whites DON'T DATE BLACKS.....They look at you like you want to steal their man when in essence you don't even think their man is good looking and wouldn't want anything to do with his ass anyway....I have been told by illegals that they don't believe in "the out of Africa" theory....And your point is?? That voodoo isn't a valid religion...Since when???? I think it is....In otherwords many people out there other than Whites also feel that Black people shouldn't have their own valid religion, a voice and even a leg to stand on.....Now if you get upset that I did voodoo on a woman who wouldn't shut her fucking mouth up or close her fucking legs then too bad....I don't fucking care....Start your own fucking blog and post shit to the contrary.....Because I'm sure Marie Laveau would be pleased...Because Marie Laveau didn't always do voodoo on people...
Marie Laveau would meet your ass in the middle of the fucking road and beat the shit out of you if that's what it took....A woman's gotta do what a woman's got to do and this French Creole woman was no exception to the rule....And quite frankly the rules of "self-preservation" are not that clearly defined....And quit attacking Louisiana over what I have posted in my weblog.....Because I hate to tell you this but illegals aren't needed here or wanted here even by White folks....Perhaps you might want me to post something from what the Whites think about illegal immigration in their own words.....

Voodoo is true to me and it is part of my heritage....I don't practice it but I sure don't condone it....I plan to study more about it....Contrary to what naysayers think....

Step back in time, August 13, 2001
Reviewer: A reader
If you're looking for an accurate history of Marie LaVeau, or insight into real Voodoo, this is not the book for you. Read "Jambalaya" by Luisah Teish instead.
However, if you want to step back in time to 1950's racism--complete with the N-word--and dark rumors about Voodoo, this is the book to read. Frankly, I was horrified to note (Raymond) Martinez' condescending, sometimes sneering, stereotypes. This book is already in my stack of paper to recycle.

For example, Martinez says that a loincloth is "the customary dress of the Negroes in Haiti, and for that matter, South Africa and most tropical countries." And, he advises us that Marie LaVeau's snake, Zombi, "fed only upon fair and tender children."

In describing Voodoo, Martinez claims, "Marie's rituals were, of course, so outrageously vulgar that children were forbidden to witness them...no person who pretended to be self-respecting could admit that so depraved a performance was enjoyable or even interesting."

But, as another reviewer noted, you can use this book to locate newspaper articles from Marie LaVeau's era. Otherwise, it's a waste of paper, unless you want to see what once passed for a generous and kindly attitude towards people and traditions of African descent.

But yet Hispanics can pass down the legend of the Mexican woman who drowns her kids in a creek and think that is part of cultural heritage NOT to be denied.....Even in San antonio there is a creek named after this figure called "Woman Hollering creek".....But yet Blacks have a right to be dispossed??!!

Old habits die hard

I don't mean to sound pious when I state that some things WILL NOT BE TOLERATED when you are in a relationship with me...This is not meant to be pious this is just the way it's gonna be....I won't change you and you won't change me....You can go your separate way and I'll go mine.....I don't care if they legalize crank, crack, or even marijuana I still won't be down with people like that in a relationship.....If you want to possess two pounds of marijuana and you know who you are, then keep on trotting....Find someone who will want to deal with your drug dealing (or use if you are using and not just selling).....I won't be part of your plan to tear communities even further apart....

So what if your brother smokes weed and (stays high ALL THE TIME) and you think it should be legalized but tobacco and alcohol companies you believe are standing in the way....The fact that he DOES smoke weed is obviously hurting his chances of getting the lead fry guy position at Burger King....He if keeps on doing what he is doing he'll always stay at the bottom of the Burger King chain of command...Oh and did I fail to mention that this brother HAS BEEN to jail before (on a felony conviction and he isn't even suppossed to be around guns and ammunition)....

I think you are dealing again and old habits DIE HARD...You are just managing to get your ass out of trouble as you had your (third) felony DWI conviction reduced to second DWI misdemeanor and now you want to go and start this shit back up....See how some people CAN'T stay out of trouble?!!! Look at all that money you have had to pay and NOT to mention the cops picking your ass up that last time at your house...EVERYTHING BUILDS UPON ITSELF!!! You don't just have to judge one thing about a person...People's bad habits make it possible to call their asses out on a multitude of things because they think they can just QUIT WHEN THEY WANT TO....But these bad habits slowly ( and a lot of times quickly) hook your ass and eventually take control of your whole fucking life....So keep on stepping.....You hinted that you are dealing again and I'm not about to play that at all....I thought it was your past and I could look over that...But now you are possesing weed and what did you recently buy a gun for?? Sounds like old habits are coming back to me.....DON'T CALL MY FUCKING HOUSE ANYMORE!!!! I can ALWAYS FIND A CAJUN THAT POSSESSES A LOT MORE RESPONSIBILITY AND SELF-CONTROL THAN YOU DO....My name is NOT Eryka Badu and you will NOT introduce me to the "Other side of the Game"!!! So "you'd betta call Tyrone"....

