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The Joys of Art

Thursday, June 30, 2005

All Quiet on the Western Front

You don't hear too much from Corey now days now that he has a new and improved computer....He goes to his room and it is pretty much silent, no hollering and screaming that his computer is doing something funky...Sigh....There is nothing like peace of mind.....Today was a smorgasborg for me...Everyone was giving me something to eat....My friend brought me a cheeseburger....Another man gave me a plate of chicken and sausage jambalaya, corn, greenbeans, a big cookie and a soda...My dad came earlier and brought me a big plate of sandwiches, chicken wings, pickles and pickled okra and some brownies.....Another man (a Cajun who I think is sooo good looking) drove by with his co-worker and gave me a new pair of work gloves...They come in handy around the house....It was on!!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Marcus Wesson has some serious issues doesn't he???? The story of his life is truly disgusting.....I say baptize his ass in a swamp full of gators....Since he claims to be so religious (and I use the term ratherly loosely and pervertedly in his case)I assure you that he'd find Jesus and sanity very quickly.....

Brian and corey.....
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Hanging out and listening to Zydeco....Another late night for me.....
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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

My baby!!!

My baby!!! He is all growed up!!! He is showing "mama" that he truly knows how to peel a crawfish....
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National Audubon Society

Since I love watching birds so much I have decided to join the National Audubon Society....And yes I fed some Grackles this weekend.....They and the crows were the only birds around....Grackles don't like crows and Mockingbirds definitely dislike crows.....Crows irritate Mockingbirds so much that it sounds like the Mockingbirds are actually "spitting"...I'll feed grackles if there are no other birds around but I won't allow them to run off my Cardinals, Sparrows and definitely not my Mockingbirds....To kill a Mockingbird?!!! You'd better not let me catch your ass killing one....John James Audubon loved Mockingbirds so much that he had a law instituted making it illegal to kill, injure or harass a Mockingbird.....Grackle fledglings sound like and they also remind me of those baby dinosaurs (that ate the little girl) on Jurassic Park 2....

p.s. Actually I bought the membership for Corey because his birthday is coming up soon....It is on Bastille Day....When my birthday rolls around in August I will give myself the GIFT of membership.....Corey says that he likes ALL birds because they have cute little heads.....Obviously he has never seen vultures before...

Monday, June 27, 2005


Friends....How many of us have them? Friends--someone we can depend on....It was pink and I love pink so I bought it.....
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Brand spanking new

Corey and his new computer....He has been totally glued to it since yesterday....No more listening to him yell and scream upstairs that his computer is too slow--at least for the moment...href='http://www.hello.com/' target='ext'>Hello


My male Cardinal is outside feeding on the bird seed that I placed down for him....He is sooooooo cute....I called my son to come and see him but he is too wrapped up in his new computer.....In fact when you go upstairs his room smells like something new.....I must have gotten a thousand hugs last night in thanks for his new computer.....


Everyone's a critic!!!

Re: Mexicans rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: ramjag45 06/27/05 04:44 pm
Msg: 36893 of 36905

And on a more personal note. I saw you pic and I've had a sample of your intellect. You're backwater, podunk, and overly-sensitive. And up until you last post I considered you merely unattractive...you've been upgraded to repulsive and undesirable. You qualify for a do-over. Good day, ma'am.

Posted as a reply to: Msg 36885 by cajundelyte

Gonna cut to the chase....This is what happens when folks can't logically win an argument....Trust me folks round about post 36916 he would have been attacking me through my son.....How can I tell this??? Note the word "personal"....These people are all the same.....I presented my argument based on culture and he threw in the race card....Yes Whites are right when they say that lots of Blacks use the "race card" because it is the only thing that they know how to use....Another Black poster told me to kiss his Black ass....And I quote "You Cajuns love chocolate don't you???" No....We like it hot and spicy so go dip your ass in a 100 gallon pot of hot boiling water with spicy seasonings and some corn and potatoes and then get back with us.....Trust me, besides issues concerning equal rights and justice, I have more in common with Senator Mary Landrieu (ethnic, racial , and cultural) than I do with these two so called Black men....One of them was all about Jesus on his profile but I guess he lost his religion with telling me to "kiss his Black ass..." No thanks but I'll have the blackened redfish tonight....."you've been upgraded to repulsive and undesirable." Shouldn't that be downgraded??? Laughing My Fucking Ass Off....You got it "blackwards"....And this guy claims to be a writer....Such is Yahoo and (AOL)...Lots of people on the internet claim to be writers, actors and models....But yet they are on messageboards and in chatrooms all day long.....When do they even have time to cultivate their aspiring careers?!!! He is obviously no Anne Rice and he obviously has no editor....This is not the first time that I have been attacked or even stalked....I had a black guy who showed up at my work place on two separate occasions when I was stationed in San Antonio.....He told my co-workers that he wanted to talk to me about some issues that he had with my AOL homepage and that I didn't even know him.....He wanted to know if I was Black ("Is she a Black chick???") so that he could make sure that I was the right girl....Basically he didn't like the fact that I stated on my homepage that I dated outside the Black race...There are some disturbing people out there....It is not just the rednecks that we have to worry about.....


Ok...So I lied about not touching my son's new computer until Monday....I installed the wireless network card in it last night I had to void the QA sticker to install my network card in it and that means the warranty is void once you destroy the QA sticker.....I also yanked the memory out of the old one to install in my computer downstairs...I had his computer up and running in 30 minutes after doing all of this...Damn...I'm good....Actually I am also thinking about getting a new computer...I am due for a new one also....I'm wondering if I should sell my note book but I think I am going to keep it....Yes I am talking about four different computers but three of them are at least five years old and if they are old computers that really doesn't mean a damn thing but problems....Before I bought my son his new computer my youngest computer was at least five years old and set in it's ways.....It's time for an over-haul......

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Raze the Roof

Talk about inner city blues.....The government and private entities (ie corporations) have just been given carte blanc to up and snatch O.P.P. (Other People's Property).....This current administration is definitely down with O.P.P..... (M.C. : "You're down with O.P.P.???" Bush: "Yeah...You know me....") Sorry granny but not only are we razing the roof we are also razing your whole mother fucking house.....You know that 87 year old woman is not getting just compensation for the house that she was born in when they smashes it with a wrecking ball.....I mean couldn't they even try and move the house??? Not hardly...That would be too much like work for them.....Why not just smash the bitch with a two ton wrecking ball or some shit??? I feel sorry for the woman....You know that she most likely won't live long after all these events (if she doesn't get killed by flying debris from the wrecking ball for not vacating the premise soon enough)....This lady will most likely die of heart break....But those heartless jokers don't give a shit.....It's C.R.E.A.M. for them....(Cash Rules Everything Around Me) Dollar Dollar Billz Ya'll!!! "Makes me wanna holler!!! They way they do my life!!!"

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Eat mo krawfysh.....Mad?!!! Who's mad?!!!
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I lost 2 days and four hours last pay check.....I worked 69 hours in two weeks and I was only paid four hundred four dollars and some change....I was supposed to work a certain gate today but it was closed so I worked one my co-workers' hours....Since it was raining she was more than happy to go home....I was supposed to be off tomorrow but my co-worker asked me to work as they would be short handed since a co-worker is moving into a new house....I will basically make up what I lost in the past two weeks.....Went and got my son's computer today....Thank God the rain stopped before we tried to bring it to the car.....I had to run around town to find a USB cable for my little brother compliments of me and I still got the wrong thing....Sigh...By the time I got home it is practically time to get ready for bed.....I'm off Monday and Tuesday so I am not touching that new computer until Monday as I need to install that wireless network card in it...I don't care how much my son throws and pitches a fit about his old computer not doing what he wants it to do upstairs....Sigh...Someday I will get to live my life just for me.....


