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The Joys of Art

Monday, January 31, 2005

Linda Rondstadt - Y Andale--The Spanish version
(written by: Minerva Elizondo)

From the album "Canciones de mi Padre"

Qué dirán los de tu casa
Cuando mi miran tomando,
Pensarán que por tu causa
Yo me vivo emborrachando,
Y ándale...

Pero si vieras
Como son lindas estas borracheras
Y ándale...

Pero hasta cuando
Dejan tus padres de andarte cuidando
Y ándale...

Cada vez que vengo a verte
Siempre me voy resbalando;
O es que tengo mala suerte
O es que me está lloviznando
Y ándale...

Pero si vieras
Seco mi chaco en mi higuera floreando
Y ándale...

Pero si cuando
Seco mi chaco en mi higuera floreando
Y ándale...

Me dices que soy un necio
Porque me ando emborrachando,
Y a pesar de tus deprecios,
Yo quiero seguir tomando, y ándale

Pero si vieras
Como son lindas estas borracheras...
Y ándale...

Pero que bellas
Paso las horas vaciando botellas
Y ándale.

Sunday, January 30, 2005


Why does Karamo (REAL WORLD) want to slit Landon's throat???

He has issues....LOL...Yes I do watch some reality shows.....Just a few...

Friday, January 28, 2005

For all the Single Women raising kids.....

Artist: Fantasia Barrino
Album: Free Yourself
Year: 2004
Title: Baby Mama

This goes out to all my baby mamas
This goes out to all my baby mamas
This goes out to all my baby mamas
I got love for all my baby mamas

It's about time we had our own song
Don't know what took so long
Cuz now-a-days it like a badge of honer
To be a baby mama
I see ya payin' ya bills
I see ya workin' ya job
I see ya goin' to school
And girl I know it's hard
And even though ya fed up
With makin' beds up
Girl, keep ya head up
All my

This goes out to all my baby mamas
This goes out to all my baby mamas
This goes out to all my baby mamas
I got love for all my baby mamas

I see you get that support check in the mail
Ya open it and your like "What the Hell"
You say "This ain't even half of daycare"
Sayin to yourself "This here ain't fair"
And all my girls who don't get no help
Who gotta do everything by yourself
Remeber: What don't kill you can you stronger
My baby mama...

This goes out to all my baby mamas
This goes out to all my baby mamas
This goes out to all my baby mamas
I got love for all my baby mamas

Cuz we the backbone (of the hood)
I always knew that (that we could)
We can go anywhere, we can do anything
I know we can make it if we dream
And I think it should be a holiday
For single mothers tryin' to make a way
But until then
Here is your song
Show love to my....

This goes out to all my baby mamas
This goes out to all my baby mamas
This goes out to all my baby mamas
I got love for all my baby mamas

Thursday, January 27, 2005


We all have them...Some people have hidden agendas....I don't....The truth is power, effective, affective, and liberating....Free Ingrid Betancourt!!! This is my message to you Columbia...Speak truth to power!!! I might be brutally honest sometimes even too honest at times... I might hurt you with the truth but I will never decieve you with a lie....I was so honest when I joined AOL back in 1996 I put my first and last name on my profile and my publically listed phone number listed in the phone book as such....I was so honest at one time that this guy found out where I was stationed in the military and came to see me on post twice...He was mad at the fact that I wrote that I dated White guys on my web page and this was before the days of blogging....The guy was African-American...

INGRID BETANCOURT was honest about corruption in Columbia....When she named names (in the paper) of people that she was positive that were involved in dirty dealings in the government they didn't like that at all...She had to send own two children to live with their father in New Zealand because the low-lives put a hit on her and her kids....When they told her that a hit was in the works (bought and paid for) on her family she got her kids, herself and her second-husband out of Columbia and to California in less than 24 hours....Now the low-life motherfuckers have her in jail because they kidnapped her..And why??? Because she exposed the corruption that was running rampant in the country that was dear to her heart....Let's face it folks....People are enamoured with evil (What is up with all these horror movies they are coming up with now days?!)....No more is it the lions and tigers that we need to be pumped up everday to keep from swallowing us whole it is common ordinary looking people....People that look and should be just like us... It is drug cartels, drug dealers, corrupt politicians, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Bob Jones, David Duke, gangs, rebels, the KKK, greedy corporations, etc...It ain't even the Devil like people would have you to believe!!!