You need some "comeupperance" anyway....Get a diploma or an Associates Degree and not just a G.E.D....Just because you have a job making 17 dollars an hour right now doesn't mean that it will always be there....You need something to fall back upon....Quit blaming the White man for all your problems and for your desire to introduce more drugs into a ravaged community....Pay the IRS and quit making excuses...You are not the only one that has had to make good on a debt even though you thought it was unfair ....Sometimes these things happen...You hasn't taken a financial loss for a friend or relative before??? Pay your debts to society....Hell!!! And for that matter get a fucking car....Your mama is tired of taking your ass to work...I'm tired of always having to drive and come see YOU....You should be the one coming see ME!!! Come pick me up sometime and take me somewhere for the weekend....Why is it that I have to always come and get you?!!! And when you get your driver's license back try and do everything possible to KEEP IT THIS TIME!!! You are 31 years old and only drove LEGALLY for TWO YEARS...We are NOT amused....In Louisiana with cities and towns spread ten, twenty, and thirty miles apart and no bus systems available viable transportation is a must....In other words most people around here have cars (as they are easy to get due to the fact that cities and towns are spread apart)....It is quite harder to get a car in Houston or San Antonio as they don't readily finance you but they do have bus transportation systems there....Having a car in Louisiana is a must and they are easy to get down here....But see what drugs and alcohol (and irresponsibility) does to you when you ALLOW THEM TO CONTROL YOUR FUCKING LIFE?!!! They cause you to lose prospective of every thing!!!!

Those who do not remember the past....

are doomed to repeat it....

"STONE MOUNTAIN, Ga. - A theater in this Atlanta suburb scrapped plans for a play about an incendiary 1940 Ku Klux Klan rally, calling the production in bad taste.

The play, called "Shermantown — Baseball, Apple Pie and the Klan," depicted a particularly hate-filled Klan rally in Stone Mountain's black Shermantown neighborhood.

David Thomas, director of the Art Station theater, said he first agreed to stage the play but backed down after reading the opening monologue.

"The language in the monologue is not only racy, it's inciting, and slanderous about Jews and Catholics," Thomas said.

The Klan once held rallies in Shermantown that drew thousands. The gatherings ended in the mid-1980s, but the community remains sensitive about the events.

Playwright Calvin Ramsey, who has written before about the struggles of black people, said he's searching for another venue for his play.

"This is not shocking language to (residents) because they heard the same language over language coming over loudspeakers" during the rallies, he said.

The Rev. William Morris, who has lived in Shermantown 77 years, said he is perplexed by the theater's decision.

"There's nothing offensive about it," he said. "It's the way it was."

I bet you a million dollars it is the Blacks that are sensitive about this play....They want to hide the past and tuck it away in the closet....You can't hide the past unless you want it to come back and haunt you in the future....Future generations are being set up for failure....Plantations and the mention of slavery doesn't bother me....I go visit plantation homes all the time...Lots of history there---good and bad....History is what it is and ignoring it doesn't change the fact that it DID OCCURR not ONE IOTA....One person (an African-American Muslim) asked why we didn't burn the plantation homes down in Louisiana....Well Creoles had plantations here in Louisiana also.....Burn them down also??? And besides I don't want to burn them down I want to visit them (and possibly see a ghost as some are supposed to haunt the Myrtle plantation)...Come over here and try to burn our historical sites down....You WILL get burned down (and baptised in a swamp full of gators).....Guess that is why a lot of Black youth are running around here talking about being educated is "acting White"....Because history and learning scares them....Yes...They are scared and misinformed....And they are the ones who just might find themselves back in forced involuntary servitude before it is all over.....

Deep South

They have some awesome cranes......

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Corey when he was young and scared of big rigs.....But now he loves vehicles....Oh yeah, the man holding him is his daddy.....
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Babies are sooooo cute....Just wait until they get grown as in like 10 years old...LOL....This is Corey when he was about three or four..
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What shall I see on my road trip tomorrow??? Birds or gators???? This is our flag....Long shall she reign....
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Friday, July 29, 2005

Support the cure....
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I love feeding my Franklin's gulls at work....
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Whatchu meen you revoking my license for being drunk homes---errr your honor?!!! We don't need no stinkin' license!!! Anyway!!!
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LOL.....You stupid asses!!!!