A parking lot pimp in full effect....
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Friday, June 24, 2005

Four hundred and Four Bucks and some change

I knew my paycheck was going to look scantily.....After they took out taxes and the two-hundred and fifty bucks for insurance.....It was pitiful looking....Thank God the tax return came in...But I don't care to use my tax return to pay my bills that I should be using my work check to pay for....


I need more groceries....
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I must confess....I am a technophile.....I love gadgets although I save all the instruction manuals so that I can remember how to use everything....Trust me, all that home theater stuff can get kinda complicated and when you add in television, vcr, and dvd player it can really be too much to remember....

I bought my son a new computer today....It will have a dvd burner on it....They are hardly making computers with floppy drives anymore....Unless you really want one I suppose you can get one for some of those die-hards....This computer has a 8 in 1 media card reader....Which will be sooo cool that way I can burn copies of what I shoot on my digital camera directly to disk....Awesome!!!! My son wants to keep his old computer but it is five years old and it needs to go.....Everytime he wants to play a new game it doesn't work because he needs a bigger video card but we can't put a bigger video card on it without changing out the mother board...Tooooo much work for a five year old computer....I say put it out to pasture....Sigh....If Eddie was still alive I would send it with him to give to his church...They send items down to Guatemala....I'll snatch my wireless network card out and give it to Goodwill or the Salvation Army I suppose......

Thursday, June 23, 2005

I so love this woman!!!

Thanks Mary Landrieu....Thanks for your support...We all need to stick together to make sure that Louisiana stays the dynamic and unique cultural state that it is....Meanwhile back on a ranch in West, Texas (strands of "Home on the Range" softly playing in the background, crickets chirping, owls hooting and coyotes howling)...in a not-so- distant, not-so-far away land...."Juneteenth??? We don't need no stinking Juneteenth..."

Having fried fish??? Don't forget the hot sauce....
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See my cute little male cardinal....I can only get so close to them.....They are terribly shy....
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Fried catfish for dinner fried up Cajun style....
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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Shopping again.....

Corey has been waiting for this tax refund for four months and don't think that he wasn't going to get something out of that money....He decided on a game for his computer and a game for his playstation 2. I bought a blood pressure monitor--an automatic one that goes on the wrist....I am tired of fighting with blood pressure cuffs....By the time I get it on properly my blood pressure has risen....I plan to give my manual inflation one away to Goodwill....It frustrates me too much...I also bought a few movies....Hotel Rwanda...Water Boy--one of my favorites...And George Romero's Night of the Living Dead--a classic...It is Chinese food and movie watching this evening....

Fortune: "Things turn out best for people who make the best of the way things turn out..."

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The check is in the mail

But why in the hell did it take four months to come?!!! Does that mean that I have to stop talking shit about the IRS??? Not even......:o)

Holed up

Grrrr...Everyone has rights now days.....Luis Posada Carriles wants his trial moved to Florida.....This man is wanted in Venezuela for the 1976 bombing of a Cuban airliner and is being detained in El Paso....The U.S. prosecutors, in a hearing last week, opposed the change of venue, citing security concerns in South Florida, where there are many Cuban-Americans siad to be sympathetic to posada....Good for the judge....Now turn his ass over to Chavez and let him deal with the terrorist....But Noooooo..Bush has a wild hair up his ass concerning Chavez and Castro and so this man will probably remain holed up here FOREVER.....I don't care if he has a CIA back ground....Lots of people from other countries have a CIA back ground and they are not holed up in the United States....Why is he sneaking into this country anyway for that matter???

Sigh...Bring back the days of Clinton and Janet (Bust some heads) Reno.....Sigh....The good ole days.....Janet wouldn't play around with anyone being holed up....Remember the Branch Davidians???? Janet (Bust some heads) Reno while she was U.S. Attorney general managed to bust more heads than a gang of rednecks....You would have had better luck leaving the country than holeing your self up from Janet (Bust some heads) Reno....When she said "Come out...Come out from where ever you are", she meant it.....Remember Elian Gonzales??? I watched all the goings on with shock and awe.....And after all the smoke cleared I FELL OUT LAUGHING UNTIL I CRIED.....Janet was well within her rights to bust some heads....I mean these people went and holed themselves up....They baracaded themselves in their home and didn't leave...They had people in their community pay their bills and buy groceries for them.....Janet was well within her rights to do what she did.....I found it amusing....Say what you want to say....Have you ever had your child taken from you by your spouse (or ex-spouse) family members??? I have....Until you have gone through something like what I went through with my ex and his family in San Antonio you don't a right to tell me a damn thing...You have motherfuckers that have just come to this country "yesterday" and they think that they have "arrived" as long as they don't have Black skin....No wonder they take liberties and do the shit that they do....The Black community knew what they were in for but those were some defiant little motherfuckers weren't they??? LOL....All us Black folks did was just "shake our fucking heads"....

When my then husband took my son and wouldn't let me take him to N.C., he holed himself up in his father's house with my son and they made me wait outside to see my son...When they did finally let me inside the house he (the ex) sat in a chair by the door....All this because I was divorcing him....Then when I had to leave and report to N.C. they made me leave him and I went by myself and waited for the divorce/custody hearing because technically he had a right to keep him until the court established custody.....They never did let me take him from their home once they had him "holed up"....Then he appeared in court he had a bunch of affidavits signed by all his family members accusing me of being an unfit mother and even calling me a lesbian....I have never been in love with a female nor have I had relations of that nature with a female..I'm strictly dickly...He didn't even bring our son to court and to this he was admonished by the judge saying that if he didn't bring Corey to the second divorce/custody hearing he'd be held in contempt of court....Too bad he didn't defy the court order so the judge and the authorities could have bust some heads....My ex was even asking for change of venue to San Antonio so that he could have all his family in his "Amen corner"....He was denied change of venue...My lawyer asked the judge to allow me to keep my son (who was at that moment "holed up" by his family members) that weekend before returning back to North Carolina ....At the second divorce /custody hearing he did a total turn about....I guess he found out that raising a kid by himself even in only two months worth of time was too much work for him....He even came in with a new set of affadavits saying that he wanted me to have primary custody.....So no I don't feel sorry for those folks when Janet went in and bust some heads.....They got exactly what they deserved....I just hated to see that scared confused look on the child's face...That little boy had a father...And right is right.....You can't just up and snatch a child because you think that you can raise him better (ie Talmadge Heflin) than the natural parents....If you suspect abuse or neglect then you are obligated to report that but just because he lives in a country that has different values than we have, parental rights still abound....What good is values without rights??? Why do I cover the hard stuff in my blog, the stuff that no one wants to think about??? The stuff that no one wants t talk about??? Because some somebody better think about it....I didn't think it would be until it happened to me.....You'll never know that it's true until it happens to you....I figure once I am through covering the hard stuff...The rest of the stuff is just going to be a piece of cake.....

Monday, June 20, 2005

You just might be a redneck....

if you fill me with disgust, disdain and contempt....Well the redneck got his wish to have me written up today and the thing about it is that he didn't even have the balls to come and have me sign the paper work himself....Ain't that some shit?!! He has pissed a lot of the Black men off and Wednesday when we have our safety meeting the fur is going to fly...People know me at work as one for minding my own business...I just do my job and keep to myself....I am not a trouble maker....I like this woman's profile...