On a lighter note: I have completed my list of agendas (itenaries) to do while on the cruise...Trust me...It will be party time!!!!!

On a curious note: Why does Kathleen Parker "straddle the fence" soooooo damn much??? One day she is going to impale herself in the ass with all of her fence straddling....I would love to tell her to her face that I'd rather deal with a "Bikini Bottom" (er...SpongeBob Square Pants for those of you who don't turn the channel off of Fox News or CBN) dweller than to read her columns in the paper....

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Crime is functional....

Yeah it helps police get paid, drug testing companies make profits, and security remain gainfully employed amongst other things....But people in your own best interest leave the crank, crack, weed, weapons, and liquor at home!!! You are on "the man's" job and you bring a stash of weed to work??? What is wrong with ya'll?!!! Some of you must have been born crack babies.... Catch a clue!!! The refinery is part of an international trade zone....I guess you want to be in trouble with the feds also....You know like the US Coast Guard, DEA and ATF and Ashcroft's Department of Homeland Security......Man are there some dummies out there!!! This is not the first time they have had the drug task force do a raid in 12 months...The first time you had some scurred (scared for the people who don't understand Mid-West slang) folks out there and many managed to get away by not going into work....They got whiff (no pun intended) of what was going down and were able to turn around in the parking lot and escape getting in trouble....But today was an all day event....They waited until most people were at work then brought in the drug-sniffing dogs....I bet NO work got done today....You know there were some scared MFs out there on the job sites today...One guy was found with weapons, weed and booze in his truck....You big dummy!!! And nobody can claim racial profiling, nobody, because this was a random drug bust....If you are stupid enough to bring drugs to "the man's" work place then I guess the punishment will damn well fit the crime won't it??? But nevertheless, ya'll know that ya'll asses were straightup scurred (scared) today!!!

On another note: I had to listen to all that rap crap music today as I worked with someone who definitely suffers from Adult ADD....I am NOT into that kind of music and very seldom listen to it...Rather, I have found some cool sites online that stream such as NPR (Louisiana), the AOL radio sites that play African beats, reggae and Caribbean music, and this web site from Britain that has some great music...I find these stations much more positive and uplifting and they also inject a great degree of the African-diaspora into my life...My next project is obtaining satellite radio and they are also offering pre-pay satellite cards to go along with it....Cool!!!I am taking my sources of information to a whole different level....The next stop is satellite television...I also plan to nix Anne Coulter, Rush Limbaugh and the Faux news out of my life....Lol..Take a look Anne Coulter's pictures on her web site...All I can say is "yikes"!!! She looks like she has been smoking something...I bet she has done a little "nose candy" before also...

Monday, January 24, 2005

Dirty Laundry...

Bill Cosby was right when he said that the Black race has problems....The degree of disrespect that comes from Black men is astounding...Black women have had to suffer for centuries in silence....Polite society deems that we don't scream out in pain but just lie there and take it....Black men feel that they can say and do the most vulgar and degrading things to Black women....My weekend was made a total hell (this has not happened before to this degree) by my ex-boyfriend who is very jealous and insecure...Insanely jealous is what he is....His latest insane jealous fit is that he is jealous that I am going to the Caribbean....This is the reason for making my weekend miserable by him....He tells me the most HORRIBLE things...I was having my car serviced at Circuit City ( I had something installed in it)....I asked him to come with me and look at some remote startups...I purchased the product Friday and didn't have time to have it installed that night....It takes 4 to 5 hours to install it...We went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner and that is when his madness started...This was also a source of intimidation to him also becuase my son is half-Mexican and I attract people of different races...This is where it all began...He starts telling me that he is screwing this 13 year old daughter of this woman that he was seeing....This is not the first time that he tells me some shit like this...The last time was on the 4th of July when he tells me that he was sleeping with three different women and that I was number four...He says that he does this to piss me off....I eventually figured out that he does it because he is jealous, and intimidated of the fact that I have three degrees, I am well-traveled and I have my own place and not to mention my own car and I still am attractive to guys of all races....The next time Ebony, Jet, Essence magazine writes another article about how Black women have to lower their standards in order to get Black men because most are incarcerated, on drugs ,dead or what the fuck ever I will write them and cuss their asses out....Notice that they will NEVER suggest going outside the race to look for a man...