The local town police just arrested four drunk ass Messycans.....These dudes apparently had gotten drunk and decided to throw beer bottles at cars on the INTERSTATE....Yeah you culturally-anorexic Whites (these are the ones who love to "objectify" people, place certain labels and stigmas upon people and place people in certain category rankings anyway) still might find sympathy for them but the citizens of the great State of Louisiana are not amused....Neither was one of the drivers of a vehicle that was an apparent victim of their hostility and aggression...He exits the interstate and heads to the nearest service station and these jokers do the same thing....THEY PULL IN RIGHT BEHIND HIM!!! But guess what??? A policeman was on the other side of the truck stop and these four (possibly illegal jokers) got HEMMED up!!!! LMFAO!!!! True to their character they were riding around with NO SHIRTS on....Put some clothes on no one wants to see your fucking pathetic ass bloated beer belly!!!! I think that is sooooo disrespectful to women when men do that (unless you have abs of steel) and in San Antonio Mexicans ride around town like that ALL the time....I personally DON'T care to see anyone's big ass stomach!!!! Nevertheless these four jokers are looking stupid....They were almost home free back to the Texas border and then into Mexico until they had to act up.....You don't act up in Louisiana and call attention to yourself that way.....Then one of the guys refuses to get out of the car and he is wrestled to the ground.....He then requests to buy a camera in the store so he can take a picture of the "scratch" on his arm...Sigh everybody has rights now days (too bad Blacks can't buy cameras when they are getting profiled, beaten down and framed).....Don't come to this state fucking up....Our "finest" in uniform WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU....Good work boys....Keep on keeping Louisiana free from big belly drunken criminals...

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Children's drawings of genocide in the Sudan...
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Gary Ridgway

Says that the thing missing in him that other people possessed was the "ability to care"......He lacked compassion....Scary....

Just say no......

I tell my son don't ever do drugs....Because all you are doing is supporting someone who will manage to sneak into the country and will still call you "nigger"....It is just a full frontal assault on people of African ancestory....

DAKAR, July 27 (Reuters) - South American drug cartels are moving their logistics bases to West Africa, lured by lax policing in an unstable region and the presence of small, underground criminal groups, United Nations experts say.

Drug cartels are increasingly using West Africa as a hub for smuggling, working with criminal networks from the region who market cannabis, cocaine and heroin in Europe and North America, according to the U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

"If you look at recent seizures of cocaine, the biggest are all linked to groups with operations on the West African coast," Antonio Mazzitelli, head of UNODC's regional office for West and Central Africa, told Reuters in an interview.

Consignments of cocaine would mainly come in from Latin America through the Cape Verde islands off the Atlantic coast, or through Ghana, Nigeria and Togo, from where they would be re-exported to markets including Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

Spanish authorities seized nearly three tonnes of cocaine on a Ghana-registered vessel in international waters off the African coast just three days ago, arresting 12 Ghanaians, four Koreans and two Spaniards.

Spain said the traffickers had picked up the drugs in an unidentified South American country and refuelled along the African coast before setting off for Europe.

Like Africa needs any more problems....People are coming from without Africa to exploit the land....With even the Janjaweed hurling racial insults at Blacks of the Sudan....Africa really doesn't need another variable introduced into it's AIDS crisis.....Black people need to stay strong.....Know your history, culture, heritage and roots....Have a foundation and then nobody can't ever get you down....In doing these things you'll have SOMETHING TO BUILD UPON....They are after the very souls of Black folks.....They want your soul....Quit selling out....

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The dream

Most people I know will not work at a refinery...In fact the exact same day that I was born a refinery went "kaboom" and seven people died.....Most people would opt for military service rather than work in a refinery being exposed to acid, benzene and other cancer causing stuff.....I have talked to these people and they have told me so...But yet they drive cars and trucks all the time...

Racking up money (riches) is not the American dream (contrary to White folks beliefs)...Owning your own home and the freedom to believe and worship as you please are the "American dreams"....So quit Instant messaging and e-mailing me like you are the love of my life....You have the wrong sistah....I don't want to screw you, blow you or hang out with you (married or not)....(Not saying that I don't like IMs or e-mail....)I don't follow after anybody....I am a straight up individual...I don't need riches to be content just crawfish and Cajun/Zydeco music, gumbo and etouffe....That is heaven and the "American dream" to me....Even if the world stands still I'll still be CAJUN.....That is good enough for me.....