There is a sale on tall boys (24 ounce Budweisers) at the local convenience store and you'd better expect to see a lot of violence and aggression committed by rednecks once they are juiced up.....Yes I drink Tall boys also but by the time I am done I am not in the mood to "bust some heads" unless in self-defense....They have a history of aggression and once the juice starts kicking in they will go looking for trouble....Even if trouble doesn't find them they are sure to find it after enough of them tall boys.....I don't even find redneck jokes funny..I find them pathetic.....I hate when people at work send them to me...I just scan through them and then delete them.....I have been in too many situations (such as the bars my ex-husband used to take me to and also his home where some trashy ass drug head alcoholic White girl had the audacity to insult me all night along with her Mexican boyfriend who was also a drug head alcoholic) where rednecks once juiced up under the influence of Budweiser (and possible some meth or drug of their choice) become subject matter experts on the Black race....It has made for some very hostile situations.....A redneck can actually be the only White in a crowd of Blacks and as long as he minds his manners and doesn't forget "not to use" the N word after he is juiced up then he is ok....ie play chameleon....A Black at a country bar or any other place where he is the only Black and rednecks are getting juiced up on Budweiser makes for a very deadly situation....My friend died that way....A redneck will burn down his own house or his favorite watering hole to get rid of the dead body of a Black person that he just killed....Consider the man who was dragged down the road in Jasper, Texas....That man was just playing his guitar and drinking beer when these three men came along.....Everything was fine and dandy until they got juiced up (and or high)....Then the next thing you know he is taken to some woods and his throat slashed and is dragged behind a truck...I watched the NASCAR documentary on MTV and all was good until they interviewed the drunk Redneck(s) and he made threats to Blacks with plenty of other drunk rednecks in his "amen corner"........I don't know if I could ever attend a race after seeing that even if is the Daytona 500...Even Dale junior said that he was ashamed that some of the fans had acted that way....Thanks to George W.Bush NASCAR is once again becoming the sport of "exclusion"...(He needs to leave the partisan politics out of it...)If I were running as a Democrat for office I'd wouldn't go around throwing "Zydeco" into politics....That man should be ashamed of himself for his sneaky underhanded tactics....I mean I watch NASCAR but the thrill isn't there anymore...It has lost a lot of it's flavor with me....So I turned off the race yesterday with 54 laps to go..I was like "may the best man win..."

I knew a guy in San Antonio (Yes...He lives in a trailer) and this guy's sister was married to a black man and when they would go out to the Country and Western bar he'd call his brother-in -law "nigger"....Redneck rules are not written in stone....You will see a redneck on the Black side of town (looking for drugs) and a few will even marry Blacks (as long as they are getting something out of the deal)...Yes he stood there and told a bunch of us that!!! It's the JUICE I tell you....This guy once wrote me an e-mail about a girl that he knew down here in Louisiana....He travels to Louisiana often and is a fan of Zydeco music and Cajun music...He told me that his female friend was kinda good looking but she was trash and a straight up alcoholic...She loved to use the N word....But she was also banging the son of a man who was a well known Zydeco musician (he is dead)...The son is a musician also....That he said he couldn't figure out (the contradictory behavior)....He said her parents would have killed her if they had known....So she never told them...He said that she later married a redneck who got her all strung out on meth and that she is probably dead by now...My son had better never bring home a girl like that....I'd break up that relationship for sure....Trust me more than likely she would be after two things: (Black)dick and money (ie what she can get from him).....I'd cut her throat....No..I'd shoot her in the head that way I don't get my hands dirty.....Would I do it??? Yes....I once put a redneck out of my house for telling me that "Slavery wasn't all that bad so as far as I'm concerned Blacks have nothing to complain about..." We were at the American Legion when he told me this....A lady turned around from the table in front of us and said "You know what?!!! If I were you I wouldn't take that from him!!!" Trust me he was juiced up...The guy stayed juiced up and at our house (when I was married) on the weekends because his Asian wife went out of town on her supposedly other job...We all knew she was banging another guy and his step-daughter was covering for her....We parted our ways that same night.....My then husband wanted him to stay because he was drunk but when I turned around from facing the kitchen window he must have seen the anger in my eyes that he started trembling....Now this man was a Cav Scout and could pick up any hand gun and shoot expert (the redneck was a E-7 master gunner)....But what he saw in my face told him not to even play with me....I'll tell you what he saw....He saw that I was about two away seconds from having an "out of body experience..." Who knows what them fools are capable of doing under the influence of the JUICE?!!! They will even come up in your own home and talk shit to you if you let them.....Any reaction on my part would have been in self defense....

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Happy Father's Day and happy June Teenth.....
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Mary Landrieu

That's my girl...Cajun to da bone!!! Keep on doing what you are doing because I think you are doing the right things...Posted by Hello

Since I lost 2 days of work I had to make up for it by getting some free groceries,CDs and movies out of Gerald.....Brother can you spare a dime?!! Thanks for your support...
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Three men and a lady

This is the story of three men: a Cajun, a redneck (He dips Skoal, listens to country music and carries a "dip cup" around where ever he goes...And Yes, he does live in a trailer...), a Black man and me.....Thursday I had to work and something happened in the plant that I thought was blown way out of proportion....It ended up with me being sent home four hours early that day....

A guy came into a certain area of the refinery to do some business....He was then escourted (by a salary employee) to another area to do yet some more business......Then he was escourted through my gate and into yet another area of the plant to do some business....Another escourt took over and they were supposed to escourt him through the main gate and out of the refinery but as he didn't come into the refinery that way he decided to try and go back the way that he came in possibly believing that he was supposed to do so....Well they took a right and the man took a left....Since he had just came through my gate I motioned for him to go back on through.....Now the people that were escourting him freaked out....They started yelling for me on the radio which I was not carrying at the time due to where I work is so noisy and you can't hear it anyway....But never leave anything to chance especially when there is a redneck hovering over you like a vulture looking to get rid of you....By the time the had caught up with him he was back at the gate that he had originally came through.....

So they take me into the office and we try and find this stuff on camera....Because they can pick up all activity in the plant via cameras and then play it back even days later....Anyway the redneck didn't get to write me up that day...Trust me he wanted to so bad that he was practically shaking....Rednecks are a scourage and don't even think that they will ever get on my good side....So what ever the fuck you try and tell me about Tim McVeigh, it is not gonna impress me....I could care less if he was "somewhat of a computer wizard"...Rednecks are the ones that keep racial strife in the South going..It is not the Cajuns..It is not the Blacks...It is not the Italians, Jews, or others.....Sure you have pockets of discord between groups that are not instigated by rednecks but by large it has been the rednecks that have been "stirring the pot"....They will never impress me..I fucking know all about their history....But the redneck didn't get to write me up because he had to go through the two other men: the Cajun and the Black man...The Cajun is the boss man....So after trying to find in vain what he really wanted to find on the camera system...Which lets me know that even he didn't fully understand what had happened....I was told to go home and come back and talk to the Cajun at 6 AM by the Black man.....

I went home to fret and try and analyze what the fuck had happened....As I didn't know the whole story....I had two questions because stuff didn't seem to fit....(1) Why did that guy say that I had just waved him on through my gate if he was lost???(2) And how was he able to get back to the gate that he originally came through so quickly??? (It is actually easy to get back there if you've already come from that way.....) Man I was even thinking that this was a total setup because some things didn't make sense...