My dad's cousin was stabbed three times by the ex-offender that she married...My first cousin is on the run after just having her husband's child and he did 6 months in jail....I am fucking tired of the bullshit!!! No loser gets another chance with me....I listened to this jerk disrespect me all weekend...If I find out that he is sleeping with a 13 year old I will call the police on his ass...He always uses sex as a weapon because of his insecurity....When I took him to San Antonio to the Riverwalk he weirded out on me....Again sex came into play...That time he told me that he should take his cousin down there so they could run the women....This guy is not well traveled at all...It was probably the farthest he has even been away from his house....He has never traveled on a plane or ship....So see why he is jealous of me....My cousin is going through the same thing but her problems are more serious because she was married to the guy and has his child...Now this elementary school teacher is on the run because of a violent insecure Black man....Thank God for birth control....Giving birth to some insecure jerk's child is in my opinion the ultimate nightmare....You try and encourage them to get into school (knowledge is power) and when they don't manage to pass the test they call you up all upset and rail insults at you (which was my case)....Most people that are secure in themselves would just take the motherfucker again...No...I get insults railed at me because I have college degrees and not to mention he took pics with my camera of him and his children's mother...When I moved into my own new place he couldn't stand it...He walked around my place sucking his teeth and mocking me....Sounds like a insecure Black male to you?!!! You bet!!! This is the last straw....Fuck what the magazines say!!! I plan to work on my master's degree, join a dating service, take care of my son, travel and take lots of pictures....I am not going to be a door mat for Black men who feel that no one has supported them...Why do Black women deserve to be stepped on?!!! The fucking fact is that people do support them (Black men) but their asses can't see it....This might sound like or even be a rant to most people but you weren't there while I was made a victim to his anger....Did anyone reading this spend their weekend jumping out of a moving car like I did because they felt threathened??? Was any of you threathened with being placed in a chokehold??? Even his own cousin says that he has a lot of anger issues...His cousin says that he made a conscious decision not to be angry because he cared for his family and wanted to do the right thing because he saw too many of his family members on the wrong road...We Black women are out there trying to do the right thing working our asses off trying to maintain career and family...We are actually the ones that need the most support...Am I waiting to exhale??? Hell yes I am.....

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Rough night/weekend....

I'll talk about it later to a greater degree....My weekend truly sucked...I see why God purposely had me work every single weekend since the beginning of September--to stay out of trouble....All I want to say about it is that Black men truly suck and have sooooo many issues....I refuse to pass on this opportunity to talk about shit that is bothering me and is plaguing the Black race with emphasis on Black men....But I need to approach it from a clearer prospective than I can at the moment even though I jumped out of a moving car this weekend and my ex-boyfriend (the guy in the pictures) who is Black threathened to put me in a chokehold....Later gators...For what it is worth, I cried all weekend...I can truly see why his children's mama stabbed him years ago...

Thursday, January 20, 2005

The Jackpot machine....