You can't put a price tag on the American dream....And quite frankly if you aren't from Louisiana , Cajun and you don't listen to Cajun music, Zydeco then the chances of we being together are SLIM AND NONE......Yeah I have listened to the other stuff and I didn't care for it (my ex-husband listens to country music all the time and I'd rather something else to include the fact that country music has pretty much gone political.......) Many (online especially AOL--I've been a member since 1996) have tried to sway me but they always lose.....One guy from San Diego wanted me to move where he is and has money (from disability times two) but he was one to make jokes about the South.....We talked all the time and were pretty much "tight"....But Southern jokes about us being ignorant and backwards are not a good thing when you are dealing with me....Like I'm gonna move to California (with son in tow) ---a state full of illegal Messycans, and people living on top of one another and no relatives in sight just in case he shits over my ass.....NOT FUCKING EVEN!!!! I know a Black girl from my home town who moved to Washington state because of an internet man...Big ass mistake....Now she is back...But he was tempting....Yeah I moved--back to Louisiana and I love it here.... Now pardon my French (and my VOODOO).....(WINKY WINK)...Sowwy but I have provided myself with my own toys, chilvary (I open doors for my damn self) and freedom....So the knights in the fake ass "shining armor" can "keep on keeping on".....I don't need you to save me....I might be saving YOUR ASS one day!!!! I am NOT a damsel in distress....

I ate too much aligator stew and had a tummy ache today......I had to go to the hospital on the bayou.....

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Vicente Fox said we Black folks had no hair.....Trust me my shit ain't weaved plus my son is bi-racial but Cajun to the bone.....I'd have it NO other way......
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Corey watching "Water Boy" on my new computer....
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See down in Louisiana we have our own Cajun "food triangle"......Dem four food groups ain't nothing but a thang down here in the bayou..... "Yeah you rite.." Sprinkle on the Zatarain's....
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Don't men always say that to women??? Chuckles....My new computer is soooo heavenly--checkout the capture software...
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Nothing like good eating.....Everything down in the bayou goes good on the grill....
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Don't mess with a Louisiana woman....We'll kill you!!!
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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

"Like the rain to the dirt from the vine to the vine from the Alpha of creation to the end of time...."---D'Angelo (The Root)
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Tonight we had a good time laughing at the time I sprinkled the goofer dust around the no-singing Senorita's apartment when I lived in San Antonio.....I still to this day don't regret that shit....In fact I find it quite humorous...Plus I used so much I couldn't keep neighbors there for a year and a half....My ex-husband used to describe it as "overkill" because I went back downstairs and sprinkled the rest of the container around her door.....Lawd!!! Thank you Marie Laveau for looking out for one of your own (Marie worked spells for everyone who consulted her but she almost never charged the Black people)....I don't care if voodoo works or not it shole worked for me....This no singing Senorita moved out plus she turned to "street walking"....

Voodoo means "You too" (Vous deaux)...What ever you do to me comes back upon you....And that is exactly what I asked to have happen to her....I asked that her evil be turned against her....Because she knew that I didn't appreciate her bellowing (more like braying like a damn donkey) on that damn karoke machine all hours of the night....Man that bitch was trying to kill me with her crazed singing on her karoke machine at 2 AM entertaining her men all hours of the night or coming home from the club around the middle of the morning all lickered up and hopping on that karoke machine keeping me up all night with her mad cow singing....She was playing (using) seven men and her own son told her this because she told him that this exactly what she was doing (going out to night clubs/bars to find men to pay her bills).....He told her that everything she had she had gotten it from these men and that even the lease wasn't in her name....

How do I know this??? I could hear him and her in their place downstairs one afternoon and I did hear him tell her all this....In fact he told her that she wasn't "nothing but a F*cking whore and that all she was doing was using these men....I had my ear to the floor to catch it all---no joke!!! And she had four kids who came to stay from time to time...Her daughters (assumingly hers) hung out by the pool all day unsupervised and they were both less than 10 years old....This woman was nothing but grief and liability....Even the police or the apartment managers couldn't calm her antics....But what do you expect when you have someone who cats around at clubs all night looking for men to pay all her expenses (she didn't work... Well her work didn't involve anything that you could fill out a W-4 on) by staying up all night hanging out at "Crabby Joes" (which has a karoke bar and this bitch couldn't sing worth a shit)and sleeping your "drunk" away during the day (while I was at work mind you after being kept up all damn night).....I am so glad voodoo worked in that instance....."Hooked on voodoo worked for me!!" I don't even practice voodoo I just ordered some stuff from the voodoo place in New Orleans....But I'll never regret sprinkling all that goofer dust around her front door.....