Friday morning I found out the answers to my questions.....You should have seen the redneck....He was up in my "amen corner" that morning....This motherfucker was "crawfishing"....That means he was backing up from his original stance.....That is a Louisiana expression because crawfish swim backward...They don't swim forward....You should have seen him shaking his head and agreeing when the Cajun and the Black man were explaining to me what had gone on Thursday....Thursday, I almost started to regret that I had told him that I wasn't the one that dropped the ball...He got all huffy and told me that yes it was me that had dropped the ball....Come to find out it wasn't me at all....My fault lies in that I wasn't carrying my radio and since the door was closed due to the fact that it is in the 90's this time of the year I couldn't even hear it....But this is a lesson learned...Don't leave anything to chance....I gotta watch my back....This same redneck cooks etouffee (crawfish and also shrimp) all the time and brings it to work and shares it with people and the only time I have ever gotten any is when he used to bring some to Eddie...Eddie would call me into his office ("Come see me...") and would give me some of what the redneck had cooked...I'd be eating, smiling and doing the cabbage patch all the while in sing-song voice saying "I'm eating some of your food..."...At any rate, I am going to start working at another gate...Because of the child in the refinery incident the head of security wants ZERO mistakes at the gate that I am being taken off of....So the Cajun tells me that he has to move me...Well I had told them that they need two people covering that gate....There is entirely too much traffic going through there....It is a lot for one person and even at their best mistakes will bound to happen...They pulled up stats and came to the conclusion that on any given day shift there is betwen 800 and 1200 people that go in and out of that gate....You can't even sit down because someone comes in or out approximately every one to two minutes....

I am glad to get away from that gate...I can sit down now...I can actually eat my lunch now.... Now I won't have to be by that noisy unit with it messing with my blood pressure... I am going to a much more cushier gate....Looks like I might even start to have the weekends off now....As long as I carry my radio and watch my back I should be ok....Since this gate will not be overwhelming like the other gate.....I lost two days and four hours because of me getting sent home and moved to another gate....The reason I can't work this weekend is because this gate is mostly closed on the weekends....This is also the gate where the stuff went on when I asked for a sign....I'll be working 12.5 hours a day instead of 12....Since I am off this weekend I guess I'll prepare for work tomorrow, watch NASCAR and listen to my new Zydeco CDs which Gerald also put on my SD card so that I can also listen to them on my pocket PC......

Saturday, June 18, 2005

The Law of unintended consequences

"Never underestimate those who you scar because consequence is no coincidence"---Lauryn Hill

Grocery shopping.....
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Out came the sun and dried up all the rain....
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Friday, June 17, 2005

Road Trip

It's time for me to take a road trip....I plan to go sight seeing tomorrow and just hang out and enjoy nature and culture....My son has been hitting the road a lot... This is the third time in seven days that he will be in New Orleans....They will be gone for the next three days.....It is time for me to hit the highway also....I could use a break and a little rest and relaxation....

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Cry like a rain storm

Cry Like A Rainstorm--Linda Ronstadt

written by Eric Kaz
© 1970 Glasco Music Co. (ASCAP)

Life isn't easy
Love never lasts
You just carry on
And keep moving fast

I pulled off the highway
And rolled into town
I'm just fancy free babe
And I travel 'round

Sometimes I'm up
Sometimes down
Where can I run to
How have I sinned
When you cry like a rainstorm
And you howl like the wind

And my thoughts are filled with memories
They won't let me be
But if all the stars are shining bright
Well they would not let me see

It's so cold and the rain keeps blowing
It's tearing through the town
But I'm still fancy free darling
And I travel 'round

Sometimes I'm up
Sometimes down
Oh where can I run to
How have I sinned
When you cry like a rainstorm
And you howl like the wind

Sometimes I'm up
Most times down
Oh where can I run to
Tell me how have I sinned
When you cry like a rainstorm
And you howl like the wind

Who can I turn to
Tell me where to begin
When you cry like a rainstorm
And you howl like the wind
When you cry like a rainstorm
And you howl like the wind

The rain came down.....
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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Into everyone's life a little rain must fall....
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A reason and a season

Everything happens for a reason....I don't think life is a game of "hit and miss"...There has been too much in my life that has proven this to be true....After traveling 3,000 miles round trip from N.C. to Texas and back for round one of my divorce/custody hearing I was tired and disgusted.....When I got back to Fort Bragg I was telling the NCOIC on duty that night that I was on my OJT and I had to tell my First Sergeant that I had to go back to Texas again....You are not supposed to be taking leave while on OJT status....Here I had to take leave yet again....I could have been re-cycled or put out of the MLT program if I wasn't for caring people (unlike those folks at Fort Sam Houston who didn't give a shit)....This man said that "sometimes you gotta to do what you gotta to do".... He was right....It made me feel much better than I was feeling during the 14 hour drive back to N.C. from Louisiana...In fact it hyped me up so much that I stayed up until 2 am that next morning (Which was a Sunday and I didn't work on weekends....Man, Fort Bragg was so cool!!!)

Today I was reading my 23 different news resources (not via newspapers per se but compliments of my Dell Axim and Avantgo)...I touched the screen to link to the New York Times section...I was supposed to read the news article on the Supreme Court Rules for Texas on Death Row...But instead I accidently touched Morgan Stanley's Choices: new Direction or Better Execution? I decided to read it as I have recently started investing money even though I probably wouldn't understand what were talking about...There it was as plain as day: "On wall street , a world dominated by multibillion-dollar deals, seven-figure bonuses and exotic financial products like weather derivatives, the success of a firm might just rest on the most intangible and least financial element of all: Culture

"Sometimes Culture is everything" said Guy Moszkowski, a brokerage analyst at Merrill Lynch....Hmmmm...Are these people reading my mind or just confirming what is indeed true? For strange reason I kept certain church song in my head all day at work....Some of the words are "When I've done all I've could and I'm misunderstood, He whispers sweet peace to me..." Many times peace of mind comes as a whisper...It isn't always shouted out from the roof tops...

Yes I do mean what I said in my last post....If given a chance I'd come back as pure Cajun....Cajuns are associated with the simple life....When you think Cajun you think swamps, Nova Scotia, bayou, crawfish, fiddle, acordian, fais-do do, two-step, waltz, Mardi Gras run, boudin and "passin' a good time"....These were people who were exiled from Nova Scotia, Canada and settled down in Louisiana....They were not the wealthy plantation owners with hundreds of slaves and acres of cotton fields.....These are not the rednecks (ie the descendants of the Scots-Irish who slaughtered Black soldiers during the Civil War) who formed the "ghost riders" and the the KKK and who also bombed Black churches during the Civil Rights era....Even the word "ire" means "angry" now add the word "land" to it....The Cajuns didn't gas Jews during World War II.....It wasn't the Cajuns who came over to conquer new territory and enslave the indigenious populations....Cajuns aren't the ones responsible for aparteid and the underdeveloped and destructive state of Africa even until this present day.....Cajuns are not the ones raping, slaughtering and displacing hundreds of thousands of people in Africa nor are they the ones responsible for releasing the AIDS plague across the land....Cajuns aren't the ones engaging in "ethnic cleansing"...Cajuns are not the ones singing songs that profess their addiction to "money , cars, and hoes..." So why wouldn't I chose to come back as part of a people who basically have throughout history just minded their own business.... Yep I'd do it that way.....