LOL....This was so cool...I decided to visit the ATM machine tonight around 10 pm...And boy did I benefit!!! They recently changed the machine from only spitting out tens to spitting out twenties....There was an out of order sign on it and the cashier tells me that it was giving out more money than the people had asked for but that I could try it...Well I had been down that road before and much to my avail...But I wanted some cash for Friday....When I asked for only 30 bucks it gave me 60 bucks...She was like "How much did it give you??" I said "Instead of three tens it gave me three twenties..." Lawd and according my statement it only charged me for 30 dollars....I was like "What do you want me to do?"....She was like "It is not your fault so don't worry about it"...In this situation what do you do (sounding like Digital Underground" and also doing my "Humpty Dance") ??? I was honest....Well...If they want the extra 30 bucks back they can call me...I live in a very, very small town so they'll have no problems figuring out who I am---at least until I dye my hair Blonde....:o)

Yes folks this is a true story....I didn't make it up at all...

Come on down let's go to the Mardi Gras....
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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Ghetto bird...

There is this mocking bird at work that I swear is as fat as a turkey....I throw out seed for the sparrows and he really doesn't mess with them over the bird seed...But when it comes to enriched white bread stuff he will fight every bird at the work place....My co-worker throws out enough bread that all the birds can get some but that fat greedy little mocking bird who staked his claim to that patch of land at work is hell on wheels or rather bird legs....He chases birds down demanding that they drop the bread or he will kick their ass and in most cases they do...That mocking bird is so fat that one day he is going to explode....I had another co-worker come in complaining that the mocking bird is selfish and greedy and tries to keep all the bread from the sparrows (and the grackles also but I don't care for them they can fend for themselves and find their own food for all I care...)....He says that the bird (and we all can attest) that there is way more food than the bird can possibly eat by himself....We all can verify that the bird spends more time raising hell with the other birds than it does actually trying to eat all the bread...The said co-worker claims that the mocking bird is not just greedy but that he is just a straight up ghetto bird.....

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Are these guys out just for the money or are they also out to re-enslave the whole Black race and particularly commit Black women to rape and exloitation???


"Some Cut"

What it is hoe, ah what's up (what's up)
Can a nigga get in them guts (them guts)
Cut you up like you ain't been cut (been cut)
Show your ass how to really catch a nut (oh yeah yeah)
Well give me you number and I'll call (I'll call)
And I'll follow that ass in the mall (in the mall)
Take you home, let you juggle my balls (my balls)
While I'm beatin and tearin down your walls (oh yeah)

[Verse One]
This your boy Mr. Funkadelic, what's the business baby
I've been eyeing you all day in the mall miss lady
You looking good, I think I seen your ass in the hood
With your friends dressed up, trying to front if you could
But anyway, gone and drop a number or something
So I can call you later on,on your phone or something
Take you home, and maybe we could bone or something
It's no limits to what we do,cause tonight we cutting, gut busting
I'm digging in your walls something viscious
With your legs to the ceiling, catch a nut someting serious
You delirious,or might I say you taste so delicious
With your pretty brown skin, like "Almond Joys" and "Kisses"
And you ah certified head doctor
Number one staller that takes dick in the ass and won't holler
Bend you over and I"ll follow you straight to the room
Where it goes down lovely in the Leagon of Doom


[Verse Two]
Shit, you know the deal before a nigga even stepped
Damn that ass hot, seems like it's gone melt
You know I give it to you til you run out of breathe
Then bust a nut all over yourself
The first time I called, you were juggling on my balls
In and out of your jaws, I was beating down your walls
Had your ass breaking laws for a player was the cause
And every time you seen a G you was slipping off your drawers, I recall
I met your ass at the mall, in the fall
You the one with the dress on, let me take you home
Show your ass how to buss a nut, up in the guts
Cut you up like you ain't been cut
From the back (back) then to the side (side) to the front
Turn around,you got me right
I smack them thighs, anyway that you want me
So gone see about a pimp and that monkey
And that's fo' sho'


[Verse Three]
What's the buiseness baby, can I get in them drawes
I like the way your hands rub against my balls
Cause you the one, a nigga met at south dekalb mall
With your pretty brown skin, thick thighs and all
135 petite, and your smell is unique
Maybe we can exchange numbers and hook up in the week
Oh, You a freak, I knew it from the first time I saw you
The way you played with your tongue, I knew right then I would call you
So what it is, they call me Super Don from the ville
And I'ma tell you like this, cause a nigga so real, and stay trill
Cause all I wanna do is just drill, with that ass in the air, and the pussy I kill
And I feel, you love to fuck up on a hill
Suck dick from behind, and take nut in your grill
So bitch chill, and shut your mouth just for a second
While I lay this dick down on you just like I'm Teddy