Gettin' sick and tired of the way you do
'Time, Mama, I'm gonna poison you
Sprinkle goofer dust around your bed
Wake up some mornin', find your own self dead.--"I Don't Know" by Cripple Clarence Lofton

Monday, July 25, 2005

Dear Abby

Dear Abby: My fiance "Mr. Right" and I have been together three years. He wasn't born in this country but he became a citizen quite a while ago.

His mother says that she "loves me to death" but she frequently makes comments that "Americans are stupid." She also calls my mother stupid because she has been married three times and has three children by three different men.

I have told Mr. Right that this hurts me deeply and asked him to say something to his mother about it, because I'm concerned that one day I'll lose my temper. He still hasn't said anything.

We are being married next year, and I'm afraid this will cause a problem between his mother and me. How can I tell her how offended I am without hurting her?--Upset in Spartansburg, S.C.

Dear upset: The next time your fiance's mother calls Americans stupid, remind her that her son is now a proud American. And the next time she makes an insulting comment about your mother, tell her you find it extremely hurtful when she puts your mother down. If the woman persists after that you'll know that she really doesn't "love you to death" and that if you marry "Mr. Right" you're in for a heck of a mother-in-law- problem.

You can't tell women anything about their men...After all his actually boils down to her man and him having her back....Why doesn't he even speak up (stick up) for her??? A man leaves his mother and father and clings to his wife and the two become one flesh....This relationship is out of order....Just wait until they have kids....This grandmother will be bad-mouthing her in front of her own kids....That is when the fur will definitely fly because she will not want to look bad in front of her own children....If she isn't careful they will form an alliance against her....After all this future mother-in-law was bold enough to even talk about the woman's own mother....She should have taken issues like that to her son in private.....Her fiance has already chosen who will have the stronger bond---his mother....His greater alliance is to her (his mother)....I can see much grief, heartache, and drama down the road in this woman's life....After all, I've been there myself in dealing with similar situations....She'd do better pulling a "Jennifer Wilbanks"....

The Root

Painting by Frank Schneider after George Catlin

Marie Laveau the famous New Orleans voodoo priestess....
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Why do Black folks invent words when they don't know the words to songs or invent them when they don't exactly what to call something??? Those black birds with the yellow eyes are not called "cackles" they are called "grackles".....Those cute little birds that you see all the time that build their nests on the ground are NOT called "killdees" they are called "killdeer".....I heard a grown ass man call a cell phone a "celica phone"....What the hell is a "Celica phone"??? A type of cell phone that you can only use in a Toyota Celica??? Quit inventing shit!!!! Quit massacrering the English language!!!

Jury duty

Work a 12 hour shift, get off at 0500 am and report for jury duty selection at 0830 am....You just can't bet that....

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Universal Law

There is such a thing....No matter what some folks might want to believe....There is an order to this universe and it DIDN'T just come to be....The laws of "reciprocity" are real even though some people try and get away with stuff like "sowing and reaping" doesn't have a damn thing to do with them....Order just doesn't happen at RANDOM....It is not night and day and then day and night and then day and I think we might try night again...It doesn't happen that way....After the night I expect day I don't have to wonder if it is going to be day again.....Boundaries are part of those universal laws also....But yet you have many people that walk around here like they have no boundaries.....Death is a boundary....This is for those of you who are hurting for a reality check....People throw stuff out there like it doesn't mean a thing but when it comes back four star they can't say a damn thing about it but just look stupid.....We junk up the earth like junking up the earth is natural...... But why are you playing hurricane dodge ball if junking up the earth and global warming is oh sooooooo au naturale??? Stay where you are!!! Remember this is supposed to happen!!! We have even junked up space and who says there won't eventually be space storms??? Everytime you look up they wanna send a shuttle up for no apparent reason.....Bush is so out of order it isn't funny...I have ceased listening to his banter....

You can look at many things and see that that is not natural order that is "reciprocity" coming back at you....I don't care what you all say about Clinton at least he was aware of boundaries even discounting the Lewinski thing....Ever wonder why people are only allowed to go so far (some even farther than others) and then they are "shot down"??? Human beings by their very nature always want to try and push the envelope....Some just try and push it farther than others....I'd be a fool to think that I could drink and drive every day and it NOT come back on me in the form of killing myself, injuring or killing others or at least multiple DWIs and a revoked driver's license.....But yet people try and (you finish the sentence)....Universal laws are real...They are accepted as being true in every religion and culture....You don't have to be a Christian or a rocket scientist for that matter to believe in universal law....

