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The Joys of Art

Sunday, October 31, 2004



Last week while coming or going to work I witnessed 3 separate incidences that smacked of drunk driving....One car was traveling down the wrong side of the highway approaching oncoming traffic...Good thing I was in the right lane....You should have seen the cars moving over for it....How do you manage to get so fucking drunk that you don't even realize that you are on the wrong side of the damn road?!!!!! Or for a matter of fact how do motherfuckers get sooo damn drunk that they sped up to speeds of 90 to 100 miles an hour??? Don't most people try and overcompensate when drunk??!! That liquid courage causes some folks to "ride like the wind"... Well anyway, that day I was headed to work.....The incident before that while headed home I saw a car (who was on the right side of the road---but let me finish) driving awfully slow....I said to myself that he is either drunk or sleepy....I either get off at 5 am or have to be to work at 5 am depending on what shift I am working...I rotate shifts about every 7 days with a 3 day off period in between.....Well I told myself that I had to pass this fool but I had to do it very carefully....No sooner than I had passed the truck it left the road, crossed through the median and headed across the otherside of the highway approaching oncoming traffic....That took about 3 seconds for him to do that....These incidents are real folks....

Every 30 minutes someone dies in a alcohol related fatality....That is nearly 50 people a day....If terrorists beheaded an American every 30 minutes to the tune of almost 50 people a day we would be calling them every sort of "rag head" in the book and writing congress asking them to drop the bomb on them...But this occurs in our own backyard and we don't even give a shit.....I liken drunk drivers who kill or injure to terrorists...How these people live with this on their consence is beyond me....I'd pray for death knowing that my act of irresponsibility took someone's life....We are headed for about four months of holidays folks (to include Mardi Gras).....Hell "know when to say when"...I drink but damn it know when to pack it up and take the party back to your crib.....

There are so many things that make just chilling out at your own place so inviting....We have solar patio lights, bbq grills and outdoor fireplaces.....Throw some steaks on the outside grill, get your portable cd/dvd player grab a bottle of wine and chill in the privacy of your own home (yard).....Invite friends but make sure they don't get drunk.....If you are computer nerd like me you can buy a notebook computer and wireless network it so you can blog outside...Quit taking your problems to the streets because they are killing people...There is nothing out in the streets, bars or clubs but disillusionment.....If you haven't found what you are looking for yet you NEVER will....Be safe, responsible and careful this holiday season and also remember the lives altered and the consequences if you are not... We talk about terrorists killing kids...Read below about how drunk drivers make kids suffer.......It is appalling, disgusting, a total turn-off....It makes me wanna grab my son and run for cover..... AMERICA NEEDS TO GET IT'S PRIORITIES (shit) TOGETHER ESPECIALLY LOUISIANA...SORRY, GOVERNOR BLANCO, I KNOW YOU SAID NOT TO SPEAK NEGATIVE ABOUT LOUISIANA BUT DRUNK DRIVING FATALITIES ARE NOTHING POSITIVE AND HERE IN THE BAYOU STATE WE HAVE ENTIRELY TOO MANY OF THEM.... You know the world is not safe when kids get killed just because they want an ice cream cone....

November 1, 2004

Reported by Pam Dixon

It's been one month since a Lake Charles man lost his wife and nine year old daughter in an alleged drunk driving accident on Ryan Street.
"She loved all of y'all, though. Y'all don't forget her, okay? Keep her in your prayers."
Robert Fontenot's smile hides the hurt as he talks candidly with Holly' s classmates at Henry Heights Elementary School. Fontenot tells Holly's classmates, "I was trying to get her out of the back seat, but I couldn't reach her."

Nine year old Holly, the spitting image of her dad, and her 40 year old mother, Colette, were killed after an alleged drunk driver slammed into the back of their car while they were waiting to turn into McDonald's drive thru for ice cream.

"Look at my little girl's last picture she drew at school." Cradling Holly's art work in his hands, Fontenot talks about that October second night when his car burst into flames, trapping Holly. Fontenot says, "My little girl's screaming, 'Daddy, I can't get out. That hurt me whenever Holly said, 'Daddy, I can't get out.' I was trying to tell her, comfort her, 'I'm going to try to get you out the best I can.' That's why the right side of my body's burned more than my left, because I tried to get her out, but she was so pinned in I couldn't get her."