Like Mr. Elray said "You and your son need to start establishing your own culture, customs and traditions...The things that you want to pass down..." I certainly want him to enjoy music and dancing.....He will be encouraged to play at least one instrument.....We weren't allowed that pretty much when I was growing up (listening to music and dancing)....Not without some type of backlash....When she had something to say we just listened...What else could we do??? I recently heard a true statement: "Sometimes in order to let something go you have to replace it with something else..." I know exactly what to replace it with.....I am replacing dejection with my own culture, customs, and traditions....Forget feeling unaccepted by my mother....One day I am going to be the matriarch of my own family and future generations......

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

If I had a choice

I surely wouldn't come back as Black person (ie having any black blood in me).....Why suffer when you don't have to??? Why be a part of a self-deprecating race of people when you don't have to??? Do I envy whites or do I wish to be like them??? No my pain comes from what Black people have done to me.....I just try and work it all out (my Blackness) this life time....After that, if given a choice let's go with something else (Let's see what's behind door number three)....So I guess I can't fault my cousin for what she said when I said that "Even if I were God and owned the whole world I'd still give God at least 10 percent..."...She then told me that if she were God she wouldn't give God anything because after all He wasn't God....She even went on to say that He wouldn't get shit from her...I guess that would be her choosing...Who am I to judge??? Maybe it all boils down to choices and if given a choice I'd surely choose another route the next-go-around...Even Adam and Eve had a choice....Black people can get mad with me if they fucking want to...I gives less than a damn....No need to psycho-analyze me....I'll tell you all about me....Maybe I've been too weak....I've let too many people make too many choices for me....Even my own mother kicks me in the ass....

My own mother has never accepted me...I mean she cares for my brother's Latina girl friend more than she cares for me (I talk to her on the phone every day she tells me)....This was the girl that she met before we went on the cruise last February and the girl was drunk as a skunk.....Not that I fault her but hell it is obvious that she isn't "no saint"....But my mother sees what she wants to see...My mother has the remarkable ability to supress and hides stuff when she finds it unpleasant or challenging to her beliefs....I have to wonder what the fuck happened to her in her childhood that she has supressed into the deep dark crevices of her memory...But she would take the secret to her grave anyway.....She would deny it to her last dying breath and wouldn't tell a soul....She has on more than one occasion been presented with the truth and if it is unpleasant to her then she will deny the fuck out of it...."You can see what people are trying to hide by the way they try to hide it..."--The Divine Secrets of the Ya-ya Sisterhood....

I guess I secretly dislike my own mother....Fuck let's be honest...I pretty much do dislike my mother.....(At this point I just tolerate her...As long as we don't engage in deep conversations then we are pretty much ok....In other words let her do all the talking....)....Well I have reason to....She loves to see her sons surpass me anyway....Okay you win so why isn't the game over?!!! Now my dad is a bit pushy but he knows that I have the knack to make it because I have been the one with the strikes against me....Not mother (Gosh I am sounding a bit like Ed Gein or Norman Bates....Ed Gein is the only serial killer that I actually sympathize with--and I really do...It is because his mother fucked him up in his head!!!) I get called a "fuck up" , a "whore" and other awful terms....And don't forget that she slapped me (I was age 36) when I told her that she had sex outside of marriage (and went on the get pregnant with me)....You think her boys aren't having sex out of wedlock??? My own mother will sit there and engage in deep encouraging conversations with my third cousin and be more positive and uplifting than she will with me.....

You can tell that I am not close to my mother at all....I very much have deep underlying issues concerning her (to include night mares and everything)....Mother was always closer to her boys than she was to me (again sounding like Norman Bates)....Maybe because I was born the bastard child (although they married a month after I was born and have been married ever since)....If daddy didn't care for me then why would he take time out to help me out they way that he does even if he is bit pushy??? I hate to admit it but I became my mother's self-fullfilling prophesy.....Even when she was a drunk (and a mean one at that) I was the one that she was hard on....It is a wonder that she didn't kill me....White folks kids can fuck up until high noon of the day and they will be right by their side with support...Just watch Court TV....My mother gives more support to my boyfriends and her son's girl friends than she would ever give to me.....

I wish I could figure out why the woman is so resentful of me.....Maybe I should figure out how to not live under her self-fulfilling prophesies instead....I know if I was given a Choice I'd come back as pure Cajun--no African ancestry in me at all....I'd be so free....Hell why suffer when you don't have to??? (Man doesn't all this shit sound like something from The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison)......Do you know why I love the movie The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood so much?? It is because Vivian's mother Buggy Abbott reminds me so much of my own mother.... Pure Cajun is all I wanna be....Pure Cajun is the life for me....Why do I want to be nothing but pure Cajun?? Because I associate it with happiness...Both Vivian and Sidda Lee ran to their Cajun (Louisiana) culture for happiness out of their pain....Even when the family structure wasn't there for them..... I remember the scene where Vivian talks to Siddah Lee on the phone and Siddah wants her mother to come home because her mother checked into a hotel and is suffering a break down...Vivian goes on to tell her not to cry that she was going to come home and they were going to cook some shrimp for supper....I can totally relate to that movie.....Totally.....I know that my Louisiana culture and my son are the only two things that keeps me going...Even when my Black people (David G. Bowman wrote a book called "Our own worst Enemy: A true Portrait of Black America" and he is from Louisiana...) and the family fails me.....Culture transends race and family---Thank God.....

Monday, June 13, 2005

This is definitely a collectible.....
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If you don't know you'd betta ask somebody

I shole am asking why am I paying so damn much in health insurance....I pay almost 600 bucks a month....I have this feeling that I am pulling more than my fair share of the load....Most than likely an illegal's share....School will be starting in August and if you live in Texas and have school-age children you'd betta make sure that they are current on their Hepatitis A shots....It is a three shot series....Good ole hepatitis A acquired via the "fecal-oral route"....That is what we were taught in Medical Laboratory Technology school....Now remember I used to be a medical laboratory technician and a certified phlebotomist (one who draws blood) for over eight years....In other words you acquire it when someone goes to the bath room, wipes their ass and doesn't wash their hands thoroughly then goes back to the kitchen and handles your food or goes back to picking your fruit and veggies....Kids now days get damn near more shots than the military does and you wonder why they are having all sorts of problems with autism and autism-like disorders such as ADD....With me having a son with ADD, I definitely believe that there is a link between autism and ADD....The signs between the two have too much in common...

There are five different types of hepatitis viruses including the catch all the rest "hepatitis E" category....Hell what shot is next in line for the kids?!!! In Texas if your kid doesn't get the Hep A shot they will kick your kid out of school after a certain period of time....It is not required in Louisiana....Go figure...Although my son has had the first shot because we lived in Texas...I guess it will come in handy when we step out to the oyster bar, order a couple of Coronas and proceed to suck down a dozen raw oysters on the half shell....Yeah my son rolls like that.....LOL....Not even....I personally eat raw oysters but I have had my three shot series thanks to the military....Ya'll can keep them "red tide" oysters though!!! Ain't no shot for that!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2005

We don't need no "stinking" red tide....We have cayenne pepper...
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So I asked him....

Which Kershaw are you related to??? Are you related to Sammy Kershaw, Doug Kershaw or both??? He then tells me that Sammy Kershaw is his cousin and Doug Kershaw is his uncle....He tells me that he plays music also--the acordian....He goes on to tell me that they just built a complex and they have Cajun and Zydeco events and even a flea market.....I told him to get with me when there is something going on...He told me that he would let me know when they had something going on....

My son is in New Orleans this Friday and Saturday for a track meet....I am sure that he can't wait to come home and dive onto his new wireless game controllers that I bought him.... If only he knew about them.....:o) I hate being surprised but I love giving surprises....