[ www.azlyrics.com ]

This has to be the most morally corrupt song on the planet (at least it is at the moment for I fear it is going to get worse before it gets better)...Also is it me or does it seem as though more and more and rap/hip hop songs are glorifying the gang mentality again?!!! Sigh...This is what happens when Blacks quit watching Roots and Mandingo

Remember Black men it was YOU who put your own people on slave ships!!! Historical evidence and documents indicate that White men were raping Black women on slave ships bound for the Americas even when your Black asses were bound and stacked one on top of the other like bushels of corn....Man!!! There are some pathetic ass negroes out there!!!! Shaking my damn head... The problems of African-Americans mirror the problems of Africans in Africa and take a look at what African men are doing to African women!!! Rapes, killings, slavery, AIDS and slaughter is what they are doing!!! Does Rwanda ring a fucking bell?!!! Hello!!!

Monday, January 17, 2005

Happy MLK day!!!

I had my nails put back on today in preparation for my cruise...Actually me and my big hands type better with fake nails on....I feel so naked without them...I picked my favorite shade by OPI...It is called "I'm really not a waitress..." People have a dream but as Donald Trump says "Don't share your dream with everyone..." That is unless you want to be persecuted....In that case you need to be strong , vigilant and mindful that you will meet with resistance and oppression just like Martin Luther King, Ingrid Betancourt, Clara Rojas and Gandhi...

Sunday, January 16, 2005


I like this NPR radio station....They have two hours of great reggae music on Sundays from 9 to 11 p.m. C.S.T....And some great Cajun and Zydeco music at different times also...

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Mardi Gras....

It comes early this year...The 8th of February....I have added yet another set of beads to my Mardi Gras collection....I now have 21 sets of serious Mardi Gras beads...I didn't see any Mardi Gras blankets in the stores this year...This year I will try and venture out more and engage in more picture taking--all the things that people are hesitant to do such as take a trip or be photographed in pictures...I plan to attend more festivals and go on more outings this year....This is the year of "no jive"....This is 2005....

Friday, January 14, 2005

Slated for demolition.....I wonder if the birds will eat all the stuff that is on it....
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Columbia why is this woman being held captive?!!! Free Ingrid Betancourt and Clara Rojas!!!Posted by Hello

Thursday, January 13, 2005

2005---Aint Taking NO Jive!!! Telling it like it is...

I like this so I wanted to print it on my weblog...

Top Ten Things To Love About Being Black: Darryl James- Los Angeles Sentinel

1. Melanin. The Sun Loves us. Melanin protects us from the harmful UV rays and when we absorb them, we are in tune with and in time with the earth's rotation and the rhythm of the universe. Plus, God gave us our own rainbow in the shades of Africans, from light-bright and damn-near white to Blue-Black and every shade in between. God is artist and we are the canvas.

2. Rhythm, baby. Show me a person who says : "Blacks have natural rhythm" as a put down and I will show you someone who is jealous because they can't find the beat. Dance like no one is watching...

3. Resilience, brothers and sisters. There is no other group of people who has the ugly history carried by Black people in America, and yet, we still exist and find a way to party as well as carry on through ugly conditions, making it look beautiful. Maya Angelou said it best: "And still I rise..."

4. The Black female physique. Females of other races go through hell and high water, surgery and the risk of cancer in the sun just to imitate what God gave my sisters naturally--lips and hips, skin and hair, rhythm in the talk and walk and sex appeal as deep as Atlantis. Yes, I am a girl watcher. Here comes one now...

5. The Black man's walk. It took years of watching my older brothers and cousins before I could walk the walk of a man that still has all eyes on me when I walk into a room. Eventually, it just came to me naturally. There's rhythmic swagger or confidence that belongs to my brothers and I no matter how hard you work to imitate it, you can't walk like we can.