Some people are so fooled that they try and do things to hurt others when in fact they are hurting themselves in the long run....Africa will stay the dark continent that it is as long as people (leaders) don't abide by the rules........But yet Africa is going down the tubes in more ways that you can think of thanks to them.....Warlords don't believe in univeral law in Africa....They make the rules and then they break the rules....It comes back on them in the form of Africa being the poorest continent on the face of the planet with every disadvantage that you could possibly think of being thrown at them...Univeral law is real just as sure as you have "night and day"...

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Flipping the script

I will be working 12 hours tonight and tomorrow night from 5 pm to 5 am.....Yes they are desperate since they are losing people and they really need me to work nights for the next two days....I can't wait until they lose me (not by death that is)....Trust me he would have written me up or gotten me fired but he really needs me right now.....He even called me and asked me to work Saturday (as the gate that I was going to be working at will be closed---go figure!!!)....I guess even rednecks have to humble themselves at times....But trust me if they weren't hurting for employees he would have had me in the Cajun's office yesterday handing me my pink slip....

All references to the refinery will be referred henceforth to as "the plantation".....That way I cover my ass....I really don't think talking about my job is a security risk because I don't go into it in detail but yet I will leave nothing to chance....However we did have a three alarm fire there yesterday morning....I went to work and a major unit was in flames....This unit has gone "kaboom" before....I saw old news footage of it....It took almost 6 and a half hours to put it out yesterday....

Yesterday was not a good day for anybody....Lots of car wrecks due to the weather, domestic disputes handled by the police and some guy at work need emergency response to the hospital....A woman was killed by a train and her baby is in critical condition....There are no warning devices to warn that a train is coming...Just a stop sign.....The train companies say that it is not cost effective to put one there....Ever since then there have been 5 or 6 deaths due to the fact that they took down the warning devices....My dad's dad was killed on this very same part of the rail road track many years ago....Yesterday when the woman got killed there was a policeman right behind her...He said that she stopped for the stop sign but for some reason she proceeded (as the trian was right up on her)....I don't think that the train blew it's whistle....And those trains are moving when they pass through....At least 60 to 70 miles an hour....How many times have I gone over that train track to go down the road and turn the corner and travel some ways down that road when that train has already spead down the tracks that I just crossed over....I never even saw the train's lights as it headed down the tracks.....Many times I think about that....It makes me wonder just how close this train really is.....

Friday, July 22, 2005

Each one reach one...

I'm doing this for "get-get"....Save our wetlands....Yes, I did donate....

Thursday, July 21, 2005

In the words of Michael Jackson

"All I really know is that they don't really care about us...."

Jul 17, 2005
America's wetland

The Bush administration itself has agreed that Louisiana's coastal wetlands are of national importance. When the question of paying for coastal restoration arises, though, the White House continues to act as though this is mainly a Louisiana problem. . . .

"Sorry Governor Blanco but 'Looseyana's' disappearing wetlands don't have nothing to do with stealing oil, Mexican culture (ie cheap labor), Medicare and social security hi-jacking and Texas beef for my burritos and fajitas....You want to save your disappearing wetlands land you are going to have to do it on your own.....I wish I could help you there Governor but all of the federal government's money needs to go into funding this illegal war of mine.....That is unless--you will allow me to build some 'Nukular' missile bases on some of those wetlands of yours Governor Blanco...."---G.W.Bush

Good for you Governor Blanco

America's Wetland

Blanco to Bush: See eroding coast for yourself

"Hoping to preserve language in a federal bill that would devote millions of dollars to preserving Louisiana's eroding coast, Gov. Kathleen Blanco has invited President Bush and Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman to see the problem firsthand....

A House-Senate conference committee now has the energy bill. Last week Bodman stated his opposition to giving Louisiana and four other coastal states a greater share of royalties from oil and natural gas offshore drilling.

Although budget constraints are said to be the reason for the Bush administration's opposition, Blanco said, "please consider the far greater costs of not addressing the catastrophic coastal land loss occurring in Louisiana, land loss that puts our nation's energy security and economic future at risk."

She invited Bush to visit the state, adding "I urge you to schedule the visit before the Energy Bill is completed. I know that once you see what is unfolding, firsthand, the urgency my state and our nation faces will be clear."