My co-worker tells me Thursday that he owes me a bag of bird seed...."Why??? Did you eat it???" I asked him...."No...I used the last bit of it..." he said....I told him that I had wanted him to feed the birds also....Friday evening he brings a 25 pound bag of bird seed to work from Walmart....Those birds are going to be in bird heaven....Even the bird seed stealing grackles....

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Enjoy it while it lasts

The last day before I go back to the hell hole called work.....My posts have sounded like a whole lot of complaining but this is just a constant in the world now days...My daddy called me and told me that he was giving me some more money to go and invest for my son....We got to talking about what happened in the plant Sunday and he told me that he had gotten wind of it so I filled him in on the rest of the details...Well we basically agreed that the majority of the jobs are coming to be that way--nothing but politics and passing the buck and blame...America is going to be in a serious crisis in years to come....I take my son and I tell him to listen and learn...I know that he doesn't have a clue on what I am saying at age 9 years old...But when he is older he will get it....I tell him "never give up anything that you can't afford to lose..." You had better cling on to your culture and identity....You have rednecks that cook gumbo which is originally an African soup with the word "Gumbo" being an African word meaning "okra"....They will learn to cook gumbo better than you and at the same time still call you "nigger"....I bought me a xylophone on Ebay...Well Actually Dale P. from Arkansas decided to give it to me free and even refunded me the bid cost and the shipping charges...Isn't that so cool?!!! Thanks Dale....I need to send him a card or something....Before it is all over I plan to add a fiddle, a guitar (six string), and an acordian to the collection....We already have a keyboard but I plan to get one of those new ones...I told my son to get ready....Listen and learn....I had such a "Polly Anna" attitude about life.....

I dated this guy that was in Law school in 1992....He used to tell me that I wanted to save the world....Not anymore....Hell no!!! I learned the hard way that you can't save the world....They even Crucified Jesus and all he ever did was good....I have gotten my share of beat downs and that comes from listening to the myths and lies....Just because MLK said in his speech that people need to be judged by the content of of their character and not the color of their skin doesn't necessarily make it so....With all my credentials the ex-in laws still saw me as a "black dog" and even called me such....Even some Whites at work look through me until they find out who my daddy is...It is then they will acknowledge me and have a conversation with me...Don't get me wrong a lot of people do "holler back" but I guess there are still quite a few who need a reason to light the fuse....I also learned the hard way that people will not necessary accept an interracial relationship just because you marry and have a child....I can attest to that....My ex-father in law has basically told my ex-husband that the only grandchild that has his last name is my niece....We don't know where the other niece is and his male grandkids except my son have their father's last name....See how my son is not accepted in their family....I wish people would quit setting folks up for failure by telling them to just love and to just have good intentions....SOMETIMES LOVE AND GOOD INTENTIONS ARE NOT ENOUGH!!!!

My son is being taught the real world and he has more to work with than just a last name....The name is pretty much irrelevant for all we care....He knows that he will hold a part-time job when he turns 16 so that he will learn the office politics from an early age....I want him to learn about ass-kissing and sucking-up....I want to make sure that he is disgusted with it from an early age so that he is sure not to stay in positions where they micromanage the shit out of you and will instead go into career positions where there is a high degree of autonomy....I happen to like what Prince did when he wrote the word "slave" across his forehead....They were trying to take away his artistic freedoms and hold him hostage under a contract...I didn't listen to my daddy early on in life but I still have time to enter pharmacy school...After all I have 2 degrees so it is not like like I am starting off from high school....I plan to encourage him in that field....It is never too late to start anew nor is it ever too early to start training up the young.....

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Gumbo...It's the other dark meat...
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No shit!!!

Soft addictions
Such pastimes as watching CNN or bidding on eBay can rob our lives of meaning and joy
Wednesday, June 08, 2005
By Evelyn Theiss
Newhouse News Service
Watching reruns of "Seinfeld" that you've seen a dozen times. Bidding on eBay. Reading magazines and tabloids for celebrity gossip. Collecting knickknacks. Checking game scores on ESPN. Watching CNN during most of your waking hours.

In dribs and drabs, habits like these consume our days.

Judith Wright says spending our time like that costs us much more in hours and dollars than we think. The Chicago-based life coach and author has a name for such time- or money-wasters: soft addictions.

The problem with soft addictions, she says, is: "We end up eventually spending thousands of hours, and maybe thousands of dollars, on them. Then we hit a certain point in our lives and we wonder: Where has it all gone? Where has my life gone?"

That's why she titled her book "There Must Be More Than This: Finding More Life, Love and Meaning by Overcoming Your Soft Addictions" (Broadway, $23).

The journey toward "more" was one that Wright made.

She grew up in the factory town of Flint, Mich., and was an overachiever, even as a young girl.

She made a list of things that she wanted to accomplish, and did: She became an excellent student and class valedictorian; she became a student leader, president of half a dozen clubs at school; she took dance lessons, read voraciously and, in short, "thought if I kept doing more, I'd be happy. But I never got there."

She also noticed that the adults around her, many of them people who worked in factories by day and "checked out" by drinking beer, snacking and watching TV each night. "None of them seemed happy, either."

Wright thought getting out of Flint was one answer. So she went to college, got her degree in education and achieved national prominence as an educator of people with disabilities. She lost the extra weight she had had since childhood, and married her college sweetheart.

"I thought for sure I'd be happy then, especially once I got thin," she said.

She wasn't. "Even though I stopped eating so much, I was still obsessed with food -- with shopping, reading recipes, cooking for others, spending so much time on that," she says. "I knew something was missing -- it was like I wasn't really living.

"One day, I made a decision -- a profound commitment to shift the fabric of my life," says Wright. "I didn't know how to do it, but I knew I wanted to feel more, experience more, be more conscious."

She became a life coach, and got out of a marriage that she realized had little intimacy. A few years later, she married Bob Wright, who was also a life coach.

They founded the Wright Institute for Lifelong Learning in Chicago. At their center, the Wrights often worked with people recovering from addictions, usually to alcohol or drugs. "We noticed that people would do phenomenal work, learn new coping skills, become more effective in their lives, and then they'd just stop," says Wright.

Clients would report that after they did some training, they'd go home, and feelings -- perhaps of anxiety or sadness -- would come up. "And they'd eat ice cream," Wright says, "or watch TV, or do something else to avoid them."

Judith Wright came up with the term "soft addictions" for the things people would do to distract themselves from feelings they didn't want to have. She wanted people to think about what dreams they had deferred through these habits, and what hungers -- usually for intimacy, connection with others, self-awareness -- weren't being addressed.

So what makes something a soft addiction? Wright says it's usually a matter of balance. Watching a TV show that you've looked forward to -- what she calls "destination TV" -- is one thing. Zoning out while flipping channels or mindlessly watching four sitcoms in a row is another thing.

"Yes, I know people need to relax, but don't tell me that four hours in front of the TV or computer is making you feel really good," she says.

"We think soft addictions help us relax, but when we do too much of whatever it is, we feel depleted."

Wright is not alone in her theories about distraction. Psychologists have noted how inventions of the past two decades -- including iPods, the Internet, e-mail and cell phones -- have brought us ever more distractions.

And staying busy with distractions is a way to avoid what's really going on inside ourselves, says Dr. William Adams, a training and supervising analyst at the Cleveland Psychoanalytic Institute.