Colette was ejected and died the next day. 25-percent of Fontenot's body was burned. But his physical pain doesn't compare to the heartbreak he feels inside. Fontenot says, "I write letters to her and Holly in my journal. I do that every night, and I'll continue to do that the rest of my life. I'll never get over losing my wife and my little girl. But, I'll strive to make it through each day." Fontenot says he decided in the hospital he had to be strong, especially for his three other daughters ages 14 to 20.

Fontenot has received an outpouring of support from the community. He says ladies show up at his house with food and little boys offer to mow his yard. Tuesday on 7News at Six, Fontenot talks about how he feels about the driver in the accident.

Monday, October 25, 2004


It is almost Halloween....Halloween rocks....It is such a creative time of the year....I love classical horror movies....Psycho is my favorite....

Sunday, October 24, 2004


When you screw up your hair through bad home perms....This stuff really works folks...It corrects severe hair damage as a result of perms and hair dyes....I swear those cheap home perms and hair coloring need to be filed under "conspiracy theories" or "terrorist attacks"....They are weapons of mass destruction....

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


equals you are going to being doing some jail time....You took the lives of a mother and one of her daughters....You didn't learn your lesson the first time you were convicted...Why do motherfuckers always have to drink and drive?!!! Most of them are more than drunk they are Driving While Plastered!!! Why can't they just stay at home and drink or take a fucking cruise so they can drink and NOT drive?!!! Hell drink and surf the internet if you need some company.... I'll talk to you online....I love talking to people online...Just don't get too kinky...That child didn't deserve the pain that she endured and as a matter of fact neither did her mother nor her father who also was severly burned....If I were a judge and jury my punishment for you would be some jail time plus every day of your life you would have to be a living witness and testament to their memory...."The measure of a man is his memory"....You would have to do something every single day of your life to keep their memory alive if I was in charge of your sentence and restitution....

October 4, 2004

Reported by Pam Dixon

A 24 year old Lake Charles woman will now be facing two counts of vehicular homicide in a fiery weekend accident that has now claimed two lives. Lake Charles police say 40 year old Colette Fontenot died in a Baton Rouge hospital around 10:45 last night. Her nine year old daughter, Holly, died in the accident after their Jeep Cherokee was rear ended and caught fire Saturday night.

The driver who ran into the Fontenots, 24-year old Heather Alford, is facing a second offense DWI in addition to the vehicular homicide charges. Police say her blood alcohol level was .13. Alford remains in jail without bond.
41-year old Robert Fontenot, husband and father of the two victims, is in a Baton Rouge hospital.

Robert and Colette Fontenot had just dropped off their 14 year old daughter at Barbe High School's homecoming dance Saturday night. On their way home they headed to McDonald's to get their nine year old daughter, Holly, some ice cream. That's when an alleged drunk driver slammed into the back of their Jeep Cherokee sending it into flames killing Holly. Colette died the next day.

Neighbor and firefighter Cheri Ardoin happened upon the accident and helped get Robert to safety. Cheri says, "he said his legs weren't working too good. We pulled him to the sidewalk and that's when he started telling me, 'my family is still in the car.'"

Nine year old Kyleigh Ardoin and friend of Holly's saw the jeep on fire. Kyleigh says, "I know she's safer now. Her dad's hurting really bad, but she's in heaven. I'm going to miss her a lot."
20 year old Breanna Fontenot, daughter and sister of the victims, says she and her two younger sisters age 18 and 14 are trying to be strong for their father while he is recovering in a hospital. Breanna says, "We have a lot of family support here. Me, Bethany and Megan have to be strong for Dad and help him through it."

Teachers and staff at Henry Heights Elementary School are heartbroken over the loss of one of their students and her mother. Holly's former teacher, Tara Cox, says, "I hope this sends a message, a big strong message, of what can happen in one second."
A single wreath now stands next to the charred road marking the site where a horrific accident took two innocent lives.

The Holly Fontenot memorial fund has been set up to receive monetary donations for the Fontenot family. Contributions can be made at any First Federal Bank location or mailed to P.O. Box 6084, Lake Charles 70606. A spokesman says the family appreciates the overwhelming outpouring of love and support from the community.
Funeral services for Colette and Holly Fontenot are pending. Counselors will be brought in Tuesday to talk to Holly's classmates at school.