Good luck on that one Governor Blanco....Bush only cares for certain things, "black gold", Mexican culture (ie cheap labor), Texas beef and his "two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun" Texas burgers....Bush is used to having it "his way"....But don't you worry Governor Blanco because those very same things will do him in....His love for beef, oil and Mexicans will do him in just like a pretzel almost did...


LOL....He is the highlight of my days at work....This seagull at work is soooo funny....He runs all the other gulls away from the food like crazy....He chases them through the air also.....It sounds like he is saying "get get!!" After making this loud and long fussing sound he then throws his head back raising his beak into the air with a sound that goes something like "rrrruummmph".....If he is really pissed he'll throw his head back two or three times each time making that sound....Then he walks around saying something that sounds like "get-get" either that or he hurriedly tries to eat the food so the other seagulls won't snatch it away even though they do get some great swoops in there....That bird cracks me up....But he is not one to play with....One seagull didn't take his threats seriously and "get-get" beaked him on the leg....He really put a hurting on that seagull as his leg was injured and some of his tail feathers....LOL..The other day I had five seagulls lined up like football players while I threw food (left over pizza) to them....I was like go out for this pass....LOL....Many times they were able to catch it in the air...People as they are driving around the refinery many times stop and look and just smile....

The Handwriting is on the wall

Human beings are stubborn by nature and it eventually catches up with us.....Eddie with his stubbornness was having chest pains and didn't go and get his heart checked....Me, I have had hypertension for a while and even went three years on no medication for it but yet they kept telling me your blood pressure is high..I want to do a 3 day blood pressure check on you....I didn't make time because i was too busy jumping through the hurdles that the military threw out at me.....If you know anything about jumping hurdles, you can only go so long without knocking one down....Now this job....Grrrr....It is a big pain in the ass....They called me today and said "Do you realize that you have work today??" No I said....And there is no way that I can come in either....I have two doctor's appointments today....One for my son and the other for me because my blood pressure is high....They are starting to do that shit again with sticking me "anywhere" and I miss it on the schedule.....I am the only one who's subject to be thrown at any gate or not know what my hours will be like due to them sticking me on gates that most likely will be closed during the weekend....It is mainly because they are losing four people....I wonder why?!!! Last Saturday I worked someone's day because they were off and I needed the hours due to the gate that I was supposed to be working at being closed....

Now here I am after jumping through all the hoops with my blood pressure spiking again.....I checked it Tuesday and it was 155/100....I didn't check it Monday because for some stupid reason I just assumed that my ears ringing loudly meant that I was just tired....My doctor warned me when she put me on BP meds that there was a trend with my BP spiking higher each time I had a spike and it staying up longer....Well she is right...I have noticed that the spikes are generally 151/100 lasting 1 day...153/105 lasting two days....Now this week it was 155/100 lasting three days....Yes my blood pressure ran in the 130's and 150's for three days with the bottom number in the mid 90's.....My ears rang like crazy for three days....This fucking job is driving me crazy....As much as I do for them they STILL don't get enough....But it is not like life doesn't warn you.....It is not like I don't have a chance to get out ALIVE.....But I do need to get out...Working 12 hours a day is gruelsome....At least in the military we had lots of down time....We had two hour lunch breaks....I could take a nap after eating and then drive back to work but this job gives me time for nothing....Hell I work most weekends.....They are also getting over and are doing underhanded things.....If I would have worked today that would have been six days straight of working plus he wants me to work Sunday night because the guy can't start until Monday....I might have jury duty Monday if I am selected so I will have to report straight to jury duty after getting off Monday morning.....This job is becoming too much....And that is NOT the clincher....They want me to work Sunday night at the gate that they told me they had to take me off of......Now isn't that adding insult to injury?!!!

Song: Theme From Mahogany (Do You Know Where You're Going To?)---M. Masser/G. GoffinLyrics

Do you know where you're going to?
Do you like the things that life is showing you
Where are you going to?
Do you know...?

Do you get
What you're hoping for
When you look behind you
There's no open door
What are you hoping for?
Do you know...?

Once we were standing still in time
Chasing the fantasies
That filled our minds
You knew how I loved you
But my spirit was free
Laughin' at the questions
That you once asked of me

Do you know where you're going to?
Do you like the things that life is showing you
Where are you going to?
Do you know...?

Now looking back at all we've planned
We let so many dreams
Just slip through our hands
Why must we wait so long
Before we'll see
How sad the answers
To those questions can be

Do you know where you're going to?
Do you like the things that life is showing you
Where are you going to?
Do you know...?