"There are a great many people who absolutely do not know what's going on inside their minds, and they manage by activity -- often, the more of it the better -- to avoid their inner world," says Adams, a Harvard Medical School graduate who has been practicing for 55 years.

And without that inner life, therapists say, we can't relate to other people -- which results in relationships that are shallow rather than intimate.

The other problem with soft addictions, says Wright, is their cost not just in time, but money.

She has had clients with an addiction to caffeine who go to coffee shops several times a day. "For some, that added up to thousands of dollars a year," she says. "But the same person would say how she had a dream to travel but never had the money -- then figured out she was spending about $1,500 a year on lattes."

The greatest loss, says Wright, is in relationships. "What most of us are really hungry for is human connection," she says. "But we cover that up by feeding ourselves with distractions. We tune out to each other."

. . . . . . .

Evelyn Theiss is a staff writer for The Plain Dealer of Cleveland. She can be contacted at etheiss@plaind.com.



With what should you replace your soft addictions? Author Judith Wright and other experts suggest incorporating some of the following things into your life:

-- Take walks in nature.

-- Pray or meditate -- even for five minutes a day. Breathe deeply in and out.

-- Keep a journal to help you express your feelings.

-- Spend time really talking, and listening, to friends and loved ones.

-- Eat slowly, savoring foods that you love.

-- Add other nurturing things to your life, such as getting a massage, seeing a play or musical performance, or visiting a museum.

-- Speak up instead of swallowing your feelings and ask for support when you need it.

© 2005 The Times-Picayune. All rights reserved.

Gumbo and nachos

It's what's cooking for lunch....

Who let the toads in???

How the hell did a toad manage to spend the night in my house??? That is the second one that has tried to get in here only this one managed to get inside and hang out for the whole night...I was down stairs for almost two hours this morning when I saw it jumping around....My son let it in when he came home last night from track practice....I just took a broom and swept his little ass clean on out the door...

Lies and the lying liars who tell them

I figured that idiot was telling me more lies....Oh he promised to put three hundred and fifty dollars in child support in his savings account so that I could withdraw it from there....That was two weeks ago....He claimed to have started working for his brother (who works for his dad's small company) and he said that he was going to get paid every week...Once again this motherfucker is too stuck up underneath his family to even live his own life and take care of his responsibilities.....I should have known that was a lie....The motherfucker will not get his life together until the day that he dies.....Can you believe this mother fucker was an E-6 and had over 12 years active duty military service in the United States Army?!!!

How prophetic that a SUPPORT KIDS commercial is on at the same time I am writing this....A woman on tv said she collected her first child support when he son was 17 years old....She said the mother fucker was behind for 12 years.....Some men do not need to fuck and make babies...They need to be alone by themselves in fucking exile masturbating for the rest of their lives....Or round them up and put the whole lot on an island by themselves and let them do each other.......There are some fucking irresponsible men out there....SOCIETY LETS THEM HAVE THEIR CAKE AND EAT IT TOO...It is the kids who suffer....I personally say jail them all AND CHOP OFF THEIR PENISES.....

1-800-479-5262 SUPPORT KIDS

That's Ms. Ya Ya to you

Just sitting here surfing the state jobs website looking for another job that won't make my life miserable....I keep saying that I am going to apply for some of the child care (social) services but I never do....I have the credentials to be one of those who look out for the welfare of kids even if that means you have to go and deal with parents who obviously have no parenting skills what so ever....Not all them but plenty of them....One of my co-workers did they and actually retired in the field....He has a degree in Criminal Justice also...I think he got burned out on it though with the way that he talks about the whole thing....According to him a lot of the kids are not abused but he can be very cynical at times....Another co-worker called asking him for the day off to attend her girlfriend's funeral and he tells me that he didn't think it was warranted that he was just not sensitive about stuff like that...She even called him crying but he didn't care... Sigh...Like I say about bureaucracies and the people that work for them.....Do you really want me to repeat it?!!! SMFH....

I just turned on "The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood...." I so love that movie....I so love Cajun/Creole culture.....No other food excites me like some hot Cajun boiled crabs and some boiled crawfish or some seafood gumbo....Plus the music down here is unique...It doesn't make you sad it always puts you in a festive mood....I remember the time I was at the Riverwalk in San Antonio and this guy walks up....Sexy, green eyes, and had just graduated from Officer Basic Course in the Army...He was kinda cocky and had a sexy Cajun accent--from Breaux Bridge....He bought me a drink and we started talking....The tune to Lisa Lisa's song "Take You Home" started playing in my head.....And then---then---his wife walks up.....It was as though somebody ran the needle across the record and the lights came on....The party was definitely over....She was very mousy and he seemed to be avoiding her as he was over talking with his fellow OBC friends and she was kinda hanging out by her self.....I was hoping it would have been on like some red beans and rice that night....Sigh...Oh well....

My job used to do shit by "seniority" but in the past six months that principle has flown out the window....These fuckers used to do things somewhat by the book...How are you going to put someone in a position and work them from Monday through Friday and work me every damn weekend?? Last year and part of this year I worked every single weekend for over 8 months straight....Just because someone has the ability to put on a face full of makeup everyday before coming to work doesn't make them special or more qualified to do a job better than someone else when they have been there for only 3 months and others have been there much longer... Another co-worker tells them that he only wants 40 hours a week so what do they do?? They let him work only Monday through Friday's with every week off also....They even have the nerve to put certain people who are not capable of learning the alarm monitoring system and activating and deactivating badges in certain areas so they don't have to worry about it...Getting a hang of the data base is not that hard...I worked with much more complicated databases when I worked in Blood donor centers for seven years...The CHCS system (military health care system) is much more complex than what we are looking at at my job....They really love to coddle the fuck-ups...And these motherfuckers won't even give me a copy of the certificate from the course that was taught to us by the US Coast Guard...We guards don't get to have their original copy because our boss is scared that we are going to lose it...The permanent guards have the original copy of theirs...I was told they were going to make a copy but I never got it yet....Why don't they keep the fucking copy and give me the original....Same difference...Talk about being micromanaged and treated like a fucking child...What ever happened to the "mentoring attitude" that at one time prevailed in this country??? Management is so reactive instead of being proactive....I am fucking sick of jobs with crappy leadership....I have had too many of them in my life including time in the military....Before I had left Fort Hood the 13th COSCOM General put my whole unit on stand down because of all the Congressionals and the violence that occurred in the unit....I could name at least nine tragic instances that occurred while I was there for over four and a half years....Like my aunt used to say "Some times you have to get burned to learn..." When things become unbearable it is because there is a new direction in life to take....I swear if I get accepted into pharmacy school I'll run to it like a dehydrated Mexican in a desert running to a bottle of water...Life is about choices...You can change the situation or accept it....I'll be damn if you will see me on this blog 9 years from now complaining about the same crappy leadership....Hell no!!!

Aiight...Back to my Ya-ya sisters.....

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Take this job and shove it

I caught major grief today because one of my co-workers let a man into the refinery and didn't realize that he had a child in his vehicle....Now all they do is sit there and watch you on camera all day long....Shit definitely rolls down hill...Management sucks and so the first thing that happens is that they get on your ass while they cover theirs....Maybe they need to consider their hiring practices....Now they are looking to fire (more) people to prove a fucking point....It is their own fault for hiring someone simply because he moves and breathes....This job is really starting to piss me the hell off....You can't even go to the bathroom with out having someone come and relieve you....I try and go as little as possible which is really not a good thing...Someone comes in at least every one to two minutes and you have to go outside and let them in....You can't even sit down and eat your lunch but yet you have to be there 12 hours a day....I really need to discipline myself and start looking for another job....Since I work damn near every week end I am off during the week...The perfect situation for getting out hunting for jobs.....This job has become the fucking pits....Man how everything has changed.....