6. Black hair. Dreads, braids, and fades are just different and artistic on natural Black hair, and even when the sisters lay their hair down with heat or chemicals, it is still a beautiful and different thing, because no one can rock relaxed hair like Black women. And no one can rock a bald head like a Black man.

7. Resourcefulness. We took the waste products that were tossed to us and made them taste like the food of the Gods. Chitterlings are now a delicacy in France and you can't keep white folks out of Soul Food restaurants where grits and greens are done just right. And, many of us have stories of a Black mother who stretched nothing out to make it seem like something that a house full of kids could enjoy for years.

8. Black mothers. Stretching food is nothing compared to the feat of stretching love and making Christmas or a birthday without one-store bought gift. The original mother of the universe stretched her arms and provided love and comfort for an entire race, even when we don't feel deserving of love. Why do you think blacks are most protective of their mothers?

9. Black dances. Okay, I will brag about the stepping that has emerged lately, but without also bragging about dances from tap to the Boogaloo and Funky chicken to the Wap and the Pop Yo Collar. Dance mechanically by the numbers if you want to, but Britney Spears is still regurgitating old half-warmed Janet Jackson moves from the 1980's and it ain't half as fly.

10. Black Creativity. Take away school programs and give us old record collections from previous generations and only Black people could create an entirely new musical style based on our natural rhythms and rhymes. Popular rap music may be the most ignorant in it's content, but the beats are still bangin' and the underground is developing new lyrical styles and content. Who's fresh? African descendants in America, G! Don't front, you know we got you open.

Now, there are at least ten reasons to celebrate being you. Add to the list on your own. Keep them near and dear to your heart whenever anyone tries to say we are anything but a beautiful people. We may not wear the t-shirt anymore, but I still love being Black!!!

Darryl James-Los Angeles Sentinel

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

My Reading and (Movie) List....

This may or may not be of much use to the FBI and the CIA....Subject to be updated constantly...

1. Celia, a Slave "A True Story"--Melton A. McLaurin
2. How to Make Black America Better--Travis Smiley
3. Our Nig--Harriet Wilson (Available to read for free online)
3. Until Death do Us Part "My struggle to reclaim Columbia"--Ingrid Betancourt (Hello Columbia!!! Why is this woman being held captive?!!!)

Sunday, January 09, 2005

A Series of Unfortunate Events....

We can even title this "Baby I got yo Money!!!"
Thanks a lot you sorry ass Deibold ATM machine at Walmart....I have heard of getting "jacked" at ATM machines but NEVER one instance of an ATM machine "jacking" a user--until now...It couldn't have happened to nicer person--me...Yesterday after leaving work I went to make a three-hundred cash withdrawl from my account....The machine sputtered and sputtered as though it was processing my transaction with "processing my transaction" being the operative phrase...This went on for about 2 minutes and then the "BSOD of death by an ATM machine"....Yes...The dreaded screen "Temporarily Unable To Process Your Transaction"...Ya'll know what I'm talking about....That message irks most people so bad that I am surprised someone has not come up an acronym for it....I kindly paid for my items at Walmart with cash and went home... Although I told myself that I was going to stop my another ATM machine and check my balance it slipped my mind and I didn't check it right away....I really didn't think that I had anything to worry about until I had to go back to work at 5 pm that same day and I stopped by an ATM at a different store....Not only was I short of 300 bucks but I had exceeded the maximum limit to process another transaction in 24 hours....I didn't even get the three-hundred bucks!!! I was ticked and talked to the company that owns the ATM machine...Now I have to contact my bank Monday to have my 300 bucks put back into my account...

This is the second time in the past three months that an ATM has jacked me....I really need to start keeping track of my balances to the cent...The first time the ATM deducted 40 bucks from my account even though I made a transaction for only 20 bucks....Twenty was all I got... The ATM got the other 20 bucks....My bank sent me a statement letting me know that and credited the twenty bucks to my account....It had totally slipped past me...Three-hundred bucks missing is hard to slip by anyone...Nobody said it better than Old Dirty Bastard when he was alive...."Bitch!!! You bestah have my money"...RIP O.D.B....