Do you get
What you're hoping for
When you look behind you
There's no open door
What are you hoping for?
Do you know...?

Monday, July 18, 2005


"Yesteryear is gone and life must carry on...Yesteryear is gone and we must find our way....Inspire me with your history....Because history will help us find our way...." Having a new computer is so awesome....My old computer wouldn't download my scanner software for some reason....Now I'm good to go....I can now start uploading my pics (from my yesteryears) and also burn them to disc.....

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Bursting Butt hole

Gerald can't eat Mexican food of any kind (even when I took him to San Antonio)...It gives him the shits....You can always tell when he is doing a night of drinking because he always visits Taco Bell....He called me tonight while at the drive-thru at Taco Bell with slurred speech...If he is drinking heavily that night he goes to Taco Bell because the next day he will be on the toilet....In fact he usually takes a newspaper in there with him since he will be there for a while....This is his way of cleaning himself out after a night of drinking heavily....No Lie....

Future zydeco man

Future Zydeco Musician....We need more future Zydeco women...
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That boudin tasted so delicious that I am almost tempted to go back over to the festival and get some more....Even if it is a five dollar charge to get in the door....

My Civic Duty

I have jury duty tomorrow.....I told Corey this and he said "Court trials are dangerous....I heard on the news that this Black guy got a machine gun and killed the judge, his girlfriend and other people...He killed over three hundred people in the court that day....I don't think they caught him yet...He is "America's Most Wanted...He is a menace to justice...."

Louisiana livin'....
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"Passing a good time"....They are making cracklin'
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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Jambalaya, cracklins and beer...Oh my!!!
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Very tasty....
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"It's time to go home Sharon....." "But I'm having so much fun...."
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Cool People......
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That smoked boudin was great....
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Cajuns are wild!!!
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Two-steppin' to some Cajun Music
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Cajun Music...Cajun Life....
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Friday, July 15, 2005

Gone fishing...

I see a hell of a lot of people going fishing (crabbing and shrimping) nowdays....People are pulling boats "left and right"....Much more than what I saw last year for that matter....Good....Louisiana needs to get back to its roots and leave the Texas mad cow beef alone....While driving home from work I saw a calf nursing from it's mother....Feeding calves blood instead of milk is soooooooo unnatural.....But they shole had us fooled into thinking that calf came from France didn't they??? That is until they did a Westernblot (confirmatory test) and a little more background history.....I got one word for them--"mooooooooooo".....Folks you truly are what you eat....

That computes

Bought me a new computer yesterday....Computers are very easy to get up and working nowdays internet and all.....I have installed my most important software and even got my router configured and up and running....My two new computers plus the notebook and my Dell Axim are up and running and online...Aaaahhhhh....I don't have to wait 17 minutes for my computer to be ready once I turn the power on like I had my old one giving me much grief.....That really sucked especially when trying to do an active synch on my Dell before going to work in the morning....I need as much free time as possible....Besides that computer was over 5 years old anyway...I restored the system snd gave it to my little brother this morning (before going to work) plus the memory that I was going to install in it but never did....He can do it himself..It's good training...And just think I didn't have to call the creepy cable guy to even help me out....

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Happy Birthday Corey....He thinks that this is the best gift of all....
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Yahoo sucks.....
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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The dentist....

I went to the dentist the other day and boy did his assistant torture me....I have a very small mouth...A childsize mouth and the roof of my mouth is low....she took about 15 xrays of my mouth and some of them were very painful that it brought tears to my eyes....I was in so much pain that my jar was quivering while biting on those damn film things.....Of course she knew which ones were going to be painful...It is very hard for me to close down on those damn film things with the roof of my mouth being so low.....Back in 1997 this assistant insisted that "Yes...I could" do it....I was in so much pain.....Then she says to me "You know what you do have a small mouth and you were having trouble closing your teeth together"....Grrrr.....I told you so!!!! That was not all for me that day...The dentist put that rubber thing they used to use to keep them from being sprayed by germs over my mouth and worked in my mouth...When he was done my jaw was popped out of place....It took everything for me to even hold my mouth in place that long...I was in tears as I tried to tell him my jar was out of line when he was done...He was like "Oh...Your jaw is out of line.." Let me show you what to do if you go to the dentist and this happens again....Like I wanted it to happen again.....nevertheless, he annotated in my dental records that I do indeed have a small mouth and the roof of my mouth is low....But that still doesn't keep them from torturing me....My son basically has the same problems and a overbite to boot....He will be needing braces when he is older....

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

gotcha...It's been saved and sent....
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