The world is going to be in a sorry state 20 years from now....There are very few competent people in positions of leadership....Aren't they supposed to be training the future generations instead of kissing ass, sucking up and playing straight up office politics?? Yet another Biblical principle gone down the toilet....I remember reading that the older generation is supposed to train the younger generation (for all you Christian folk)....Instead they just hire foreigners.....Charity is supposed to start at home and then spread abroad.....Man I don't look up to the people in charge of me...I don't want to even be like them!!! It is estimated by a Gallop poll that 60 percent of Americans do not adequately know how to perform their jobs....That makes for a lot of scary situations.....The Medical Laboratory Field is hurting the younger generation is not being sufficiently trained and are seeking jobs outside the field due to the fact that they are not being paid enough....That is pretty scary if you ever end up in the hospital and needing a blood transfusion....You had better hope the lab tech knows how to do a type and screen and a proper cross-match.....I want ya'll to know right now that my blood type is O Positive....I can't recieve any other blood types but O Positive or O negative.....Over 100,000 people die each year in hospitals needlessly....That tells you that there are a lot of people out there who are doing some major fuck ups.....

The future generations are being let down....I really do feel sorry for them if they are watching the current events of the day....Corruption, greed, lack of integrity and ethics is what is being negatively socialized in their heads....It seems that all the baby boomers care about is Viagra, breast enhancements and making sure that the money doesn't run out but until after they are all gone....

I am off tomorrow and the next day....I will get busy looking to get away from the awful work environment that it has become.....I really hate creating resumes because they are not my forte.....I feel that people judge your whole life through one sheet of typed paper....But a woman's gotta do what a woman's gotta do.....In the meantime I am just at my job for the duration...Until something else comes along....

Monday, June 06, 2005

Guess who's coming to dinner....I think this cat is looking for my cardinals....
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Proud Grandparent

I am the proud grandparent of two baby mocking birds.....Awww....They are soooo cute even though they scream for food all day long....My mocking birds had two babies and they are as onery as mocking birds can be....They came out of the nest ready to raise hell and chase other birds.....They are sooooooooo damn cute though.....They are constantly hollering for food with their beaks open wide....It is as though they are saying "My mouth is open now put something in it..." Mamma moved the nest near my work space so I can help feed them is my only guess....LOL....How convient!!! But you know grandparents are always willing to help....Awwww....Them shole is some cute little grand babies.....

That's hot

A Tabasco style bikini swimsuit....That's sweet....Errr...That's hot!!!!

Saturday, June 04, 2005

It ain't over 'til it's over

The crawfish season is NOT over....Nor is the drama....I certainly believe in the laws of natural selection....If you are stupid and ignorant then you need to suffer the consequences of being just that and just go on into extinction or at least seek professional help while you can....Now I have important shit to do and this tar black negress is tore up from the floor up (and sweating like a run away slave) and is sitting at my ex man's house (otherwise he is my man when I say he is my man) talking much shit....Tar baby was walking down the street then all of a sudden she is right there--in their yard...They definitely don't have a hook up him and her...But she shole is after his cousin who lives next door....LOL and SMFH......She was drunk off 3 pints of gin--Club House Gin--with bottle number three in her hand carrying it around like a regular ole wino....Then all of of a sudden the negress calls me a bitch.....'Tis not good....I have other issues to be involved in and not only her....Then she tells me that she sees me over there rolling my eyes....So I say to her that, Yes, I see that she's drunk but that is no excuse to lose all self-control and that she was definitely going to be the next topic of my blog post.....Stupid ass heffa....I have work tomorrow....So I called it a night and headed home....Gin will make you sin....

Oh yeah....I had two pounds of crawfish tonight....

Friday, June 03, 2005


I thought my blog was bad enough....Not after I read this.....But I always said Strom Thurmond was in "Chocolate city".....You shake your head in disbelief....But go read "Black Like me" by John Howard Griffin and you'll see that the people he interviewed said the same exact things......

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Crawfish Season is Over ?!!!

This is what I was told when I went to buy my usual pound (or sometimes two) at the convenience store that is owned by these Asians....They looked absolutely sheer delighted....Lawd...They hate to see me coming...They really hate it when I ask for a pound of crawfish....They look at you like you just stole something....They look at you that way also when you go and take off your fake nails also "Why you take off nails?" Why do you need to know that??? If you are in the medical profession like I was and wore fake nails the last thing you want to do is go on a job interview wearing fake nails because a lot people in the health care profession consider them to be more unsanitary than real nails even though most of us wear gloves in the healthcare profession, but I doubt wearing gloves to an interview is a good thing to do...And again why do you need to explain your reason for taking off your fake nails....

LOL...Crawfish are sold by the pound in this state and I have the right to buy only one pound if I want to--no questions asked....If they want to limit folks from buying only one pound then they need to make up crawfish dinners specifying a three pound minimum....One of the other convience stores sells their crawfish that way but then again they sell a hell of a lot of crawfish....It is kinda embarassing how they will yell out that I want only one pound of crawfish clean across the store... "She only want one pound crawfish...Only one pound...."

Yes....I am sure that they are happy that crawfish season is over--at least for their store....I was listening on the radio and a man said that he caught 30 thirty pound sacks....(A sack of crawfish is usually 20 to 30 pounds)...Doesn't sound like it is over to me....It usually lasts until around the fourth of July in this area....In some areas of Louisiana (near the Atchafalaya swamp basin) you can get them year around depending on the water temperature....In fact when I used to live in Baton Rouge, Tony's Seafood was always packed...They had to hire off-duty policemen to direct all the traffic and this was before the casinos..... I don't think crawfish season is over though (I can always call my favorite seafood restaurant and find out)...But if it is we'll just have to wait until October (or November) and they will be selling them once again but due to the fact that they are not in season the price will be much higher....In the mean time it will be shrimp and blue crab season.....During that time people in Louisiana eat a hell of a lot of blue crabs.....


There is this one-legged bird (sparrow) at work that has to use it's wings to balance itself when it lands....I feel so sorry for the bird....No..I don't feel sorry for the one-legged grackle....Grackles practically own the Walmart parking lots that have the McDonald's restaurants in them....Even the ones that don't.....They practically come up to your car to see what you have in your shopping cart as if to say "Hey Mister, Throw me something..." It is regular ole Mardi Gras season down at your local Walmart...

Anyway, back to the one-legged sparrow....It flops about (since it has to balance itself using it's wings) scaring the rest of the sparrows away....I make sure that I put plenty of food out of it....My co-worker said that a cat probably got it's other leg....Lawd...I can only imagine the look on that cat's face as the bird got away....I can imagine the cat saying "Damn...The meal got away and all that I am left with is the toothpick...." I am thus convinced that the reason God made birds' legs sooooo damn skinny is so that cats could use them to pick the meat and feathers out of their teeth when they are done gobbling them up....And cats eat a hell of a lot of birds every year....Millions....No wonder those sly little creatures are always walking around looking quite content.....It is estimated that we are going to lose about one-fifth of the world's bird population thanks to cats and other bird devouring creatures....In fact in one state in the U.S. you have a license to kill cats because they are chomping the song bird population of the state into extinction.....My message to cats is this: LEAVE THE CUTE LITTLE SONG BIRDS ALONE AND PUT MORE GRACKLE IN YOUR DIET.....