Saturday, January 08, 2005

This website is soooo funny!!!

It is about ridding bird feeders of squirrels and an account of one man's attempt to rid his bird feeder of squirrels...

Friday, January 07, 2005

Skin Ailments....

This dermatology picture site has much useful information (pictures) especially on ringworm...

Monday, January 03, 2005

I really do have some blog fans....

Cool....Proof!!! One mo 'gin....

From: Ilegion@aol.com Add to Address Book
Date: Sat, 1 Jan 2005 08:38:33 EST
Subject: Blog thoughts and Happy New Year.......
To: CajunDelyte@yahoo.com

Hi Sharon,

My name is David. We exchanged a few message a few months ago. Just small chit chat. But last night I saw you in an AOL chat room and after surfing around your links I took some time to read your blog. I don't know if you even care to get feedback, but it is very interesting so far. I like the way write and just tell it like it is. ESPECIALLY about drunk drivers. I hate them and have no sympathy for them whatsoever. How can these idiots claim it was an accident when they willingly consumed alcohol before they drove?

I was laughing about your post back in August about the 20's year old crowd. I am 36 as well, so I can relate in many ways. My b-day is August 14, so I am also a Leo. I was laughing at that post, then the very next one depressed me (about how hard it is to be a black woman). I actually feel alot of sympathy for black women. For whatever reason I date SBFs almost exclusively and I have met very few whom in a perfect world would not prefer to be with a black male as opposed to me. If I have children (which is doubtful), much of society will view them as black so I do take an interest in some of the social ills that afflict the black community. For the life of me I don't understand why black men don't wake up and smell the coffee. There are so many jewels right under their noses, but many would rather look else where. Or not even look at all. :( Not to mention many seem to interact with women in a manner that seems disrespectful. It is like they learn their social skills and values from the media and not at home.

I read the post about you ETSing, and that is as far as I have gone. ETSing was the best move I EVER made. I spent 7 years in, but I got out in 1994 so this was a long time ago. I miss some parts of the Army, but overall I am so glad I chose to leave. Especially now since I would have a big issue if I were over in Iraq.

I don't want to bore you with my commentary on your blog/life. Just wanted to say hi and pass along that I have enjoyed it so far. Happy New Year and I this year is full of pleasant surprises for you. Enjoy your trip as well. :)


On a side note. The entry about chatrooms from 8/31 is so true. Which is why for the most part I have quit interacting with people on AOL and even dropped out of my own group on Yahoo. So many fucking weirdos and just crazy people. They really need to step away from the keyboard for a bit and notice there actually is a whole world going on around them offline. I think the EbonyF4IvoryM room on AOL where I saw you last night is one of the worst ones. Half those people never leave, they stay signed in all the time. That is a sign you need a life if you stayed signed on just so you can have a spot in a chatroom.

Thanks Dave.....I'll include a link to your blog as well...

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year!!!

It is 2005 and I survived a 12 hour shift after sleeping only 3 hours last night.....I always say that i am going to get some sleep but I never do....My life mirrors Kenya's....Except I have never smoked er--she knows what I mean....We are just two single educated Black women trying to find our way in this world...In a world where Black beauty is definitely not the standard...In a world where the strenght of Black women is taken forgranted...During Slavery the majority of free slaves were women....During slavery Black women would get their kids and grand kids up AT MIDNIGHT and bake crackers and other items to earn their own money to buy clothes and buy their sons and daughters freedom when they were allowed to buy them.....I have wonderful brothers...They have never beat women , called them the B or H words or even as much as cheat around on women that they have dated...As you know they are not the stardard for behavior concerning the treatment of Black women in this country...Seventy percent of Black children are born out of wedlock.....Women and particularly Black women are being called Bitches and Hoes in nearly every rap/hip hop song by Black males....I have never been particularly attracted to Black men but nevertheless I have to say something when it comes to the treatment of Black women....Last year a Black male didn't even hold the door open for me when I was taking my "to go" order home....His light skinned Black girlfriend caught the door for me otherwise I would have dropped my food...At first it hurt but then I just shrugged it off...I was like " You are not my type either brother man but damn you don't have to be disrespectful about it...."

When it comes to helping out folks I will offer help or advice to anyone but we all have our tastes and I have mine also....Nowdays it seems that White, light-skinned or Hispanic are getting more play in videos or Black male mags that our more ethnic-looking sisters....I have nothing against Hispanics since my ex-husband is Texas-Mexican and my son is Black and Mexican but listen up brothers: IT IS FUCKING OBVIOUS WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!! IT IS FUCKING OBVIOUS THAT YOU ARE DELIBERATELY EXCLUDING SISTERS WITH AFROCENTRIC FEATURES IN FAVOR OF THE LIGHT-SKINNED, WHITE, HISPANIC OR ETHNICALLY-AMBIGUOUS EYE CANDY!!!!! Since we are social beings and almost all of our behavior come about through conditioning or socialization that tells the world not to think of Black American women with dark skin, full lips and a kink to their hair as being desirable....I have heard many White men look through a magazine or see a Black woman on tv and make comments about the ethnic looking dark skinned sister as being "ugly"....I have heard White men call Missy Elliot ugly....Success is sexy in and of itself!!! It is the dark skinned women that are getting the college degrees, being CEOs of companies (er Oprah Winrey comes to mind) and raising Black children---ALONE!!! I am from the most color struck state in the nation next to Georgia...Louisiana and Georgia has the most lightskinned Blacks in the South....Dark skinned Brothers think of being with a light skinned women as a status symbol (ie eye candy) with Black women with less desirable features serving as "tricks" merely to be "turned out"....They make comments like "Getting ass, booty calls or head from some Chicken head girl because that is all she is good for"....It is quite obvious in Louisiana and I hear also in Georgia....But let a Black women apear in public with a White, Hispanic or racially ambiguous man and it is obvious that they are MORE THAN FRIENDS...The comments will fly....And the references to slavery and the White master will be heard from their lips.....White women weren't entirely guiltless during slavery and if you want to assign blame to one you also have to assign blame to the other.....

Another piece of advice is: LEARN HOW TO TAKE REJECTION FROM A WOMAN...If a woman doesn't want to kick it with you don't catch an attitude or if she tells you that she already has a man don't say some disrespectful shit like "So..I don't care if you have a man..." Look!!! Not all Black women are whores, promiscuous, or want to have more than one sex partner at a time!!!! Get it?!!! I had a Black male tell me that he didn't care if I had a boyfriend....He works at a convience store and has since had an attitude with me because I don't want to hookup with him...One example: I won seven dollars on a lottery ticket...He ran it through his ticket machine and told me that I wasn't a winner...I knew that I had won because I checked the numbers in the newspaper at work....So I kept the ticket and went to another store and cashed it...Yesterday I walked into the store and wanted to re-load a pre-paid credit card to take on my cruise in February...I wanted to put 100 bucks on a card that I got last year for my first cruise...I specifically told him what I wanted to do and he messed it up...He activated a new card for me....Now I have to see if I can straighten that mess out Monday when the card company opens....This guy is a manager so he is not stupid and knows how to make sure that the information is clarified....I had stopped going in that particular store as much as he tries to talk down to me or make me appear stupid ever since I spurned his advances...Some people consider hitting on women or trying to get a piece of ass as "unpaid" perks of being employed.....Some people can't imagine just going to work and serving the public, getting paid and leaving it at that....I truly am going to avoid that store nowdays...I told one of the other managers what he did...That is the second time she has heard me complain about the service that I get from him....Just something that I wanted to talk about in the year of 2005...I don't want all those crackers and other items that Black women made and sold during Slavery to be in vain....

On another note: My condolences to the tragic victims of the tsunami.....Pray for the tragic victims and then DONATE!!!